Democrat Voter Replacement will Fail

Democrat Voter Replacement will fail explains how the Democrat plan fails, has failed, and will fail in the future with destruction being our end.

What their Plan Really is: Staying in Power

You have to basically be blind to not see that politics corrupts people. When people have control over other people, especially their pocket books, this always leads to corruption. It should though. The problem is not really with “money” per se, but rather with people. People are corrupt, and that corruptness comes out when there is opportunity to take something of value from somebody else.

The means to doing this “stealing” is simply lying. Not telling the truth, being false and fraudulent. This is fueled even more when the people who will lose the most are trusting.

In order to keep what gains these politicians have made (economic gains), they must stop the justice system from entering in (as they should do by law) to stop the stealing and take back what has been stolen. They must also stop the justice system from putting them in jail. But above all, they must control the justice system so that they do not destitute them from their positions of power.

The key here is to understand that ALL POLITICIANS of any stripe or flavor are leaning into corruption. Perhaps some are more prone to setting things straight, but that is because they see their “staying in power” as linked to “straightening out the system.”

The United States has been blessed by God. There is economic blessing as well as peace that comes with this blessing. But in no way can this economic blessing and peace be separated from the Christian morals of the Bible, the moral character of God. God has blessed the United States because of their obeying of God.

Replace American Citizen Voters with Interlopers

An “interloper” is a person who does not belong there. They come into a situation that is not their home. They are much more than just “a burglar”. A burglar comes into a person’s home that is not the burglar’s home, and he takes what is not his. An interloper is a person who makes himself a meal from the home that is not his. He takes a shower, he goes to sleep in their bed, and watches their TV. He lives in that person’s place.

The Democrat party is using open borders as their plan to replace American citizens as legal voters. Whether the American citizens will wake up to this and stop it or not, or even if they do, if they act too late and too weakly to prevent this from happening, that is the real question.

The Failure of the Democrat Replace Plan

You need to think a good long time on this before you really understand it. Firstly, the Democrats do not have the “best” way of governing. Their overall plan is to use the corruptness of people to allow the Democrats to gain power and control. But this doesn’t work. Because the same people that they are using will one day wake up.

It is fascinating and mind-boggling to grow up in the South and see how the Democrat party has catered to the black American population for years, and then they lost interest in the blacks (after thoroughly using them and “their issues” to gain power) and then the Democrat party “dumped” them, and went after the Hispanics. Now we are way beyond the Democrats giving away the national treasury to blacks, and they are giving away federal taxpayer funds to Hispanics, as seen in Los Angeles and California. The latest from governor Newson is that he wants the federal government and taxpayers to pay for all the medical services necessary for all the illegal Hispanics in California. They have no “rights” (being illegals) to receive this aid.

But wait a minute. Where does that leave all the legalized, naturalized Hispanic immigrants in California? This is bribery, and bribery is giving away somebody else’s money. You deflate the impact of the bribe if you give the same amount to everybody. So tough luck for all the legalized Hispanics. They have to pay, and pay more and more like the rest of the legal citizens that are not involved in the bribery scheme.

Now we are into the next replacement group, illegal asylum immigrants that are from other (non-Hispanic) countries. But let’s go back to the blacks. In Chicago, the Democrat city government (all Democrat, nothing that Republicans can be blamed for) is taking away resources from the blacks and giving it to these newly bribed people (illegal immigrants). The blacks are finally feeling this acute pain of betrayal. They are telling (very vocally calling out their Democrat “open border” politicians) these politicians and the citizens of Chicago to vote for anybody BUT OPEN BORDER DEMOCRATS!

People are not as stupid as these Democrats think they are. In fact, people are a lot smarter than the Democrats.

We turn to the Hispanics. If Trump gets any kind of fair election this time, he will have a greater Hispanic support and votes than he did last time. Those Hispanics in the United States want one thing. The same thing the Blacks in the United States want. They want riches. Once they get into the country, everybody knows that they will have to work at something to get rich. The idea that the government will constantly give you a lot of money until you die without you doing anything except accept whatever foolishness they present is a hard sell. They would rather work honestly and get paid well.

But getting paid well is not what it used to be after inflation hits that good life. Then there are supply problems, which makes money questionable if there are no quality goods to buy with it. Also, taxes come into play, and the more you have, the less you are the receiver of handouts and more the Patsy that has to pay for these handouts. So as life goes marching along, now the blacks and Hispanics with good paying jobs are getting hit broadside with what the Democrats did to white people way back in the past. How does it feel? It feels bad. It is betrayal. But just remember, all these politicians have “golden parachutes” that they have set up for themselves with your money so that they will die old and rich.

What the Future Holds

If you do “an overview” of things going back to the history of our country, you will note that there were not very many black politicians in slavery times, nor were there many Hispanics in our government in past times. Once the Democrats used ethnic people for their purposes, now we have whole cities and large areas of Muslims. We see Muslim politicians in our Congress.

I have a question for you. If every elected politician in our system is to be “sworn into office” using a Bible, the authoritative “Christian” book, then how does a Muslim get “sworn into office”? Using a Koran? The entire concept of honesty is just not going to be found in the Koran as it is in the Bible. Our country was founded on Christian morality, and the system is founded on that. In the Muslim concept, killing “non-Muslims” has some kind of virtue to it in their thinking. Muslims see aggression and fatal aggression as a moral good, even to baby Jews. How can you mix that with Christianity, which sees this kind of aggression as evil, needs to be repressed and punished? The two cannot mix together in harmony. The Muslim will never swear (honestly) on a Christian Bible. In the Muslim’s mind, lying to get into the United States, into our system, and even into our government is exactly correct for them in order to fight their “jihad” against non-Muslims. So where is this taking our country?

In the end of all of this, the outcome will be obvious. Some non-Christian, non-Democrat group will get a majority enough in the future to force their own people in, and they will be in control of our government. Both Republican AND DEMOCRATS will be shown the door. When this happens, there will be no turning things around.

If China were to insert 10 million Chinese operatives into the US, spreading them out into areas that are already Chinese, we could see our first Chinese president. They say that the president has “the reins of power” for a reason. A Chinese president could send our government “down the tubes” rather quickly. Well, actually, Joe Biden is doing a good job of that already, and he is our first Chinese president. To whose advantage is the billions of bribe money that he received?

Democrat Voter Replacement will Fail

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