Do Illegal Aliens have a Right to Anything in the US?

Do Illegal Aliens have a Right to Anything in the US? Reasons that illegals shouldn't get government assistance and should enter legally.

Do Illegal Aliens have a Right to Anything in the US? Reasons that illegals shouldn’t get government assistance and should enter legally.

Terms and Lies

In our day, there is a highly politicized atmosphere where politics are merging with mindsets. That has always been the case, but in our day, those on one side of this are using the media, technology, and laws to “persuade” those of their opponents to either convert to their position or they will suffer excessively if possible.

What we are seeing though is a “redefinition” of terms. What this results in is simply a lie. No longer is it “politically correct” to use the term “illegal aliens”. I think that all of this has to be put in perspective. What is “politically correct” only applies to which side of things you are on. The leftists are the ones pushing a prohibition of free speech because some things are not “politically” correct. That is true only in their viewpoint. If you do not follow the “politically correct” push being forced on you, then what “they say” just doesn’t matter. While “they” purport to have the majority behind them, the majority is not behind them. They only use deception to make it look like some number of people are behind them. But even those in that crowd are getting tired of it.

What is an immigrant that does not come into the country legally?

I mean, what is the correct term for such a person. He is an alien, or immigrant. But he is not a legal immigrant. He is not entering the country through the legally mandated way that Congress and the Constitution of our country have set up for people of foreign nationality to enter. That being the case, they are “illegals”. The term alien is used of somebody from somewhere else that is not naturally in our country, i.e. a citizenship or legal immigrant.

What does it matter?

Actually, names do not matter much. Somebody is in the US, they are here. But what to do with them is the real question. If they are recognized as citizens, then they have a set of rights like any other American citizen. They can work and take advantage of the government’s programs. They also have to pay taxes like anybody else, and they have to know and obey the laws, and if they don’t do so, they don’t run back to their country of origin, but they go to a United States jail, and they are a burden on the taxpayer. Breaking the law is not dealt with by fleeing to another country. It is dealt with under our laws and justice system.

Should we let Illegal Immigrants Walk all over us?

Matthew 24:43 But know this, that if the goodman of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up.

There is no moral obligation for a Christian to knowing let a person come into his “house” and spoil what is the fruit of his labor. In other words, if it is in the soul of a Christian to help somebody else, that is in the person’s heart, and the person gives what he wants to whom he wants. But according to Jesus Christ, the goodman of the house stops people from plunder what he has accumulated through hard work. They come, without hard, honest work, and benefit without that sweat of their brow in a legal sense to make something for themselves, and they are identified as thieves by God. There can be no other understanding except condemnation.

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The Democrats want Illegal Aliens to Replace the Voters that are Fleeing the Democrat Party

This is the real motivation behind the open borders issue. As a political party, the Democrat party has the responsibility to come up with policies and rules (that become laws) that “fix what is broken in America”. Whatever they propose, it has to stand up in debates where hard facts are applied to their plans, and what has not worked in the past has to be ruled out. The Democrat party is lazy. They are not making plans to help or make America better, but all of their plans revolve around their Democrat party staying in power, and skimming the cream of money off of everything that is done. Nancy Pelosi makes a lot of money from insider trading on the stock market. This has been revealed, and nobody is doing anything about it. Pelosi is not suffering at all from it. Some Republicans want to prohibit Congressmen that would have insider knowledge of what the government does in certain areas of the economic from even participating in the stock market.

The Democrat plan is based on raising up a whole “another voter base” of illegals that are by dictate of the Democrats to be legal voters. Firstly, what will the Democrats do as far as protecting, serving, and being proactive towards the blacks, Hispanics, the minorities, etc.? The Democrat party exists today because of these people, and as people in Chicago, New York, Boston, etc. are learning, they and their privileges given by Democrat governments are being ousted to make room for illegals. That stings!

Secondly, the Democrats are counting on a very unreliable point in their thinking. They think that the illegals will vote Democrat if given the change. What these illegals will do is to vote one for a candidate of their own nationality and background. Even Joe Biden, as slow and dimwitted as he is, is campaigning in Michigan among the Muslim voters. They have the vote, we let them in, and made them citizens. But they are nullifying their votes instead of voting for Joe Biden. This is exactly why you appeal to American citizens, not immigrants (legal or illegal).

Omar Ilhan against America and for Muslims

When the immigrant lives in the US but maintains that they are still loyal to their country of origin, they are disloyal to America. Omar Ilhan is from Palestine, and has a deep-seated hatred for Jews. She came out supporting Palestine BEFORE THE UNITED STATES.

See Trump defending his Pro-Israel History, Ilhan attacking him as having dual loyalty.

In actuality, Ilhan has openly confessed loyalty to Hamas and defends their actions against Israel as being fair and just. She opposes Israel’s right to defend themselves or retaliate in order to retrieve hostages that Hamas still is holding. She boldly states that she personally will make the United States defend, support, and protect Palestine.

So she is a clear example of what happens when you rush immigrants into the United States. These immigrants are not made part of the United States because they do not learn our political system, nor are they persuaded to be “pro-America”. Ilhan chose the Democrat party exactly because they are communist-socialist leaning, and this fits with Muslim power control of the people. In Muslim countries, these leaders are very few, and the mass of “We the People” have no say in their countries. That is where Ilhan wants the United States to go.

If these immigrants that are coming in and are entering our political system have their loyalties FIRST AND FOREMOST TO THEIR COUNTRY OF ORIGIN, then what are they doing in our political system? In fact, what are they even doing in our country? An immigrant comes here because “here” (the United States of America) is better than where they were living before. Their loyalties belong to the USA and not to some Muslim country.

What Rights should we give these people?

Firstly, they need to enter legally to get any rights at all. Once they are legally in the United States, having made declarations to US Immigration officers about their purposes of being in the country, their obedience to our laws, they need to be medically checked for diseases. Besides that, they need to make a clear commitment that they will not be a burden on our public assistance programs. We cannot support the poor of the entire world, nor any part of that poor that happens to enter our country. They either support themselves or aren’t allowed to enter.

I admit that injustices like having their belongs taken away from them should extend to be defended by our court system. If somebody attacks or murders an illegal alien, they should get the same defense as any citizen.

But is it right for Democrats to bribe these people with free US government help so that they will vote for the Democrat party’s candidates? Obviously, the answer is no. This is illicit use of taxpayer money.


Yes, God has blessed America with prosperity. But that prosperity cannot be separated from Christianity that was very active in the foundation of America. The United States cannot support the world. What we have, we have built, and the system that is America, including Christianity, is why we have a better life. Foreigners who want that better life, but with their pagan religions, with their corruption and hatred of one another and hatred of anybody that is not of their particular political and religious beliefs, should stay out of the United States. Many foreigners come into the United States, work in the black market of work jobs where they can gain money, but the government cannot “see” and charge taxes on that income, so they benefit greatly from work, and from government assistance, but they do not want to pay their fair share of taxes. Why should they not be treated like criminals and deported?

Do Illegal Aliens have a Right to Anything in the US?

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Do Illegal Aliens have a Right to Anything in the US?
Reasons that illegals shouldn't get government assistance and should enter legally.
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