Michelle, You are about to get Trumped!

Michelle, You are about to get Trumped! Is an analysis of the upcoming election and how the Democrats will slide Michelle Obama into Joe Biden's Spot

Michelle, You are about to get Trumped! Is an analysis of the upcoming election and how the Democrats will slide Michelle Obama into Joe Biden’s Spot

The Democrats see Biden’s Weakness, but what will they do?

Unfortunately, Joe Biden is a damaged product. In other words, even Democrats do not want him anymore. So there are undoubtedly plans afoot to replace Joe as the Democrat nominee for president 2024. But when we see the field, things are getting more and more interesting.

Firstly, the only real Democrat player that is even making a pretense to go out and meet the voter is Gavin Newsome. He recently went to South Carolina to stump for Joe Biden. What does that mean? Well, he is scared of Trump as President again. All the Democrat plans and California’s plans will be greatly hindered by Trump. Donald Trump is not a Washington Swamp Player. He breaks the mold. So if Newsome wants good things from Washington to prop up failing California, a Joe Biden is a possibility, and Donald Trump is an impossibility.

The only real plans out there for the Democrats to remain in power is 1) Back Rhino Nikki Haley and hope she continues to sell her soul to the devil, 2) knock Joe out of the running at the last minute and substitute Michelle Obama in his place. The backstory of this is simply that Joe Biden is a puppet of Obama. That seems to be what has been happening. But somebody is going to throw a wrench into the works.

Barack Obama said it well when he said, “Never underestimate the ability of Joe Biden to mess up things.” Well, Barack, here is back at you! Yes! You are right! You deliberately poisoned your VP position with a guy that you, by your own opinion, is just going to mess up everything. Why did you do that? 1) So that the opposition will not remove you from office? This is why Kamala Harris is in the VP position when she is as bad or worse than Joe. 2) After 4 years of messing up Joe, you can waltz in with Michelle as your surrogate #2 puppet, and you will have 4 terms as president.

How the Democrat Party Works

Unfortunately, you do not know your own party works. It works by theft, cheating, lying, and stealing. Backstabbing and being a traitor are also in there. So while Joe may have been an easy patsy for a while, you forgot that people have their own wills, and even a simpleton patsy, when given the wheel of a sports car, will like it, and will speed away so that you cannot manipulate him anymore. This is what Joe is good at, and this is what will happen if it is not already happening.

Supposedly, the Obamas had Thanksgiving with the Bidens, and Barak put the push on Joe to step down. But when you use the main stream Democratic media to push lies about how great Joe Biden is, Biden is an egotist, and he will listen to all of that, and he will believe lies that he knows are not true. He truly thinks he is the greatest president ever, even though the facts of the country belie this.

Wives are really Meddlesome

While Joe cannot get off of a stage without some serious help (to avoid the sandbag traps), Mr. Obama, did you think that sending Jill in to hold the president’s hand was really a good thing? Your choice of VP was bad. But you chose a Democrat with ambition, and his wife is 100s times worse than the man. Jill Biden is not going to give up the White House any more than Joe will, and this is not out in the open, but you better believe it is the topic of many a conversation in the Biden personal chambers in the White House.

The Democrats can easily cause Biden to “fall” from grace. In the eyes of the public, he already has many times over. But you cannot get rid of Jill Biden so easily. And to her, the road into a second White House term is worth the effort. So this contest will be Barak Obama against Jill Biden. The Obamas already are lining up Hollywood talking Democrat heads pushing for Biden to not go up against Trump. The News Media are also doing the same. The only time they attack a Democrat or saying something bad about a Democrat, their policy, or what they have done is when the Democrat party is through with that Democrat politician, and they waste him. This is what is happening to Joe Biden now, his own party is distancing themselves from him.

But this is typical in politics, especially on the Democrat side of things. Republicans get dumped when they are revealed to be Democrats in hiding (Rhinos like Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, Nikki Haley). But this is just sweet to the Republicans. The Democrats have turned on their own favorite candidate, Joe Biden.

Let’s see, how did they insist these last four or five years? “Joe Biden is the best man for the job.” “He has absolutely no physical problems.” “His age is just not a factor.” “His physical strength is that of a man in his 20s”. Now they have to crush his image in the public’s mind.

Michelle, You are about to get Trumped by Jill Biden too!

What didn’t happen at Thanksgiving

But the real problem is not that Joe is having problems, it is that the Democrats are thinking that they can do a sleight of hand at the last minute and insert Michelle Obama into the nominee’s slot. The only way that is going to work is if just everybody everywhere turns their heads and are not looking, and Trump is sure to make that not happen, and there is some kind of grand election fraud on the scale of 2020 size. Because you just cannot run a presidential campaign without having people voting for your candidate. They did that once and got by because of Covid. (The Chinese health people are announcing that there is a new, more deadly virus breaking in China, and China is opening wide its doors and airplanes for the Chinese New Year coming up to seed the world with this virus. So that is already in the wings waiting to take hold most probably this summer if not sooner. But the conclusion of medical people, people who analyze things and don’t believe lies, is that the US government’s Covid measures were wrong, illegal, and people are now armed with this knowledge and will not let the government take their lives and liberties away from them a second time. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice with the same virus scare, shame on me!).

But the forces are just not lining up for Barak like he would like.

Why we change Political Parties in Power

Have you ever wondered why the presidency bounces back and forth like a ping-pong ball between Republicans and Democrats? The Democrats have had power continuously for long stretches. The Bushes were basically more Rhinos than Republicans. But even with them (being Republican in name), the economy tanked back then. When Obama and Romney were thrown up against each other, neither party wanted to put up a real candidate. Somebody with a good political career history, and had a lot to lose if they didn’t win. By default, they found somebody, even if they were the dregs. Barak Obama was the dregs on the Democrat side. He was a socialist/communist. He was a black man. Furthermore, he wasn’t even clearly of American birth. There were challenges on that issue. Romney was from Mormon country, which would have been much better if he had been from a mainstream Christian group, like Mike Pence was.

But when you put the worst fighters from each party up against each other, all you get is a disaster. That was how Barak Obama got into office.

Is America Racist?

The short answer is no. We are not racist. Why? How do I support that? Because Barak Obama got into the presidency. If we were white supremacist racists, he would have been hung before the inauguration. But let’s just stop all this calling everybody racist stuff. A black man was put into the office of president. There can be no more talk of racism.

I am from the South, and it really irritates me when I hear calls of racism. The most extremely racist people are black people. They hate each other. The black on black murder rate outpaces white on black murder rate every year. So how come a black man can call another person (even a white person) a n***** and that is not racist? If it is racist for a white man to do that, then blacks get no free pass on that.

Okay, so racism isn’t about calling people names. It is about opportunities. Yea, and how did the black jurists get on the Supreme Court if we are all racists? Let’s see, the black population in the United States is somewhere 14.4% (Pewresearch) of the general population in 2022. So I challenge anybody to show me where the other 85.6% of the NFL is not black. How about basketball? What sport does white people out number blacks? Badminton? Maybe.

Michelle Obama is a Poor Black Girl that Everybody is Racist if they don’t vote for her

Yea. That really didn’t work for Barack Obama, nor was that the real factor of why he got into office. Barack Obama got into office because the economy tanked for various presidential terms, and nobody from either side could get it out of the ditch. Whoever won was going to inherit a problem economy, and whatever they did (from their reasoning at the time) would not help get the economy working again.

The Obamas are undoubtedly thinking along those lines also. Let Joe tank the economy (which he has skillfully done with the fossil fuel war he started), and then when Michelle gets to power after Joe, they will set the economy on a good road. Problem: Democrats ruin the economy with their spending plans, and Republicans (if they are financially responsible) mend the economy if they can get by the Democrats. So what “went wrong” is that Barack didn’t foresee what Joe would do with the Democrats in Congress behind him. Barack was probably counting on the Republicans in Congress to not let Joe go too far. They didn’t, he did, and our economy is having serious problems. They went on a spending spree. The repercussions of that are still hitting the sides very nastily. We haven’t seen the end of that yet. With the nation debt doubling every couple of years, we are approaching a point of no return on that. The economy will not return to a good state.

But when the year ends this year, the only thing that will happen probably is that the Obamas will not get what they want (another turn in the White House). I would bet (if I were a betting man) that Barack Obama and Joe Biden will not be talking much to each other, and Jill and Michelle will be hating each other very much.

While the Obamas are presenting this as a great sacrifice for Michelle, because “she doesn’t want to get into politics again,” the whole thing is a plan by Barack to maintain his plan for bringing down America. Michelle, You are about to get Trumped!

If you look at the years after 9/11, the Muslim wish was for America to be brought down from its prosperity into the corruption and chaos of a typical third world Muslim country. That was their wish when they attacked the US. What they couldn’t do with hijacking a few planes, a black Muslim man (Barack Obama) has done through the White House. How did we get into this situation in the first place? The simple answer is that Americans are not racist, and they accepted a supposedly “good” black man that was going to solve America’s problems. You have to also link something else here. Islam is a religion that is violent. They want to destroy and kill anybody who is not submissive to their religious domination. That is what “Jihad” is about. Their purpose is not to just destroy some minor country somewhere else in the world. The United States prosperity and leadership in the world in medicine, science, engineering, etc. is linked to its religion, Christianity. The rights we enjoy come from a Christian heritage, not a Muslim one. Muslim nations cannot point to where their religion promotes science, freedom, knowledge, women’s rights, etc. Even religious rights, like letting different religions co-exist (gays are a religion, and what gay person wants to go to a Muslim nation and march in the street in a gay pride parage? That doesn’t happen under Muslim governments.)

But if you look at what has happened to America in these last years, yea, the Muslim desire and plan to bring down the United States into chaos has been pretty much accomplished. So yea, all you Democrats, vote for Michelle. But remember, whatever destruction and chaos the Obamas bring to America, you still live in it!

Michelle, You are about to get Trumped!

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