Waiting in Line to Get in

Waiting in Line to Get in is an analysis of our immigration system, and what can we do to fix the problem so that it goes away.

Fond Memories of “Good Times” in the Past

Back in “yester year,” during Covid, I went to my neighborhood Walmart. I saw long lines. Sometimes people put stands outside, like for popcorn, corn dogs, etc. and depending on how popular the thing is, there can be a line of 2 or 3 people. But I saw probably 50 people in line. I thought this is ridiculous. Maybe Dolly Parton was signing autographs or something.

As I went past them, I was directed to the end of the line. Somebody (the government) decided that in this football field sized store, that only a certain number of customers (20) can be allowed in at one time, and the rest have to wait outside until somebody finished their shopping and checked out. So I waited more than an hour to just get into the store.

I did not understand the logic of this, even in the days of Covid. You need 50 to 75 feet between customers? And at the check-out there are 4 customers in line less than 2 feet between them? I disagree with the thinking behind this, but the dictates of the supreme god Fauci are not to be questioned. “I am the government, and you will obey or go elsewhere.” There are no other options except their way.

What happened to the government?

So now I learn that the people who are invading our southern border are getting into the U.S., but their court date for the hearing of their asylum claims are set 10 years into the future! Yea. Something smells bad in this.

So the Federal US government has no problems in making laws that either you obey or you go to jail, or you pay hefty fines, but with immigration, all of a sudden, they cannot force order anymore. Let Fauci go make some laws for the illegal immigrants! (And where was Fauci telling the government that the illegals were bringing in diseases of all kinds? Why did he sing like a bird at that one?)

The real reason is that these illegals will get in with or without obeying the law. Democrats cry and rail against Donald Trump that “nobody is above the law,” yet everybody that is getting in illegally is above the law. They set the law aside and do whatever they want. How convenient for them! What a bunch of hypocrites we have running our country. Those who do this should be wholesale shown the door. They do not uphold our Constitution and laws, they are just using and abusing our great country. They should never hold public office again! There needs to be a voter revolution against those who abuse our laws and country.

The Solution

This is just me spitballing the issue, but why don’t we make a set number of immigrants to be allowed to enter our system in any year, and when that limit is reached, nobody else can enter the United States? I mean, these asylum cases in their majority are thrown out by the immigration judges (many appointed by Democrat lawmakers that want everybody to come). The immigrant in question doesn’t even show for their hearing when it comes up. But if we have allowed 10 years worth of immigrants in so far under Biden, why not just totally close the door until 10 years are up? Process what people are waiting, and then open LEGAL IMMIGRATION up for more people.

Why don’t we enforce the immigration laws that we have, and forbid, stop, and make it impossible for anybody who is not a US citizen to get work in the United States, including gardening or other black market jobs? If a person cannot legally work in the US, why are they allowed to have a US bank account? Make the requirement of legal citizenship before people can rent a place to live, own a vehicle, or hold a US bank account. If these people come from somewhere outside the US, they can take a bank debit card from their country and withdraw funds. But that is not how this works. They come to the US to make money in the US work system, and then they send that money back to their family in their country of origin. The problem here is very easy to stop. Assess a fee of 25% on all remittances going from the US to other countries. There are elements that the government can manipulate to stop illegals, but there is no will on either side of the aisle to stop what is illegal. They only play with things to posture and make themselves look like they are doing some when they are really doing nothing.

If a foreigner does not have permission to work in the United States, then he should be living off money coming into the US, and not from his activity in the US. If a man who works for IBM in England comes to the US ON BUSINESS, they would pay him through his home country bank, and he can withdraw that money in any ATM in the US. But why do we facilitate foreigners working in the US when they have an illogical set-up, they do not draw money from back home, but from their activities in the US which are illegal? If I try to cheat the US government with the IRS, I go to jail and am fined. Why do they get a pass?

The Real Reason People are Rushing our Borders

If you study this problem, the real reason people are forcing the border is simply because they want a U.S. dollar paying job. They also are very insistent that they are paid top dollar among American employees. Biden’s policy right now is to allow everybody who wants to come in, to come in, AND WORK. If he is deporting 10% of these people, you ask yourself, “Who is Biden deporting?” It is people who are from Communist countries and are fleeing communism! He is sending the US Coast Guard to pick up Cubans who escape Cuba on boats to Miami, and once they pick them up, he returns them to Cuba! So there is no asylum for people escaping Communism! Why? Most probably because they (the Democrats) understand these people will not vote Democrat but rather Republican.

To be truthful, the United States has American embassies all around the world. Why not make all those people on the southern border apply for asylum in our embassies in Mexico, and when their case comes up, then judge the case and let them in if they even have a case that is not for economic poverty (that is not a reason to be let into the US)? The immigration judges can hear the cases through a Zoom court session and don’t even have to live in these foreign embassies. That works. But what works is avoided because it does not suit the purposes of the people in political power at the moment. Why not lock out all immigrants out of work and jobs, and also all welfare of any kind by using the e-Verify program to see what foreign born immigrant has rights to work, welfare, etc.? It is illegal for an immigrant without a green card to be working in the US anyway, but again we are dealing people who disobey our laws yet want the “good” that is in the US. So we just accept that these people will not obey US laws, and we are good with that?

Bukele and national change in El Salvador

I read the other day that people from El Salvador in the United States are returning to El Salvador. Bukele has changed the climate in his country, and people are wanting to live there again. That’s a thought. Instead of being liberal, make prisons and put criminals in jail. The people can work and make money and live in peace, and they don’t want to immigrate. Biden and the Democrats seem to only want to put normal people in jail (moms and dads, grandparents), and let all the criminals out.

The Real Reason Foreigners are getting into the United States

I am going to just be frank. Democrats are “wising up” that in the area of debate of public policy, they constantly lose the argument because their thinking is flawed. This comes to light after a time. Their arguments are just not logical. Their policies are bad. They cannot win an argument on sheer logic and truth. Their thinking is twisted and doesn’t work.

Joe Biden and the Democrats were critical of Trump’s border policies. Walls don’t work, except around a Democrat’s personal house. But now Joe Biden is singing a different tune. What changed? What in our situation of the border problem is different now than when Trump was president? Only that it logically grows like a monster. But the solution that Biden is playing with (he could close the border at any time, because it is US law, but he doesn’t stop this, because he wants it open) is the same thing that the Republicans have been saying for years.

So I told you so. The Republicans are validated in their thinking and logic, and once again, Democrat thinking is convoluted and twisted, does not work, and causes more problems than it fixes. Yet everybody go vote Democrat, right? We need more problems in our world, not less!

But this is the old shell game. It is a deception. What really is going on is that Democrats are in a massive voter replacement plan. They are dumping the blacks from their coalition, (or rather the blacks are dumping the Democrats) as are the Latins, and the Dems are looking for new patsies to use, thus they need millions of foreigners who will fall for their lies and deceptions. But these foreigners are not all patsies. Many come from countries more corrupt than the United States, and they will cut the Democrats throats one day. This will be seen by more people starting political parties and movements that are from their original nations. The Democrats will not win with this replacement plan either. Through manipulation, they can “carry a 50% vote” in an election, but they have much less die-hard Democrats voting. Now more and more of them are going to vote for Trump.  How do they stop this? They use mail-in ballots, and people who cheat in the counting, and they actually have probably between 20% to 30% of the actual vote (meaning that they would never win an election) and through cheating they can muster close to a 50% vote.

  Funny how all those dead people voting always vote Democrat!

Waiting in Line to Get in

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