Election Fraud becoming the Standard

Election Fraud becoming the Standard is a frank discussion about election fraud in our country and what to do about it.

Election Fraud becoming the Standard is a frank discussion about election fraud in our country and what to do about it.

The matter of election fraud has always been present. The founding fathers did not see that it was necessary to invalidate every election where there was any degree, however little, of election fraud. The reason for this is that, firstly, election fraud is usually at a smaller, reduced level. It would be unreasonable (to reasonable people) to invalid a US presidential election because if in one polling place or counting center which has at most a fraction of 1% of the total vote, and to empower that small group of people the ability to disrupt the entire country wide election.

But having said that, they also foresaw two important factors involved in this. That after the election, the fraud would be thoroughly investigated, and however possible, safeguards would become law that would prevent that same fraud from repeating, expanding, and growing larger and more widespread with each election. That is one important element.

The second important element is that the voters themselves need to defend the elections. They do this by voting out fraudulent politicians and political parties so that the process remains less affected by this fraud and the individuals and groups doing the fraud.

On both of these counts, we have seen the recent elections were not corrected and safeguarded after the elections.

Why the General Population will Fight Election Fraud

We are playing a serious game. If you allow fraud to exist uncorrected, then the next time around, your opponents will use it against you. That is the rule of life. So everybody has to stop election fraud. Everybody has to be observant of what is going on, and everybody has to fight to stop places where some steal the power of the people to vote for their own self-destiny.

The Elites – I am more important than everybody else

Here we examine the elites. The problem with an elite is that they are rich, powerful, and hungry to have more influence and power than a single person should. Their own concept of themselves is criminal. In other words, “I can take the law into my own hands, do what I want to do, and I should not suffer any consequences.” That is their mindset.

We can see the elites’ thinking in California. Everybody has to give up gas stoves, except them. Everybody else has to use electric vehicles except for them. If they use them, then everybody else has to pay so that they can have them without the problems of “normal people”. This works out as everybody else has to hunt for a charging station on a cross-country trip, and they should have an “elite” charging station that doesn’t have anybody occupying it when they drive up. If there are “normal” charging stations that will charge a car in 3 hours, the elites should do it in 10 minutes. The government should pay for the charging, not the elite.

Our System of Government

Under our system of government, every citizen should get an equal vote. But the Democrats want to use mail-in ballots in which they and their henchmen can collect these ballots, fill them out so that what should be their 1 vote because they are 1 person turns into thousands of votes for their candidate.

I observe that debate is now over. We do not talk about politics and philosophies of governing anymore. The Democrats are not winning these debates. They flat out lose. For example, the Democrats have decided for the United States, and we are not full force going after the Green agenda. When did we debate this and decide? Where are the arguments, pro and con, with evidences?

Do you notice that this is lacking? Climate change has always happened for as long as man has any record of climate, it changes. But the evidences for global warming (or cooling as the climate has a nasty habit of going to the opposite extreme every so often, making these guys look like the fools that they are).

So when the elites take away the power of one person / one vote, then your vote doesn’t really decide what it would in a fair election. These same people want open borders because 1) they think that there is some electoral advantage to letting everybody in (which is a presumption that isn’t valid on their part), 2) all of these people will vote for the party giving away the most (to these foreigners). Unfortunately, in doing this, the elites are stealing voting power over our lives from us. We the People.

What to do?

The answer to this is to force our government, all parties, to correct the voting process so that fraud cannot be repeated. This means returning mail-in ballots to only the sick, and invalid. Why cannot these ballots have signatures and validation before allowing them to be counted? In our day and age, every person in the US has a cell phone each with a video camera, why cannot we have a dozen cameras inside and outside of counting places for each county, showing real-time events, and anything questionable recorded and people go to jail for breaking procedure? That is 100% possible, and if you want a correct counting of ballots, then the reason is that there is no resolve in the people to demand this.

I mean really. Third world nations have paper ballots and hand counting, the election ends at 6 pm, and the results are in before the 9 o’clock news in these nations. We have become so sophisticated that we cannot see reality anymore. Our reality is dictated by Hollywood, not common sense.

We must break election fraud from being the Standard

The problem is with the complacency of the normal voter. They accept things. When people start yelling at the top of their lungs, “The Emperor has no clothes”, then thing change.

Election Fraud becoming the Standard

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