Illegal Immigration will Bite Democrats

Illegal Immigration will Bite Democrats

Illegal Immigration will Bite Democrats discusses the error in the Democrats illegal immigrants election overturning plan.

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What Democrats are trying to do with Illegal Immigration

The plan that Democrats have is to allow millions of illegal immigrants into the country, silently encourage them to illegally vote in the elections (even vote multiple times) and then they will win elections. Their error is that a controlled immigration policy is part of our laws, and they have to uphold the laws of the land as well as the Constitution that stipulates that the Federal government (Joe Biden) has a lawful duty to enforce the U.S. laws of immigration.

What will go wrong

Note that Democrats DON’T WANT these foreigners to legally be American citizens. They know that once they have legal citizenship, after a few years of paying their taxes, they will turn away from the Democrat give-aways at the taxpayer’s expense when their taxes are going for that. Let the bums work for a living like we had to do. That is the attitude of a legal immigrant towards illegals, that is after they have paid taxes for a few years and bore the burden of that. Also note that Biden adding 87,000 IRS agents to go after who is not paying their taxes doesn’t bode well if Democrats want to keep those previous illegals voting Democrat.

First of all, the Democrats take stances that are not logical nor good for the country. What they are pushing for is against our Constitution. What they are pushing for is just illogical. Evidence is against their position. Letting all these people into our country will eventually cause tremendous ruin for everybody, including the Democrats.

But at the bottom of all of this is that the Democrats cannot debate nor govern. What they do doesn’t work. Obama made Obamacare, and he set up a federal government website, and it didn’t last the first day. There are millions of websites around the world, and some 14 year old kid in India could have made a better setup than what a Democrat president with all the resources of the federal government behind him. That is because Democrats JUST DON’T KNOW HOW TO GOVERN. That is, make decisions and laws through the established process where potential problems are first examined and then fixed before the thing is implemented.

Secondly, Democrats are not serving America, the whole country, but are trying to buy sections of the country will special give-aways. They think that they have blacks “in their pocket” come election time because of all the government give away programs that poor blacks like to take advantage of. But slowly, these poor blacks live in Democrat controlled cities and states for decades, and the Republicans have no say in what they do there, and these poor blacks are suffering at their liberators hands. They are turning away from the Democrats even though they keep receiving government aid.

Then the Hispanics were up, and they too see grave problems with the Democrats’ policies. Many or most of the Hispanic illegals are Catholics, and they do not like the Democrat’s pro-abortion position. Moreover, many of these Hispanics have had dealings with Communism in Cuba, Venezuela, etc., and they come out of those countries utterly hating with a vengeance  Socialism and Communism. Add to that the migrants from China and North Korea, and other nations that are playing with the same thing, and there is a growing group of immigrants that may like Democrats, but the Democrats acting like those Communist and Socialist governments mean that they won’t get their votes.

Thirdly, the Democrat party will eventually get away from them. They will lose control of their own party because as these immigrants are more than the “old line” Democrats, they cannot control what will happen next. Congress has been filling up with people who are barely one generation American, and these people will vote in a block. I am waiting for 50 million Chinese to show up and elect a Chinese Communist for president running under the Democrat party. What the old line Democrats will have to do in order to even make an attempt to fix that mess will be similar to Stalin or Hitler. Nobody will like it. And most probably there will be enough of the Constitution that they shred constantly but enough left to frustrate their efforts.

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Interesting point I see in all this. In other words, when illegals get citizenship and pay their fair share of taxes, they break with the Democrat party and start voting Republican. Crazy isn’t it? The Democrats want illegal aliens, not legal immigration. Why? Because once these people get legal, they leave the Democrats. They don’t want the Democrat spend-a-thon on their tax bills!

Illegal Immigration will Bite Democrats

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