Migrants come from Messed up countries

Migrants come from messed up countries is an article about musings on where all these immigrants are coming from and what they are bringing with them to America.

Migrants come from messed up countries is an article about musings on where all these immigrants are coming from and what they are bringing with them to America.

From my Point of View

I am a missionary in Mexico City, and currently we are having thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of immigrants passing through our area. Most of these people are from Haiti, although from some people and in some places where I read, there are a lot from Spanish-speaking countries also. I was thinking about this the other, specifically about those from Haiti.

Haiti is “messed up”

From what I see, Haiti is a place where nobody really wants to live. They killed their president, the military and the police are disbanded, and the government no longer “works”, likewise their society. Why is this happening to them? It makes little sense to have elections where you murder the winner, and it makes no sense if you have laws, but they are not enforced. This is also where America is headed.

But there are some things to note in all of this. Firstly, when immigrants come to the United States, they enter one of two ways, legally, or illegally. The legal migrants want to be a part of America, to take upon themselves the same moral values and benefits (for the most part, in most of the legal immigrants). That is seen by the fact that they do not force their entry into the country by illegal means, likewise they do not enter on a tourist visa or some kind of limited visa and overstay their visit.

But the important point here is that some immigrants obey the laws of the land, and others do not. The asylum claim is used incorrectly by many of these people. There is no asylum claim for economic refugee. Just because people want to earn the higher income that Americans earn, that is no reason to enter the country.

There is a mentality that is very different. Some will break any law or moral principle just to make money. They were making money wherever they came from, but they have to enter the U.S. because they want to “make more money”. These kinds of people do not report all their income, nor do they pay taxes like they are required by law. The U.S. government SHOULD take the attitude that these kinds of people are undesirables, and work to keep them out of our country. If a foreigner does not want to go through our legal process of immigration and naturalization, then they should be forcibly kept out of the country, and they should be deported if found.

The Democrats say that they want everybody to pay their fair share of the tax burden of the United States. But yet we see people like Hunter Biden, who does just the opposite. If Hunter gave illicit gains to his father, then that explains why Joe Biden likes illegal aliens. But why don’t Democrats pressure Congress to fully enact the worker database that employers can use to check the immigration status of any immigrant? That would ensure that they can only get a job if they are authorized to work (and have the proper immigration status to work).

Haiti is a Disaster

But getting back to the Haitians, their country is a disaster. But it is a disaster because the people who live there do not want or obey a legitimate government. They are not following the laws of their own government. I would even go so far as to say that they do not participate in the law making process, in government, such that they correct the errors of their own country that make it an unlivable place.

In other words, their problem is their own relationship with their own government. That is where the problem is. They should insist that things are done correctly, and refuse and oppose the criminal forces in their country. They apparently prefer flight to fight.

I can understand that fighting is expensive in terms of personal harm to one’s own self. But still, if they want a great country to live in, they need to be willing to fight for it.

Their Disaster is now our Disaster

But the real problem for the United States is that they are carrying their problem in their backpacks into the United States. What corruption is there, they participate in that and import it with them into the United States. That is America’s problem now.

Should the United States accept immigrants that are fleeing their countries? The answer probably depends on a lot of factors, but in general, even asylum immigrants should be screened heavily. When they are not going to support the laws and moral principles of the United States, then they should be considered heavily whether they should be a part of the United States.

Biologically speaking, the fight-or-flight response in your nervous system doesn’t distinguish a lion from an ICE agent — it will turn on regardless of who the perceived predator is. Living in constant fight-or-flight mode can lead to high blood pressure and contribute to anxiety, depression and addiction… I nearly lost my job because of Trump’s turn on DACA. ‘Dreamers’ can’t keep living in limbo.

In this article in USATODAY.COM, they talk about separating families and fearing the Border Patrol every day.

As I read the article, I asked myself, whatever country that you came from, did you not have perfect security that your family would remain together? Why did you leave your country if that is such a worry for you? If these immigrants do not want to enter legally (I suppose that they tried or just could not enter with a legal work visa), and they enter illegally, and then they have applied for the DACA program. So they are in “limbo”. These people are neither citizens of their former country nor citizens nor legal residents of the United States. But this situation is caused by their own desires for money in the United States.

What the U.S. Government Needs to Change

What our government needs to change is this attitude that these people “have a right” to enter the United States and enjoy all the privileges of a US citizen. Why do they have this right? They are not US citizens. Citizenship should be carefully kept, and it should be sparingly given to few foreigners. In our past, this was the course, and only foreigners that “added something of value” to the United States were allowed citizenship. This means that they do white collar work, not drive down the national wages. This benefits the rich who own businesses, but it waylays the average American.

To open the floodgates of immigrant will drive down wages, shoot rents and housing costs sky-high, and in general, drive up prices of everything. All services that these foreigners take part in, hospitals, schools, police protection, highways, public spaces, etc. are going to cost the US government more money, and the government will provide less of these things to the public. That translated into higher taxes for fewer services.

It is galling to be an American, and then see our taxes go up, and our governmental services go down in quality, down in quantity, and then to put the icing on the cake, our own government evicting our veterans to give those services to illegal immigrants. Why is wrong with our government? Even blacks, minorities, women, etc. are getting slammed by our government’s love affair with immigrants. They want to replace Americans with people from other ethnic groups and from foreign governments.

What the Democrats are really doing is buying voters.

We all know this. That is what many have complained about for years now. They opened the floodgates of immigration, and now they are clamoring to give the vote to these illegal aliens. A good policy would be to not let immigrants of any kind to vote until they have been here 7 years or so. That would take the desire of illegal immigrants out of the situation. No illegal immigrant can be considered for naturalization until they (1) leave the country and legally enter the country again, with the proper visa. They should have to follow existing requirements to enter the country. (2) they have fully completed the entire normal course for an immigrant to the US. (3) they should have some kind of time limit of years before they can vote in any election. (4) Foreigners that immigrate to the United States should pay taxes into our system 10 or 15 years BEFORE they are eligible for any welfare or government service (Medicare, housing, food stamps, etc.). As a country, we need to tighten our belts, and we need to stop the leakage from our treasury. All the taxes of these immigrants should be set aside and go into our national debt during these years. (5) We should do like the majority of the world’s countries and block citizenship of foreign nationals that give birth in the United States automatic citizenship to their children. Likewise, chain migration should be blocked. Because one foreigner is given entry and citizenship, their family should not receive free entry. Only a direct spouse or child should be given entry, and that should be a 10 to 20 year naturalization process. Nothing immediate. No brothers, sisters, aunts, nor uncles, no cousins should be even considered at all.

Migrants come from Messed up countries

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