Open Borders: The Medical Angle

Open Borders: The Medical Angle In this article, I will look at things from the Medical angle. The government's non-response to immigrants with diseases.

Open Borders: The Medical Angle In this article, I will look at things from the Medical angle. The government’s non-response to immigrants with diseases.

If we truly want to examine and understand the open border problem, we need to understand what is happening. In this article, I will look at things from the Medical angle.

What is truly galling are the extremes of our Government

On the one hand, we just came out of a Covid emergency. With that emergency, our government saw fit to enforce Draconian laws regarding Covid. People literally could not go to their nearest hospital. They could not work. Children could not go to school. Rather than people making their own decisions about their health, the government forced us to do what they wanted. The vaccines were untested, unproven as far as their bad side effects, and the vaccines were basically a test of involvement with society and life. If you did not get the vaccine, you could not go to your work.

While all of that is overreach by our government, at the same breath, they open the borders for any foreigner to come in without any kind of health checkup. These immigrants are bringing in all kinds of diseases from Africa and other places that have rarely or never heard of in America.

Why the hypocrisy?

If the government is so fired-up and concerned about our public health, they should have the army at the borders and airports, checking everybody coming into our country. In some places during Covid, incoming people had to be quarantined for a period of time until it was clear they were not infected. They insist on this with no other recourse for American citizens, yet they let 10,000s of illegals cross our borders, and then have the gall to give them free transportation into the interior of our country. This has to stop!

The Government has to Safe-Guard the Legal Population

Our government has become a kind of United Nations as regards to foreigners in our country. They place foreigners before their own citizens. Do not be deceived here. No foreigner wants or accepts that the government where they live will first serve some other foreign group of people. If Mexicans come to the US and get citizenship, they resent that people from Vietnam come in and the US government gives them free money, housing, medical support, etc. This is obvious to everybody except a Democrat.

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Governments Guard their People

I will take a step out here and just say that in disease caused crises, the government has a large part of the responsible if not most of it when these things hit. If Donald Trump and the US Congress would have shuttered the airports before Covid, its impact on our country and the number of deaths would have been less. Fauci was a Democrat wanting to cause more problems rather than solve what problems we had. He should go to trial for not doing his duty.

So why are they letting some many people into the USA unchecked?

We can talk about conspiracy theories of the Democrats causing the Covid crisis in order to affect the 2020 election process, but the reality of this is that what you do is seen more as true as what you say. The Democrats have tried their best to ignore the “rule of law” that they say they are applying to Donald Trump, but they are not applying that same “rule of law” to the illegals. Another law that affects things here is that law that Congress made stating that illegal immigrants are not to receive any federal or state benefits or public assistance.

So how does this work? The “rule of law” is only when and where and to whom the Democrats want to apply it. If a Republican wants to invoke the “rule of law” say on Joe Biden doing unlawful transactions through his family, then the rule of law does exist, and it is partisan to try to invoke it. Does that sound right to you? It doesn’t to me.

Are Illegal Aliens also under the “Rule of Law” that Democrats Insist on Applying to Trump?

The short answer is no. The law is bend, twisted, broken, or worse directly and blatantly ignored and actions are to aid and abed those who break the law. So we need to call out the hypocrisy of the Democrat party when on the one hand they go after Trump, and Trump has the law on his side time after time. On the other hand, the illegal aliens do not have any basis in the law, they ignore and flaunt the immigration laws, and the US government with the Democrats behind the wheel give them free rein to break the law.

Open Borders: The Medical Angle

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