The Reality of Truth versus the unreliability of Lies

The Reality of Truth versus the unreliability of Lies explains how reality verifies truth, yet lies are unreliable, and do not correspond to reality.


The Reality of Truth versus the unreliability of Lies explains how reality verifies truth, yet lies are unreliable, and do not correspond to reality.

Warning: This article will make you think and could break something inside your head, so I am not responsible if you begin to think afterward.

God is Truth, Satan is a Liar

If you study the Bible, you have to come to the conclusion that God is, and He represents truth. What God tells us is just so. It corresponds to “truth” or the way that things are in actuality. A lie is something that somebody proposes to be “truth”, but in reality, it is not. Lies does fulfill reality, only truth does.

Satan is the father of the lie, so Satan is our enemy, he wants to hurt us, to deprive us of everything good, and he wants to kill us and in the end, after death, he wants us to join in his punishment in hell. That is truth, reality.

Which do you lean towards?

While this is truth, we need to take it one step further. Either you accept, look for, and implement truth in your life, or you accept “any old lie.” The course of a person has to be either one or the other. You cannot seek truth and then reject God when He tells you the truth, and shows you the reality of the truth and the falsity of a lie. While we need to return to “the truth” in science, and stop allowing scientists that deny and attack the truth with their lies, all of this is cast into a morality.

My Dad and Planning and Estimating

When I was about 6 years old, my dad worked in a shipyard in Charleston, South Carolina. He was what they called a “Planner and Estimator.” Electricians did the actual work on the submarines, but my dad would take an order to do something to them. He gave an estimate of how much time and money (and materials) would be necessary. Constantly his estimations were held up to the reality of how accurate they were. What he said it would take to accomplish the task versus what it actually ended up in taking. In other words, reality was a constant check on whatever he estimated. The bosses always looked at “how accurate were his estimations“.

Today we have allowed the divorce of reality from our world, from our imaginations, our thoughts, our views, our opinions, our political “badges.” Eventually reality kicks in time and time again, and these “lies” that are pumped into our heads just don’t check with reality.

Is Global Warming a Truth?

No, it is not. Our climate has cycles in which the climate warms and then the climate cools. There are rainy periods and there are drier periods. So climate warming is only true for those periods in which the world is warming, and after that, the world cools. You cannot base your thinking on such unscientific things that do not correspond to reality. For example, the sun is out, there is a lot of light, so we can work and play and enjoy the day.

The Example of Night and Day

Just because it gets dark at night is not to say that the sun will not come back out in a few hours and shine again. Somebody so simple-minded as to believe when it is dark out, that the sun will never return, is just not handling reality well, the reality that we all know. So like when chicken little went running around wildly crying the sky is falling, it was just an acorn, and because chicken little was a poorly think idiot, he caused a fuss over nothing.

Is our Planet Burning up?

But really, is the world warming? Wrong question. The right question here is whether the world is warming over all, over all time. Are we burning up our planet? The answer is no. We are in a cycle of warming and cooling that probably has peaks and troughs that run thousands of years between the two, and between when the cycle repeats itself. Horrors! In 3050 there may be some idiots running around like chicken little crying that the average temperature of 10 degrees Fahrenheit to 11 degrees is a global melt down. But my point is, we do not know how our climate works, but the Greenie “chicken littles” of our day don’t have a clue either. We have not had the means to measure time back 10,000 years back, and so things need to “chill” in respect to predictions.

What Ice Cores tell us

I understand that ice cores at the earth’s poles have a way to know something about the temperature in the past. But besides the climate being cyclical, what they tell us is very little. I am reminded of one of Aseoph’s tales (I think that is right) of three blind men that encounter an elephant. One grabbed him by his trunk, one by his tail, and one by his ear. Their reports of the same animal were grossly opposed one to the other. Yes, knowing something is better than knowing nothing, but even so, boldly proclaiming “truths” when you don’t have enough facts is always dangerous.

How to gauge Truth against a Lie

There is a very simple way to know which is which. Test it with reality. For example, if you think that men can become women, then test that with reality. Reality is what just is, and reality simply and always comes out to the same conclusions. “Science” (remember, “follow the science”) is built on truth. The fact that a gasoline engine works at all is based in scientific principles, which always lead one to the same conclusions.

The Example of an Internal Combustion Engine

A spark, air, and a combustible element (gasoline) leads to an explosion which release physical force within that explosion, and in a gasoline engine, the explosion pushes a physical piston as the explosion expands, and that releases and directs its physical energy into moving the vehicle. This is following the science. It always happens in a predetermined way, except when certain factors appear (a broken tire, a whole in the side of the engine letting the explosion ventilate instead of pushing the piston up, etc.).

The Truth can be Cruel if you ignore it

But truth is a harsh and cruel thing when man fantasies about things that are not based in truth.

With those marginal people who were pushing this Green “truth” before Joe Biden, there were great problems. Even before Biden, there was and is a growing number of scientists that refute global warming. The theories put out by global warming enthusiasts are just not corresponding correctly and consistently with the facts of science (reality). Returning to my father, I remember when the first man landed on the moon. According to Creationists, the earth is approximately 10,000 years old. According to evolutionists, it is billions of years old.

See my tracts

But when NASA was planning on man landing on the moon, an argument ensued. Some proposed that the universe is millions and millions of years old. They said that there should be about 21 feet of moon dust on the moon. Our lunar lander, when it touches down, how far would it possibly sink into that dust?  One group said the lander would sink probably 1 to 2 meters into the dust before it held. The other group affirmed that there should only be a light covering of dust.

The landing on the moon proved that Creationists were basing their understanding on reality, and the other evolutionist guys had “no basis in reality“. But even back in the 1960s, those scientists who had theories that proved that they understood and held for reality were ignored and despised afterward. 60 years later, things have only gotten worse.

This is a Lesson in Morality

If we really want to understand this, we have to get into morality. Normally, the atheist scientists say that God does not exist. Do not bring morality into the discussion. But morality gives us a yes or no on many things that we have to take some opinion on them. When God speaks, He is the Creator of our world, and His Words should always be esteemed as truth.

Evolution’s Premise

Evolution overall says that we are getting better all the time. We are advancing and becoming a more powerful, better, smarter species. The truth of reality is that we are degenerating more and more as time goes alone. And while in the past there have been some really degenerate people, our day makes their degeneration look normal and common place.

Examples of bad things that we allow

Abortion and euthanasia are examples that should make us blush as being barbaric and yet common in our day. Drug and alcohol use are more examples. Why are cigarettes restricted? Because they harm the body and lives of those who use them. Cancer is a proven result of smoking. There are laws that prohibit smoking in closed environments. Yet knowing that something is dangerous to those who do it, why are illegal drugs allowed? Washington state made a lot of illegal drugs legal. And after just a short time of that, they are seeing the damage on society and individuals that they do. There is a “push-back” again those laws in Washington state. Why? The reality of what they have done is coming back to haunt them, and they don’t like it.

Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is another example here. What some idiots proclaim as absolutely what we have to do, and after just a short time of “reality checks.” But people don’t like how this alternate reality is shaping up. To solve the problem, you have to turn to reality, and you have to ignore and fight those who paint illusions instead of dealing with reality. I found it funny that a Latin American lady (illegal) is complaining about her son-in-law that killed her daughter.

They showed a picture of the man, and he has Guatemalan gang tattoos on his arm. She said, the US immigration did not do their job in preventing the MS gang members from entering the US. Uh, yes. Joe Biden is in office. They got in illegally, just like this woman and her daughter. But reality is really cruel sometimes. I watched the video on the news with my wife, and I asked her if the girl marries this guy, what about her seeing the large MS tattoo on his arm and running away before marrying him? When reality hits you between the eyes, and hits you cruelly, then you wake up. But mostly you wake up too late to change the tragedy that is about to hit your life.


God exists. God gives us His Word, His take on our lives, and what is truth and what is a lie. But it is because we are rebellious to God that our lives take a brutal turn with reality. Shouldn’t we take God’s Word more seriously.

The Reality of Truth versus the unreliability of Lies

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