Illegal Immigration and Health Issues

Illegal Immigration and Health Issues examines the true problem behind illegal foreigners bringing in diseases which infects farm livestock.

Illegal Immigration and Health Issues examines the true problem behind illegal foreigners bringing in diseases which infects farm livestock.

Please read this post in American Thinker: Illegals threaten U.S. food supply -report

The point here is that EVERY NATION that does not want illegal aliens crossing their borders to hurt their citizens is going to make an immigration policy, and employ an immigration border elements to keep out undesired people as well as letting some immigrants wanting to enter their country into the country.

The article in American Thinker makes the point that the illegal aliens are bringing in various diseases to infect the people they have contact with. Worse, they are bringing in tuberculosis and other diseases, and they are working in farms and causing the cows to get it. This will eventually cause the slaughter and destruction of these infected farm animals. Of course, no treatment is 100% effective, and most probably either through the illegals’ interaction with US citizens or through infected meat, tuberculosis will begin to be a serious problem in the United States again.

In this post, I explain Psalms 82 where God rebukes the governments of nations as they think that they can act without being accountable to God. Actually, God is present in every meeting and plan that they make, and when they abuse their position and power, God will judge them very severely.

Why risk infectious diseases when they are basically eliminated?

But there is a very subtle point here that not many people are understanding. The government of a country has an obligation to protect the citizens of that country. If you ask yourself, “What does the United States get from all of these illegal aliens?” You will find yourself scratching your head wondering, “Nothing?“. Mass migration is a plot of the Democrat Party in which they think this will replace their withering voter base.

This is the real issue here. Why are they losing their voter base? Simply because they are not acting to protect and support their voter base. Democrats are very strong on government regulation on businesses, and that hinders them from making a profit. At the same time, they want higher and higher taxes on these same businesses in order to pay for their plans and policies. As a concession to these businesses, they on one hand bringing cheap illegal immigrants for these businesses, yet on the other hand, they are attacking businesses by raising the minimum wage (California is now at $20 per hour for fast food restaurants).

But this is a big circle. The Democrats are losing voters because they have such terrible policies. The big blue cities and states are having a very difficult time of it. The Blacks in these cities are coming to the realization that “their” Democrat party just keeps stabbing them in the back. Crime, low wages, now immigrants taking their government subsidies, and they are feeling left out. As a result, they either are becoming less apt to participate and vote, or they go all the way and vote for somebody other than a Democrat. So even more stop voting Democrat as this “waking up” of the Democrat voters spreads.

What the Democrat movers and shakers do not understand is that when they bring in all these foreigners and give them the right to vote, they will with time form voting blocks in competition with the Democrats (and Republicans), and this will seal the Democrat’s doom.

Moreover, Unvetted Foreign Immigrants bring Diseases to US Citizens

While the above is a serious problem, even more serious is what these same illegal aliens are bringing and spreading to US citizens. There is a big question here that nobody is asking. (The reason is that our government is not really protecting America and its citizens, but is hiding an agenda of destroying America.) Why do we have to let foreigners into our country in the first place? I mean, let ambassadors and their staff in, which is probably okay.

But if we look back at recent history, China had a Covid crisis, and there is no good reason that we have to let limitless people into the United States from a country having such a health crisis. We take the risk of the Covid crisis becoming our crisis (which is what happened actually), when we could have blunted the worst of Covid if we just closed our borders. In some countries, people coming from such a health crisis country had to quarantine for a few days to weeks until it was certain that they were not infected. Why do we not implement that policy ALWAYS? Actually, China is having a repeat of their Covid crisis, and it should be a warning sign that the US should begin that policy of verifying the health status of all incoming people.

I am of the understanding that there is a large population of Chinese in Italy, and those Chinese who visited Italy during the Chinese New Year some years back caused a Covid crisis there. The point is that the vaccinations do not work either to protect who gets vaccinated nor to who is in contact with the vaccinated. So, stopping the flow of people from other infected countries is the real solution.

But if we consider all of this with the immigration crisis, Joe Biden personally has done everything possible to allow illegal aliens into our country without going through the standard immigration process set up by our US laws and Constitution. These immigration laws (Joe Biden doesn’t need a new law to fix this, just obey the laws on the books) are set up to protect our country from just such things.

But what are the brash actions of Biden’s immigration policy? He ignores and disobeys the laws that be in order to get these voter replacements into our country, and now we are going to see a full court press to give them the vote before the November 2024 election. Notice that citizenship is a carrot for the immigrants, but the Democrats do not want to give them full citizenship, because like the Spanish people who have immigrated into the US over the past 50 years, once a citizen, they pay their taxes which Democrats make sure is high, and they turn Republican. Funny how that works, isn’t it? When you get freebies from the government, you want everything you can get, and you like high taxes to pay for it. But when they are taking a larger and larger bite out of YOUR PAY CHECK, you have no pity or compassion on “those lazy bones” who just want a hand out.

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Illegal Immigration and Health Issues

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