Democrat Hypocrisy Between their say and do

Democrat Hypocrisy Between their say and do is an editorial on the hypocrisy of our Democrat leaders as to leading by their own personal example.

What is Right

Overlooking the obvious, what is right and fair is what the conservatives think should be the law of the land, and the “leftists” do not tend towards right but wrong, but there is non-the-less a great hypocrisy in our land.

If those who impose their laws on us (not giving us what the majority of Americans want) say that their positions and policies are “right”, then why don’t they themselves abide by their own laws? I mean this is ridiculous. Our Democrat lawmakers in Congress all the way down to the state government and city government impose all kinds of stupid laws based on questionable to simply wrong science, and yet after they make these things law, they themselves do not abide by and obey the laws they made.

Lead by Example

Politicians in our land have a reputation of being poor moral examples. They are caught stealing, lying often, having improper sexual relations, etc. But we have no respect for leader who do not present themselves as moral examples. We want our leaders to lead by example.

It is disgusting to me to see how Democrats especially want to give our (America’s) money away so freely. Literally, we are giving away billions and even trillions of dollars to people who are whatever with whatever need. These politicians say that we have a moral obligation to help them. Okay, examine these politicians lives. They are filthy rich, and why don’t they spent until they are broke and then get loans and continue giving their own money away before they give my money away?

The issue is that it is such a pleasure to have control over other people’s money, and then they turn into generous givers. When you look at their own giving, they are very stingy. The news articles below touch on this, but also the laws that they impose yet do not abide by in their own life.

News Articles on the Democrat Hypocrisy