Democrat Elites cheated the Democrat Party

Democrat Elites cheated the Democrat Party examines "business as usual" within the Democrat party.

Democrat Elites cheated the Democrat Party examines “business as usual” within the Democrat party.

Disclaimer: I, David Cox, am not part of the Democrat Party, I am Republican, so my comments are from somebody outside this group. I do not prefer any Democrat politicians.

What is “Business as usual“?

The crisis that the Democrats are experiencing is something of their own making. It does not have to be a crisis, but because of their way of “doing business”, it is a crisis.

Let’s just cut through all the talking, Barak Obama overtook the Democrat party when he became president. The norm is that the current president is also the head of their political party. But the Democrats have a principle that directs their every action, “Get power, Stay in power at any cost.

You have to interpret what they say and what they do in the light of that principle. They will lie, cheat, steal, use election fraud, etc. to get and stay in power. Once in power, “they are god” in their understanding. Why would a “god” step down to being a mere mortal again?

Obama uses Joe Biden as his Puppet

It has been the practice of presidents in recent history to choose not a good, capable person worthy of themselves also being president, but a poison pilled vice president. In other words, the president chooses somebody that is way worse in the eyes of the opposing party, so that that president isn’t “taken out” by his opponents. Barak Obama choose Joe Biden because the Republicans didn’t want to take the effort of getting Obama out of office if Joe would replace him. Some think Trump did the same with Pence. And is it very certain that Joe Biden (or whoever is controlling Biden) picked Kamala Harris for the same reason.

That is smart politics, except when reality is not that the opposing party is taking out the president, but the president himself becomes a problem to his own party, as Joe Biden has become an embarrassment to the Democrat Party. Republicans have complained since before Joe’s election that he has problems. The Republicans are not giving him any relief these days.

But the problem is, Joe Biden is president, he wants to occupy the Democrat ticket in 2024, and the Democrats see clearly that he has problems, he is an embarrassment to their party, and he doesn’t want to “get out of the way.” Jill wants to remain in power, and Joe is the only way to do it for her. Joe is stubborn, even if he is a puppet. That is the problem with puppet politicians. They get into office on lies, and they begin believing their own lies. (That is why Hillary Clinton lost her attempt at being President.)

So where did the Democrats go wrong? The End of Democracy

The problem is that the elites within the Democrat party (Republicans have the same problem) want to make all the decisions for the nation. That is raw power. They, the elites, decide who is going to be president. Notice that Obama and the Democrat leaders basically put Joe Biden into the Democrat candidate position by blocking threatening, and forcing their system to have only one choice, Joe Biden. I put this at the feet of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Shummer, and mostly at the feet of Barak Obama. What happened to Democracy? In other words, when they decide who will be their candidate, nobody else, much less the majority will of the Democrat party, is going to override Obama’s decision.

You bought this cake, now eat it.

If they had let Kennedy primary Biden, and encouraged him to go third party and register for the presidential ballot in all states, they would have had a back-up plan. They didn’t. They didn’t let “Democracy” stand in their own party, and now they are in crisis, and perhaps their entire party will collapse under the weight of this problem.

While they rant and rave over Donald Trump’s winning again will be “the end of Democracy“, they are blithely unaware that they are the ones who are killing democracy in our country. Trump was president for 4 years, and he never pushed the DOJ to prosecute Hillary Clinton. She was never charged for her crimes, which she bragged about in public. What happened in reality, is that Trump is not vindictive when in power, and this is in great contrast to Democrats when they get in power. They do act the part of a dictator.

When did Congress vote to wage war against fossil fuels? Never. But dictator Joe Biden proclaimed the new US policy without Congress’ involvement. Whose DOJ went rampaging in legal lawfare against his political opponent? Dictorator Joe Biden did. But what these “all so wise” politicians that everybody has to obey and bow before them for their great wisdom and talent in governing are simply “overlooking” is “what goes around, comes around.” In other words, anything the Democrats do to the Republicans, the Republicans (when they gain power again) will do to the Democrats. So expect the same legal accusations legal turmoil that Biden did to Trump will happen to Biden if Trump gains the presidency. This time around, Trump probably will not be so forgiving.

But, consider this point. Trump questioned the results of an election (2020) that showed a lot of problems, looking like a lot of election fraud. That is a far cry from bribery and using a public office (of vice president) to get money to his family (Ukraine) and receiving loads from China that are never to be repaid. Trump eventually had the Supreme Court take his side, and repeat what the Constitution says, that a president acting in their official capacity as President cannot be brought to law. Congress and the people can destitute that person from his office, but lawfare is not in our Constitution or our system of government.

Democrats do not use Majority Vote in their own Party

The point to see in all of this is that the Democrat way of doing things is always to rig everything, even within their own party. So superdelegates are to tip the balance, and those superdelegates are simply the Democrat elite. Why is that even allowed in a “democratic party“? In other words, if you are Republican, 1 person has 1 vote that is counted 1 time. Isn’t that “democracy“? Democrats (the leaders) throw accusations against their opponents (even within their own party primary elections) that such and such will “be the end of Democracy!” Very carefully mediate on what they say.

To these “elites,” the end of “democracy” for them, is an absolute crisis, the end of the world. But it is not the end of a majority rule under the rules of the Constitution (majority vote within what the rules of our Constitution frame). For example, our Constitution very clearly puts forth the concept that any non-American citizen CANNOT VOTE IN OUR ELECTIONS. There is a majority rule, but tempered with this rule. Only Americans can legally vote. Why did Dictator Joe Biden push open borders? Because that is how they are going to win, when they cannot convince and get the vote of the majority of citizens. Debate and good public policy is too hard for these experts in government, so they resort to rigging things yet again.

The October Surprise

What is interesting to watch is just how the Democrats are going to break their own Democrat Party rules that they have forged in steel to protect their elites, and now they are going to have to break that. Between now and the election, they will either go with Biden and lose, or try to do something that is supposedly impossible within the rules, laws, and guidelines that they themselves made themselves. How does that work? Remember, nobody is above the law. When they start breaking Democrat internal rules just to get what the elites want, then their cries of “nobody is above the law” really rings hypocrite. (And that yet again.) Is Hillary Clinton above the law when she destroyed emails that she sent and received in an unlawful server in her bathroom? Is Joe Biden’s threat to Ukraine about not receiving a billion dollar US aid to their country if they didn’t nix the prosecutor of Joe Biden son, Hunter, in Burisma? How about Hunter, Joe Biden’s son and business partner, using his father’s influence and getting a billion and half dollar loan that has no repayment? Right. Always remember the Democrat principle, “Nobody is above the law, if they are not a Democrat, and every Democrat exempt from prosecution no matter how obvious they broke the law.

Barak Obama uses the Democrat Machine against Joe Biden

What is truly awesome (but totally bad) is how Obama has signaled to the Democrat press corps to attack Joe. Various Democrat “talking heads,” (public media people), politicians, and donors, all are going after Biden to “step down.” So truly, is the sitting president the head of his political party? Sure doesn’t look like it. If Joe got the majority of the votes in 2020, why isn’t Barak Obama honoring Joe’s decisions? Because Obama knows Joe is an old man and not doing the job very well. Joe is attacking Trump and losing. But Joe is not losing because Trump is a better debater, but because of the issues, war on fossil fuel, open borders, lawfare, government giveaways to illegals, inflation, etc. Those issues are killing Biden even if Trump were to drop out of the race. These are Democrat policies shining through everything as being losers. Nobody in their right mind wants them.

Hurricanes and FEMA

I am no prophet, but I am wondering, with this year’s hurricane season (very interesting that it starts in June and goes through November) looking to be horrible with a lot of loss of life and property, how all of this will affect the November election. Joe Biden and the various Democrat governors have been raiding FEMA and giving money and emergency supplies to illegal aliens. How will that play when say a very destructive hurricane hits the northern Democrat states, and FEMA cannot help those people? Just how will Democrat voters that lose their houses, are sitting on the street with nothing, and they cannot even get a free bottle of water from FEMA?

But who did this? The Republicans? No. God is doing this. And the person who gutted FEMA for illegal aliens are the Democrats. Enjoy Democrats! This is what you have voted for all this years! To be voiceless within your own party, and to be ripped off by the Democrat elites. Remember, if you are hungry, Nancy Pelosi has 2 super large refrigerators in her house filled with expensive ice cream. If you knock on her door, surely she will give you some!

Oh, and remember global climate change? The ice caps are melting and by 2020 (sorry no 201000, let’s put it way out there!), but now the oceans will be 20 feet over where they are now, and Obama’s beach side mansion will be under water. I bet you that he will get a Federal Government grant to rebuild so he won’t pay a dime out of his own pocket, but if a hurricane hits the US this year, 2024, I wouldn’t like to be the person who loses their house and trying to get help from FEMA and our government. Remember, all the money is gone because Joe Biden has spent it. (1 billion dollar for EV charging stations, 1 up under that program. Another 6 billion spent for the same, and 6 more EEV charging stations up. That is Democrat government for you, obligate everybody to go electric, and spend 1 billion per charging station, all with that station probably not working.)

Democrat Elites cheated the Democrat Party

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