Why Democrats always fight with Inflation

Why Democrats always fight with Inflation, Democrat overspending always causes inflation, because they spend what they (we) don’t have.

Don’t fall into Conniving Plans to Steal other People’s Money

Proverbs 1:11 If they say, “Come with us, let us lie in wait for blood; let us ambush the innocent without reason; 12 like Sheol let us swallow them alive, and whole, like those who go down to the pit; 13 we shall find all precious goods, we shall fill our houses with plunder; 14 throw in your lot among us; we will all have one purse”— 15 my son, do not walk in the way with them; hold back your foot from their paths,

God gives us a specific warning to not yield and join in with those who want to take unlawfully, immorally, the earnings and possessions of other people. The offer needs to be clearly understood. “We will be better off if we combine our assets. You will be better off.” What the truth is, you are being used, and eventually you will have your assets stolen in part or in whole by the scheming.

One of the principles of God is that what a person works and earns, it should be in his possession, only by his personal decision, how that money or assets are kept or spent or given away. Government has become the tool of Satan to make you losing your money, and there is nothing you can do about it. You just have to work harder, and let them take more and more.

The Working Principles of the Democrat Party

Democrats in recent years, and going back into history, have been working on some working rules or principles. It is important to make the distinct between Republicans and Democrats, and refuse to allow these distinctly Democrat principles into the Republican Party. Actually, there are Republicans that are Rhinos, Republican in Name Only, and basically they are just Democrats with a Republican tag on them. But they vote with their kind, the Democrats.

1. There are problems in the country that only they can fix.

The problem here is that the root cause of these problems are actual Democrat policies. The entire debate for centuries has been who can govern better. These Democrat principles do not do real good for the citizens, because their policies work in a specific way. (1) There is a problem. (If there is not a valid problem, the Democrats will generate one problem after another.) (2) The only people who can solve the problem is the Democrat party. (Damn all those Democrats that do not toe the Party line or condemn the Democrat Party line, so like Sen Kennedy, he complains against Biden, so Kennedy is the Devil.)

2. Every problem is only fixed by spending money, and the worse the problem is, the more money needs to be spent to fix.

There are no “solutions” without spending money. Somehow, the Democrats always personally make money off of the deal. They invest in companies that are going to get a windfall from grants by the Federal government. How is that not insider trading? The bigger the outlay of taxpayer money, the more their personal gain is the rule. Their main concept of a Democrat in government is so he can personally get rich. He does this by earning his salary, but also by using insider knowledge about what is going on, and besides insider knowledge, they actually set up companies that they own to be the benefactors of government spending.

Here it is curious that taxes come from every citizen of every political party. But when the government spends money on any problem it miraculously becomes a Democrat handout, and the money also comes from the Democrats! The glory is only for them.

But the rule is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS, big government is our savior, and the only ones who are for big government are the Democrat Party. You never reduce the power of big government, it can only grow. For the people like Donald Trump in the world who would like to see a reduction in big government, less government regulation, less overall government, they are heretics, the great Satan the world has to oppose.

3. When a problem happens (with a Democrat control on the problem and its supposed solution) the problem is now a solely rep owned problem.

This shifting of blame and stealing of fame is the bread and butter of how the Democrats think and work. They will never repent and abandon wrong acts. They will never confess to doing and change something they themselves did wrong, i.e. caused by their policies and lack of understanding of economics. If by chance “it doesn’t work out,” they disown having caused it, and they shift the blame onto somebody else. They cannot become a good element in government without it.

4. Anything is valid and fair if it keeps them in power and in control.

Even using dirty politics against their own is okay if that Democrat was getting out of line, i.e. not obeying the Democrat machine

5. Political projection, i.e. Accuse your enemy of exactly what you are doing, usually before you even start doing it yourself.

Your enemy will be hesitant in calling you out for the improper thing because he has just spent a large effort to defend himself on the same issue and doesn’t want to return to talking about it.

6. Give people rights which were not given under the Constitution, then accuse enemies of abusing those rights, ignoring them.

The Democrats disregard their own ignoring of these rights, but the reps have to be canceled because of the same. The democrat leadership is still mostly a white male group. When glaring disparities of racism happens inconveniently, ignore it. Blacks are discriminated against, so government has to forcibly make places for blacks in technical jobs. Yet in sports, blacks outnumber all other races and government ignores this totally.

7. Ignore and distract when their own system of governance horribly fails.

Then somehow blame it all on reps. When Democrats totally control a city, state, or the main powers of the country and get whatever they want, and that is often for 40, 50, 60 or more years, and everything goes wrong, blame reps. Somehow they are the cause!

8. Dems misinterpret reality most all the time.

Everything in their view is a fight for their control and dominance over the country. When reality forces itself into people’s minds, let the reps take control but blaming them for all the problems, and when the reps fix things like the economy, take the reins of power again blame the original problems on them and start over on ruining things again.

This is like a juvenile who gets a good paying job and moves out on his own. He gets a big pay check and spends it all on some toy. He can’t pay rent, he doesn’t have money for rent or transportation. Next pay check he pays for rent, but after that he never learns and continues with big spending. Money exists in his mind for his pleasures, and nothing else, but necessities should be given to him for free.

Why Democrats cannot handle Inflation

Inflation simply means that there is not an equality between what you ingress and what you spend. Your wages don’t keep up with the ever-growing price of the products and services you need and use. There should be an equality between the two. Inflation measures when it is not the same.

What causes inflation?

The cause of inflation is usually argued, but it is simple. You over extend yourself financially. With the advent of banks and loans, people have learned how to live on tomorrow’s income today. They borrow money, accepting that in the paying back of that money, they will be charged interest on the loan. But when the money that they have to pay on their loans get so much that there is hardship to pay for normal living, that causes inflation.

In other words, you have a meager job, that barely puts food on the table, and you live in a rented place, and you use only public transportation for travel. You cannot afford a car, luxuries, nor buying a house. In that situation, when you get a credit card, and you buy a new car, you buy a nice house, and you buy many luxuries, what happens. You get to the point where you have to hide from your creditors, or you cannot buy food. That is inflation at work.

To understand inflation further, the people who sell to you have no restraint on raising their prices. Your job, your employer has no compassion for your financial situation, and they do not raise what you earn. That is when inflation puts its jaws around your life and squeezes.

The only way to fight this economic pressure is TO BE ECONOMICALLY SOUND. In other words, give the car back and go back to using public transportation. Sell your house and go back to renting. Etc. When your economic situation is such that you can afford these things, then return to them. Economically affording them means that with income and saving, you can pay for them.

The Democrat Dream World

Unfortunately, the typical Democrat mindset is that they are in command of somebody else’s piggy bank, and they are all out in giving away everything in it. As far as the United States is concerned, we are alright bankrupt. But the Democrats have obtained a credit card, and they continue buying useless, silly, and non-essential things, and charging those things on that credit card.

They offer everything. But they always take a large slice of the pie for themselves. That is how they work. In a lesser sense, that is how every single politician works. They never conserve the taxpayer’s money. Find one that really does, and he will be a rare bird, destined for extinction by the typical politicians out there.

Why Democrats always fight with Inflation

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