Chicago wants to give the vote to Illegal Immigrants

Chicago wants to give the vote to Illegal Immigrants explains that this idea of Mayor Johnson is against the principles of our Constitution.

Chicago wants to give the vote to Illegal Immigrants, explains that this idea of Mayor Johnson is pushing the ruin of our country.

Chicago Mayor-Elect Brandon Johnson Wants Illegal Aliens to Vote in Local Elections – Is there an ulterior motive in Mayor Johnson’s rhetoric and actions? I am not making up accusations against him, I am noting what he himself says he wants to do. Giving illegal immigrants the vote is against the US law. Why should anybody support a mayor who does this?

See this article, Non-citizen suffrage in the United States. The key take-away of this article is that …

Since 1997, the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 has prohibited non-citizens from voting in federal elections, with the threat of fines, imprisonment, inadmissibility and deportation.[3][4][5] 

But the reality is that if the United States accepts foreign, non-U.S. citizens to show up in the United States the day of an election, and allow them to vote, then the United States has lost its sovereignty. Any nation that has a lot of citizens and money to do nasty stuff can throw elections however they want to do so.

The Democrat party presumes that foreigners that are given this right will always vote Democrat, which in itself is not a given. For example, as under Joe Biden, the US Coast Guard are returning people swimming or on boat coming to the United States from Cuba. They pick them up and return them to Cuba, not Miami. Why? These people are against Communism and Socialism, and that is why they want to get to the U.S. If the government unilaterally gives them suffrage, the right to vote, and immediately on arriving, they probably will vote against the Democrats. Also, the same is proving true of Venezuelans. So the real reason Democrats are pro-open borders is apparent in this. It is to stuff the ballot boxes for them with Democrat votes. While this is apparent, why doesn’t somebody call their hand on it?

What Open Borders has Caused

According to this article, the United States has 23 million immigrants. According to the Immigration Counsel, they are qualified to vote. So exactly what does this mean for the United States. One of the key elements in immigration (legal immigration) is that the new person to America must learn certain things about our country and how it works. They must learn a certain amount about American politics. They must swear allegiance to the United States and to its flag. But that is not happening really in legal immigration nor illegal immigration. So now what?

These people work and live in the United States. They use federal and state resources (roads, financial aid, hospitals, dentists, etc.) like any citizen of the United States. But are they really citizens? It is very obvious to see in places like Los Angeles where you are out of place in many areas if you do not the foreign language of the people of that area. These people are not integrating into the American society, but rather, you see a little Cuba, a huge Mexico in L.A. (outside of Mexico City, the second-largest city of Mexican population in the world is L.A.).

To understand the problem a little better, let’s consider Hamas in Gaza and Israel. Hamas does not want to live peaceably with Israel, they want to take over Israel’s land, cities, etc. and kill or destroy all Israelis. They are not in a plan of peace, but they want to take over and remove completely peaceful Israel.

So when these groups of illegal immigrants come into the United States, do they live peacefully with the people, American citizens, where they land, like in Chicago? No. They do not. These people bring gangs, drugs, and crime, and these elements go against everybody. But the people coming into Chicago are “displacing” US citizens and their government “giveaways” (schools, hospitals, police, parks, recreational areas, etc.). Somehow our government now sees the priority here not as American citizens but as illegal aliens. Why?

Give illegals the vote, and they will replace the American citizens. If we deeply analyze this, the Democrat party has tried to sell the American public on their philosophy of governing, and many have bought into this plan. Many have not. Instead of logical debate, they want to force people to accept their plans. If not accept, then as a government power, they will make people obey them. “We the people” have no say in this actual plan of the Democrats. What these short-sighted Democrats fail to see, is that at some point, there will be enough illegals of some race, say Chinese, to elect a President that is Chinese, and totally not of American ideals.

The time needed to bring foreigners to understand and accept the American history and cultural is about one or two generations. That is not happening. Foreigners are being thrust into politics because of the great number of their own kin from their country of origin are here in the U.S. and voting. The political parties are the ones who are doing this, and it will cause harm to our country. If the foreigners do not take over completely, there will be conflict and in-fighting.

Why does a person have the right to vote?

To be totally, brutally honest, because they contribute something to this country. Beyond working and being profitable for the people of this country, they also should support our country, its historical ideals and goals. Go to Los Angeles on one of the Mexican festival days, and you would think you are in another country. But what about the Fourth of July, a truly American holiday? Everybody is just off work. No real zeal in celebrating “OUR COUNTRY’S INDEPENDENCE.” Why? Because these people live in the United States, but they are not Americans. Citizenship will not change anything for the majority of them.

I live in Mexico, and I am a missionary here. I have contacts that have gone up to the United States illegally that are Mexicans. The common thing that most of these people do when they get their citizenship is to return to their country of origin, and visit. Their hearts are in that country, not the United States. It is sad to see how these “new United States citizens” live their lives. I have seen many of them start to buy and build a house in their country of origin. Why? I have no idea except that that is a statement to themselves that they live in the US and have citizenship, but they are not Americans. These plans usually fall through at some point, though. They give up on them, and they sell their house “in their home country.” Neither satisfied with the US nor back at home.

Mayor Johnson wants to pad the Ballot Box with Democrat Votes

If the real reason Johnson is doing this is obvious, the problem is that Republicans are allowing it to happen. Simply put, people should demand that only legally processed foreigners that want to be US citizens should be allowed to vote. What a sham of Democracy is this when that is what they have to do to win an election.

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