Obama’s Third Term: Biden

Obama's Third Term: Biden is a commentary on Obama controlling Joe Biden as a puppet. Why it is wrong but probably true.

Obama’s Third Term: Biden is a commentary on Obama controlling Joe Biden as a puppet. Why it is wrong but probably true.

Update: Biden is tanking in the polls even among Democrats. Word has it that Barak and Michelle Obama will eat Thanksgiving with the Bidens, and that is when Obama will pressure Biden to step down, so Michelle can be the Democrat candidate. 1) This is totally possible that they will try to do this. This is how Democrats work. 2) I do not think Biden will agree. Once in power, it is an additive drug, and it is hard to quit cold turkey. So Biden might get cold turkey this Thanksgiving, but Biden has spent these years riding on Obama’s “coattails”, and he might just step out on his own at this point. We will see.

I read this interesting article today…

Former President Barack Obama once explained how he would have arranged for a third term as president. He jokingly explained how it essentially involved having a puppet as president in which there would be a “frontman or frontwoman” with Obama directing them what to do while in “his basement in his sweats.” Three years into the Biden administration and these comments make Obama look like a soothsayer.

“If I could make an arrangement where I had a stand-in, a frontman or frontwoman, and they had an earpiece in, and I was just in my basement in my sweats, looking through the stuff, then deliver the lines, but somebody else was doing all the talking — I’d be fine with that,” Obama said to Stephen Colbert in 2020.

How did Joe Biden get into Office?

If Joe Biden is so smart and great, how did he even get into office in the first place? You know, he campaigned from his basement. That just doesn’t make sense. Every presidential election since the beginning of our country saw campaigning as a major undertaking. Perhaps George Washington, a general in the army at the time, had an easier time of campaigning, but all presidents and presidential hopefuls did a lot of campaigning.

Hillary Clinton is accused of losing because she ignored a few swing states in her pre-election campaigning, but Joe Biden ignored the entire country. Even when he did show up for some speech somewhere, he had dozens of attendees, whereas Donald Trump had hundreds of thousands, with people standing outside in freezing cold weather and couldn’t get in because there wasn’t room.

The fact that Joe Biden won is an insult to every president and presidential candidate wanting the office. How is it possible that a man can win from his basement. Or was this just fixed from the start? If you listen to what Obama himself said, it makes sense. Biden is not too bright, and his son is like his dad. But Obama is power hungry, and undoubtedly Michelle Obama will postulate herself as Joe Biden’s replacement.

Just the Thought of It

Just the thought of all that Obama did to ruin the United States, and with him again getting his hands on the reins of power, should send shutters up and down us all. If Michelle Obama ends up the Democrat candidate, then people should remember what Obama predicted. The next step after a puppet is Obama’s wife.

Obama’s Third Term: Biden

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