Why do Immigrants get any Welfare or Service?

Why do Immigrants get any Welfare or Service? We explore the question of giving away free stuff to foreigners living within our country.

Why do Immigrants get any Welfare or Service? We explore the question of giving away free stuff to foreigners living within our country.

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Fact Sheet: Immigrants and Public Benefits

Grading the United States past policy and practice.

If we were to consider what the United States has done in our foreign relationship with other countries, we have to give the government’s actions a failing grade all around. The US politicians like to “throw money” at problems rather than study them and get to the bottom of them. For example, we see the poor people in Gaza, and we send food. That food seems not to get to the women and children, but from the photos of their soldiers that fled the tunnel systems that are now flooded, some of these men are overweight. So although many nations have sent money to Palestine, what is the truth is that these provisions were misused by their military.

There should be a real consideration by politicians in balancing, yea, putting a set percentage of money spent domestically and money spent abroad. We should be helping our own people, like 90% to 10% for other nations. It stings greatly when millions are spent to other countries every year, and say for natural disasters in the United States very small amounts or nothing is spent. That doesn’t seem fair. After all, who is paying for all of this? Isn’t it the US taxpayer? If so, and yes it is so, they should get priority over that money being spent on other nations.

It is galling that China receives privileged trading status with the United States when they are our enemies. Even non-monetary help should be given based on how close a nation aligns with the United States capitalism and morality.

Where our Government has Gone Wrong

The problem is that our government has gotten into the habit of giving money away. We just put everything on “our credit card“, (the national debt), as if we never have to pay that off. Instead of that tactic, let’s pay off everything we spend every year, and pay a large payment against that national debt. If a normal citizen were to do what our government does, he would go to jail, and his debtors would take everything he has in this world.

Although the article I linked to up top says that immigrants are not supposed to get government help, Joe Biden directly does the opposite of this. Various Democrat cities around the country have declared themselves sanctuary cities, and that basically goes hand-in-hand with free hand outs to these migrants. Biden is now accused of taking health benefits from American citizens and giving that money to immigrants for their healthcare needs. What about the needs of the American citizens? Obamacare is a bust, driving health care prices through the roof. We do not need more government help, but we need to get government out of our businesses and let capitalism and competition do its work.

Reason in all of this

So let’s just take a step back for a moment and think logically about this. A foreign person decides to come to the United States. Whether that is because of his wanting to work, get paid more, and be better off financially, or because of asylum issues. But in any case, there is a world of countries out there, and he can choose any of those countries. But he chooses the United States.

Once he gets to the US with his family, he then wants the government to pay for his healthcare. American citizens don’t get this free. Why should he? The fact that a superb healthcare insurance plan will set the family back a $1000 a month or more is exactly the point. Americans pay that much if they can, and they want it. Most cannot afford it under Biden’s inflation. So to make matters worse, people who are not American citizens, who have not paid US taxes for the most of their lives are now living for free off of the US government, and they want free healthcare also? Does anything in this sound fair? Sound right? I do not see it. If the United States continues the open door policy for another 3 presidential terms (probably all Democrats would do it), and these foreign nationals naturalized as US citizens have good paying jobs, and then they will have to pay half of their incomes for the newer foreigners entering the country, how would they react? They probably would not take it so well. They would complain loudly. But the Democrats are not listening to them, they are perpetrating this on the American public. Since these immigrants “cross off” Republicans as awful, where do they go? Return to their original countries?

Why do Immigrants get any Welfare or Service?

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