Democrats Still have major problems before them updated

Democrats Still have major problems before them

Democrats Still have major problems before them is my recommendation of an article from American Thinker. This post has been updated as of November 30, 2021.

Let me say that I agree that the Democrat has too many divisions that are very deeply rooted in differences between them. As soon as it appeared that Biden had gotten the election, the infighting has begun. This article outlines the match up of groups within the Democratic party.

The sand is the fact that to create an illusion of victory sufficient to obscure election fraud, Democrats had to cobble together a constituency.  However, it’s a Frankenstein’s monster.  Republicans are bound by shared values: patriotism, fealty to the constitution, faith in the wisdom of the marketplace, a traditional morality, etc.  They come together naturally and easily with these beliefs.

Democrats, though, built a fragile constituency based upon identity politics and the chimerical belief that “intersectionality” binds these disparate groups together.  In fact, The only thing that binds Democrat voters together is their hatred for America and their sense of victimization.

Each identity group, to get its share of the government spoils that make up a socialist oligarchy, must prove that it is the most downtrodden.  These disparate groups can point at white men and other evil white people for only so long.  At a certain point, they’re going to have to break down and start fighting each other.

Among other things, the Democrats are facing the following problems:

  • Joe Biden has serious problems. He cannot think and function well. What Nancy Pelosi accused Trump of, Joe Biden embodies completely and worse.
  • Kamala Harris is not a good replacement for Biden. Kamala is not on the same “wavelength” as the mainline Democrat party, and by rule, the President or Candidate for President of a party is the party’s leader. If Kamala replaces Biden, she may well try to steer the Democrat Party to other directs than either Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shummer, or the Squad. Big problems.
  • In every election, there is payback. People support a candidate so that candidate can win and if he/she does win, they want a slice of his pie. In this case, there are the Squad, Bernie Sanders, extremist factions of the Democratic party, Black Lives Matters, Antifa, and the list goes on. All of there want Biden to give them significant power for their part in the election. Likewise local Democratic controlled places like Georgia are going to want big hand outs from Washington now.
  • Businesses loved Donald Trump. He freed them from government over-regulation and taxes. The stock market hit records to the tune of some 100 times in Trump’s short 4 years, starting just a few months in. Biden’s problem is that he will tax America to death to pay for the left’s programs. He will print more money (inflation, and even hyperinflation) and he will work more US Treasury Certificates. The esteem of these Treasury Certificates is high now. That will fall through the floor when Biden starts his throwing misery on America. Biden is not a businessman. For the last 40 some years, Biden has lived pay check to pay check at the US public’s expense. He hasn’t a clue about how real business works. Consumer confidence and business confidence will start to fall. As the reality sets in, it will drill a hole to hell for Biden’s policies. For 40 years we have had recession. No politician knew how to get the US out of it from either side. A successful businessman did know how, and he got us out. The unilateral ditching of everything Trump is just going to make their efforts impossible.
  • The specter of election past will haunt Biden and the Democratic party for a long time. That is if they are quick to fix what they did so nobody can do it again. Fat chance they will want to do that. So they will have an albatross around their neck of what they did. No longer can the United States ever criticize another country’s elections. No more can they claim a foreign leader was illegally elected.
  • While foreign powers will still deal with the US, it won’t be the same. While the US lead the world before, now they are other countries lapdogs. China, Russia. Even Cuba, Nicaragua, Chile, Venezuela, North Korea, are all leaders ahead of the United States. That is because what went on in the election. Even as cheating nations go, the Democrats didn’t do things very well on their cheat, and that reflects poorly on these Communist nations. While the Democrats are full steam ahead towards Communism, maybe other Communist countries are not too happy to receive the US into their folds.
  • The Democrats have riled up a hornets nest. When you make it that the majority of the US voters votes didn’t count, and probably Trump won by 70% to high 80% of the vote, then there is pay back. First of all, the voters will not forget this come midterms. You can steal the vote from all of these people, but there is going to be two years of evidence of the steal coming out, and as much as the Democrats want a lid on all of that evidence, they are going to have a hard time doing so. People are going to see more and more evidence that makes it convincing that Biden stole the election. This will come out in the next elections. There will be a grass roots movement to allow by law the poll watchers in every phase of voting and counting. And people are going to get very violent if they are not allowed in. While Trump will have his presence in this, this will be totally outside of the control of Trump. Even if Trump dies, this will be a force to contend with for the next few election cycles.
  • Trumpism will plague the Democrats for decades. What Trump started is the US government for the American people. This is a very hard movement to kill at this point. They may try hard, but even if they were to kill Trump or turn Trump to be a loyal Democrat, what Trump started will continue on its own. This desire to put American interests first will not be quiet. Politicians give move to other countries to buy influence and power. Even doing that, these countries are going to resent what the US is now, even if they accept the US’ money. This should be over and above, after, we have covered all our own needs and desires at home. Politicians that give to foreign countries get kickbacks under the table, and that stinks to the common US citizen.
  • Democratic betrayals will not be forgiving. Democrats promise hand outs to get loyalty to them. Not to the US government, loyalty to the Democratic party. But once they have served their usefulness, the Dems dump them into the trash can of despite. Blacks came to view Trump and his policies as really doing them some good. Hispanics also were beginning to gain significant ground towards supporting Trump. Once an illegal alien gets citizenship, they want their family to get it next, and the close the door on any aliens of any kind coming in. The Democrats are clueless about this, and think that the Latinos will be loyal to them forever, but not so.

Update as of November 30, 2021

After about 9 months of the Joe Biden presidency and a total control of Congress and the White House by the Democrats, about all we can see are failures on all sides.

Joe Biden continues to show signs of mental decline, perhaps dementia, but very obviously that somebody else is pulling the levers of government now (but through Joe Biden). Who that may be is not clear. Probably to some point it is Jill Biden, and some through the leaders of the Democrat party.

But what is obvious is that the Democrat party and President Joe Biden do not understand the reality of America. How the economy works, how the job market works, how inflation and money work. Their concepts are failed, but yet they are sure they are right and everybody else is wrong. But when inflation won’t abate, then they have no options but to admit their own faulty ideas or blame Donald Trump yet again.

What is it about Trump that allows him to live forever in the heads and minds of the Democrats?

But the Democrats are facing a brutal reality. That reality is that BOTH the Republicans are against them and their own Democrat voters are against them. They will lose greatly in the midterms, and without some kind of medical-biological excuse for their jury-rigging the 2024 election, they will lose that also. Many Democrats are leaving their position in the Senate and House of Representatives because they know they will lose re-election under this current political environment.

The rule of thumb continues to be correct. When a president wins (or loses), the down ballot races track his win or loss. All the more impossible that Trump lost with all the down ballot wins for the Republicans in 2020.

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