Migrants have a Home to go to, Veterans don’t

Migrants have a Home to go to, Veterans don't is an opinion piece about the unfairness of taking aid from veterans, US citizens to give to illegal aliens.

Migrants have a Home to go to, Veterans don’t is an opinion piece about the unfairness of taking aid from veterans, US citizens to give to illegal aliens.

I recently read an article in Breitbart (Veteran Blasts NYC Officials for Kicking Him Out of Senior Home to Make Room for Migrants: ‘It Isn’t Fair’) and the gist of the story is that New York is booting out veterans from low income housing situations in order to give these places to illegal immigrants.

Veterans are Taxpayers

Firstly, we need to understand that these veterans are US citizens that have served in our armed forces, and afterward are working in the US workforce AS NORMAL AMERICAN CITIZENS. They have a certain respect due them 1) because they have served our country, but more importantly, 2) they are legitimate United States Citizens.

They cannot get away without paying their taxes, and when they are down on their luck, the federal and state governments should help them out. This is not just a “nice wish” on their parts, but these governments have a duty, an obligation to serve the American citizens BEFORE AND MORE THAN what they do for foreigners.

Migrants have a Home to go to, Veterans don’t

What we are seeing today is a minuscule number of true asylum immigrants coming into the United States. For the most part, ALL THE MIGRANTS COMING INTO THE US ARE COMING FOR ECONOMIC REASONS. Yes, that is a valid reason to immigrate, but only through the valid immigration process. The US has to limit the number of migrants each year, or a floodgate will open and things will get out of control as they are.

But remember, the vast majority of these migrants come from somewhere, and the vast majority of them have houses or live with family in their home country before they started the trek to the United States. Our veterans are trying to survive on low income, and by the very nature of millions of newly arrived migrants (most illegal) coming into our cities, they displace jobs, housing, schools, medical services, etc. When it comes to the veterans, even if they can get a place to rent, the rents are higher because of all the migrants looking for a place to live. When it comes to salaries, the migrants work for sub-living wages, because they are used to that back where they come from, and frankly, businesses love them, and veterans want a fair shake on their salary, and businesses prefer to block them out in preference of migrants.

What our Politicians need to Learn, and what we need to Learn

The issue here needs to be made extremely clear, and rigidly adhered to in the practice of government. This principle has various parts.

Part 1 – Government Services are for Citizens

Although this would seem natural and obvious, it is not. So any politician that uses public funds to give away to anybody who is not an American citizen, that politician needs to be canned as soon as possible. He needs to be removed from office like a hot potato. Other politicians need to see that this is a suicide desire when they give away funds and other things to people who are not American citizens.

Part 2 – Our US Treasury is not Candy to be given out like at Halloween

Our politicians (both sides of the aisle) seem to think that the US Treasury is a bottomless pit of candy that they can give out as they like. First, the Democrats started giving away freebies to blacks from the US Treasury so that the Blacks would vote for them. Let the politicians think of ways that the normal US Citizen can make more money, and their normal taxes will increase. This is what Trump and Ronald Reagan proposed. It works.

But much more than working, it is fair. I am a missionary here in Mexico. Mexican citizens do not pay income taxes like Americans do. Mexico has an “IVA” tax of 16% on all goods. If you consume products, you pay IVA. If you buy services, you pay IVA tax on the cost of services. This is fair. A poor person who makes 10 dollars in a day and spends it to eat pays 16% on everything he purchases. But a millionaire that makes $10 million dollars in a day and spends it the same day, he pays the same percentage of 16% on what he buys. Everybody up and down the economy pays this tax, and the government works.

What happens is that this tends to be harder for rich people to get out of paying IVA. That is their substitute for Income tax. It is not fair when a billionaire makes a billion dollars and pays no taxes because of tax loopholes.

But the point is that the treasury is the United States Citizens’ money. It is not for whatever the politicians want to use it for. It is primarily for US needs and economic activity, not for pushing influence for politicians with their constituents nor for key politicians to gain influence on a world stage.

While politicians make economic decisions with “We the People’s money”, it should be done with only when there is very strong support of the general public, and there are two key elements before money is committed to any cause. 1) There needs to be study and research (non-perverted studies) on the impact of spending the money on said cause. After there has been extensive studies, there needs to be sufficient time for public comment and debate. Affected people need to have a say before any decision is made. 2) Then when a course of act “is charted” through a safe and effectual route, then that needs to be sold to the public. Contrary opinion needs to be heard and a platform of it. The position (yea or nay) that wins the research and debate is the side that the government needs to pursue. This idea of the president making decisions that commit the people and changes their lives WITHOUT RESEARCH NOR DEBATE needs to be a thing of the past.

Biden’s plunge of the US into a Green position is a good example. There are very sound and valid reasons why and electric vehicle is a bad option to pursue. When and where did we as a people debate this issue? Was it unilaterally decided for us without our hearing the research, without public debate, without public comment? Yes, it was decided by Democrats and forced on America without any option. The option which should be given is some people just want gasoline vehicles, and people like truckers know that their profession will not work on electric trucks. (If a 4 passenger car has to charge for 4 to 8 hours in the middle of a 12 hour trip, then a semi would have to charge for a day or two after every 6 hours of driving, if they could even make it 6 hours). That situation would mean that shipping prices would go up maybe double or more, and moving merchandise makes that merchandise unusable. Think of a semi truck full of several tons of something that is perishable and needs to be sold in 24-48 hours. Think of lettuce in a California field. They sell it for Michigan, and the truck has to make 2 or 3 24 recharges in the route between LA and Detroit. The produce will spoil before they even get close. The store won’t take it if in 6 hours of arriving it spoils on the shelf. Electric trucks just obviously doesn’t work.

Any electric vehicle that is in Florida during a hurricane or in the northwest in a snow storm is also not going to work. Even government postal carrier vehicles won’t work in those conditions. So our government needs to stop forcing unworkable plans on the country.

Part 3 – Government needs to be fiscally sound.

Nobody can last forever spending more than they earn. Our government should teach this principle to all by example. Take the money spent on studying the snail darter, and pay our outstanding national debt. If their was conviction on the lawmakers part, this could be slowly reversed and we could pay off our debt. But our politicians see the national debt as somebody else’s problem, not the people of today’s problem. Okay. Sorry for our kids, grandkids, etc. for several generations who will end up paying this bill. But is this the legacy that we should be leaving them?

We need to cut back what we are spending on American citizens, and balance the budget, pay off our debts. But the first place to start is with money going to non-Americans. Why do we need to spend money on Hamas in Gaza? Why don’t we spend this money we are sending them on paying off our own debt? Even giving it out in the US and spreading it around is not really sound. We need to be tight fisted when it comes to spending money.

When a person or couple is in financial problems, the first thing they should do is sit down and realistically separate out absolute essential needs from wish needs. People can buy a can of coffee and drink normal coffee instead of a $20 a pop Starbucks coffee. So the US needs to see what is essential, and here, even the welfare programs are not essential. If the fraud and incorrect use of this system was corrected, a lot of money would be saved. But even making people receiving welfare go apply for a job would save money because people do not want to work, they just want free money. When they say they are not working, they still work “off the books” to make even more money.

So we do have a Social Security system, so why are they not first or high on the list? I think Veterans should probably be highest on the list. And the priorities here are just all wrong anyway. Why do veterans get a little help and drug addicts get a lot more help? There are serious problems with who gets how much in our system. That is because the politicians have perverted the system. Criminals should not get the vote in any election. They made that election when they decided to go into a life of crime.

Migrants have a Home to go to, Veterans don’t

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