Democrats Rule as Dictators

Democrats Rule as Dictators

Democrats Rule as Dictators is an analysis of how Democrats (the Democrat party in general and their individuals) govern as pure dictators.

Interesting News Article: Biden Blasts ‘Authoritarian’ SCOTUS … Then Fires 60,000 Unjabbed National Guard & Reservists

In this news article, the author brings up an interesting contradiction. While the Democrat party boasts of it being the only political party that is truly “democratic”, they themselves have a profound recent history acting exactly in an “undemocratic” way of governance.

The article relates how vociferous they are in condemning the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Dobbs (the Abortion case), because the Supreme Court is (in their view) acting like a dictator.


The Democrat Party DID NOT CREATE THE UNITED STATES AND ITS FORM OF GOVERNMENT! They inherited it, and they like all Americans are bound by the Constitution. Contrary to what the Democrats believe and work, the U.S. Constitution is not a chalk board or a white board where anybody can erase and rewrite any law in the Constitution. The U.S. Constitution is the framework by which we live and govern our nation.

Some important points here. 1) We are a government by the people. This means that the overwhelming power is the populace. Yet there are over riding principles such as individual rights that even a massive majority vote that cannot nullify these “God given rights.” In other words, these points you cannot play with or “tweak”. The First and Second Amendments speak of the right to speak, demonstrate publicly, and own and bear guns.

All of the confusion today is very clearly divided into people (Democrats, liberal, left wingers, etc.) who think that these God given rights are not really rights because they personally don´t like them. On the other side (Republicans, right wingers, conservatives, etc) are those who understand that our country has a framework that is based exactly on these rights. The bottom line is that these rights are “hard wired” into our government such that they were never meant to be changed and definitely not removed or hindered.

What is the difference?

Every person in some important position in government wants their way, so what is the difference? Very importantly, a true governor (person in government) is “representing” the people, and this affects his decisions, actions, and point of view more than anything else. Every government worker has a very bad tendency to place what is important on what benefits the governor and keeps them in power (or their party).

A typical example is Joe Biden making political decisions that would benefit economically his son Hunter, who would in turn give part of the windfall money back to his dad. This is what some call the “swamp”. It is a thick, nasty, situation where once started, bribery and extortion is next to cover what has already been done.

As a side note, the only solutions to stop this is 1) Use the law that is already on the books to take away their gains, 2) fine them high financial penalties for abusing the system, 3) most important of all, remove them from all public office.

So we have to qualify all of our governing individuals (and political) parties by how they obey the laws that are on the books. Again, there are framework and structural principles and laws that can (or should) never be changed or tampered with, and then there are lower laws. Another one of these laws that shouldn’t be tampered with is the principle of a person is innocent until proven guilty. A side point of these is that District Attorneys and the Justice Department cannot “go fishing”. If a person’s breaking of the law is not obvious with obvious evidence, then the system cannot exert time, money and excessive energy in seeking that evidence. In the case of Donald Trump, he is not even president any more and they continue to fish. Yet in the case of the Biden’s family crime group, obvious evidence is ignored (Hunter’s laptop, selling paintings to get money in political influencing). We saw the same the with Bill Clinton and later with Hillary Clinton.

Our nation hangs on the principle of Lady Liberty which means the judicial persecution of people who break our laws is a blind judge. The same treatment is maintained for all. There are not two levels or treatments, one for a judge’s friends and another for his enemies. But our present situation has evolved exactly into a two scale system.

Some don’t like Repealing Roe versus Wade

In the news, some people are very vocal about their dislike of what the Supreme Court did. But it is interesting that they want to do away with the parts of the system that they don’t like. When Conservatives were greatly distressed at the passing of Roe, these same liberals said that the decision was made by the Supreme Court and therefore we have to obey it. When it suits them, they hide under the system, and when it doesn’t suit them, they abort the entire system. How is that?

These people are crazy. They are dictators that the only faithful consistent thing in their thinking is that they are always right, and everybody else has to bow to their will. When you do that, you end up like them, delusional.

How Dictators Govern

Dictators govern by “executive order”. They just order people around. Our government allows the president to make executive orders to fulfill the laws of Congress, not to make his own will the law of the land.

Democrats Rule as Dictators

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