Can Immigrants Vote in our Federal Elections

Can Immigrants Vote in our Federal Elections examines immigrants voting in our Federal Elections and Joe Biden's actions for Open Borders.

Can Immigrants Vote in our Federal Elections examines immigrants voting in our Federal Elections and Joe Bidens actions for Open Borders.

There seems to be some confusion on the issue of illegal aliens voting in our elections. I am no expert at this, but the law seems to be clear if you read it.

An Illegal Alien is a Non-Person

While there are some people which are to give the same rights as long time citizens of generations the same rights to people who swim the Rio Grande, the truth is otherwise. If a person does not enter the United States (or any other country) legally through a legitimate port of entry, then they are an illegal alien. Even having a legal visa or other official permission from that country’s immigration and customs entity, they are still illegal. They need to enter and exit through legal ports of entry.

So if a foreigner to that nation is in the country illegally, whatever he does is tainted by his status as an “illegal”. For foreigners, even legal entry into a country is at times limited in some countries and in some conditions. You must obey these restrictions. In the fires in Hawaii, the government restricted citizens from entering for a period of time. Whether you like or dislike being restricted when you are a legal citizen, you still have to obey the law (law enforcement officers) or they can put you in jail.

So it is a very “far stretch” to say that a person illegally in the country has rights. When we say that a foreigner has rights, these rights usually are solely to protect his person and speech, not to exercise his rights to run for public office or vote. You cannot just kill, maim, or hurt a person because they are a foreigner. But at the same time, these personal rights of these foreigners are small, and they do not give them unilateral rights as a citizen.

A Foundational Understanding

1996 Foreigner Suffrage Law

See this article, Non-citizen suffrage in the United States. I found that this article gives a good foundation for understanding who can vote and in what elections. The key take-away of this article is that …

Since 1997, the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 has prohibited non-citizens from voting in federal elections, with the threat of fines, imprisonment, inadmissibility and deportation.[3][4][5]

Okay, so to begin with, from our country’s beginning, some foreign nationals have been able to vote in some elections. In general, these elections are local and/or state elections but never in federal elections. The law of 1996 mentioned above codified that standard for the entire United States. So in a school board election, foreigners can vote, again with some conditions. (County school board elections seem to be a gateway thing into more serious politics, so that is why they are of interest in both political parties.) But a voter has to reside in the area that the election is for. If I live in Florida, I cannot drive up to New York and vote in a school board election there when I am there only for the day and not a resident. That kind of thing is always illegal. Do people do that? Probably. But the people who run the election in New York have to catch that person, and it must be worth the effort to them to find an prosecute such illegal activity.

More Laws against Foreigners Voting

From The Hill, The Truth about Illegal Voting (date of the article, 11/12/2018)

“Can illegal aliens actually vote in our elections?”

The simple answer is yes, of course they can, and they do. It is usually illegal, but not always. According to federal law, noncitizens are expressly prohibited from voting in federal elections in the United States. In fact, voting as an illegal alien in federal elections is a crime punishable by law.

Under 18 USC § 611, “It shall be unlawful for any alien to vote in any election held solely or in part for the purpose of electing a candidate for the office of president, vice president, presidential elector, member of the Senate, member of the House of Representatives.” A violation of this section can result in a fine with up to one year in prison.

Furthermore, 8 USC § 1227 provides, “Any alien who has voted in violation of any federal, state, or local constitutional provision, statute, ordinance, or regulation is deportable.” Finally, 8 USC § 1182 provides, “Any alien who has voted in violation of any federal, state, or local constitutional provision, statute, ordinance, or regulation is inadmissible,” meaning ineligible to receive visas and be admitted to the United States.

Thus, under federal law, voting as an illegal alien in federal elections is a crime punishable by fine, imprisonment, deportation, or inadmissibility. However, not everyone who violates these statutes is caught or brought to justice. Information on the exact number of illegal aliens who have voted in our country is debatable and arguably undeterminable, but some academic estimates have been high enough to “change meaningful election outcomes” and tend to favor Democrats over Republicans.

The obvious point here is this, if a person is an illegal alien, he is breaking the federal immigration laws. If he votes illegally in a federal election, then once again he is breaking the law, and the U.S. Federal law gives the dictum to deport said individual. But, if the immigration people refuse to obey the federal law like the illegal alien, we are nowhere better either way. Everybody is breaking the law now. So the problem here is not so much that 5 illegal aliens vote in an election where the outcome was 519,000 to 674,000 votes. Their votes did not change the outcome of the election significantly.

But the real problem resolves down to why do we allow people in our country who blatantly refuse to obey the laws of our country? They are illegal aliens, and so according to US Immigration law, they can and should be deported. They have no legal status in our country. I am an American citizen by birth, but spending 40+ years as a missionary in Mexico, I understand and know these people. They have a mindset of doing anything that they want, no matter if it is legal or not. If they see some benefit from it, they will do it.

Once in the United States, they are not legal citizens, they know that, and if they get into trouble with the US law enforcement, they simply move over 2 or 3 states, get fake ID papers again, and begin over. They neither stand before a judge in whatever they did wrong, nor do they leave the United States.

This conduct needs to be swiftly and strongly chastised. That is the only way to stop it. As their influence becomes more and more saturated in our country, U.S. citizens see what they are doing, and copy them when these US citizens also get into serious trouble with the law. Our country begins to break down in the process. It has to be stopped, with whomever is caught doing this. In utter defiance of the U.S.laws, there is a street in Los Angeles where you can go, and they are making fake IDs “ON THE SIDEWALK” in plain daylight. The local authorities know this and they don’t stop it.

But on another note, why do we have immigration laws and the president Joe Biden administration is not enforcing them like the law stipulates? Don’t we need to give Joe Biden the boot, just as we need to give the illegal aliens the boot for ignoring our laws? Remember, when these immigration laws were approved by Congress, for the most part, it was a bipartisan approval. Yet, later on, the Democrats see some advantage in Open Borders, and they ignore the law that they helped approve.

Biden’s History on Immigration

In 2006, Biden boasted that he pushed for 700 miles of border fence along the southern border. Politifact So Joe Biden moves in his position as the political winds change. He is neither for nor against stopping illegal immigration. When he became president, he didn’t think Congress could stop him (apparently he was right about that up until now) so he did it by president orders.

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Can Immigrants Vote in our Federal Elections

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