Election Fraud

Election Fraud 2020 are articles, editorials, and links to others websites on election fraud in the 2020 elections.

Election Fraud overview

To be truthful and fair, all elections have fraud committed within them. This has always been obvious. Even the framers of the Constitution and our electoral system built the system with that as a given. The main point is to keep fraud limited to small pockets of people, usually within a state, and that it is not widespread or grievous (raw blatant acts of great importance). These grievous widespread acts would overturn an election, and Congress ultimately has the duty to overturn the election results, declare the winner, and/or instigate a new election.

Election Fraud that invokes Congress to overturn an election’s results must show most of the elements below:

  • The established Federal Election laws were broken, ignored, or changed
  • Local State Election were broken, ignored, or changed.
  • Individuals in the election counting process deliberately changed the results.
  • Individuals in the election counting process refused to protest and bring to charges against others that are breaking the election laws.
  • Foreign tampering of the election process
  • Any consistent tampering with the free expression of the parties and candidates in expressing their positions, refutation of accusations against them, or lies that are thrown against without equal and fair responses from the candidates and parties involved in the election.

Of special interest in seeking out if there was election fraud is the means of polling the citizens through election machines. There are election laws both at the state and federal level agreed to by both parties that must be followed. These agreements MUST be agreed upon well before the election (22 months before the election) and whatever situation both parties agreed to must be the law and must be observed all during the election cycle and afterwards. There can be absolutely no changing of these procedures, rules, and laws during or immediately after an election.

On the basis of these points, the Congress has to decide if the election has to investigated or overturned. This is the Congress’ responsibility to the Constitution of the United States that they swore to uphold. Any Congressman refusing his duty should be removed from their position in the Congress.

Articles on Election Fraud

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