Terrorist Hamas attack on Hospital

Terrorist Hamas attack on Hospital. An analysis of what happened at the Palestine hospital, Al Ahli Arab Hospital, explosion.

Terrorist Hamas attack on Hospital. An analysis of what happened at the Palestine hospital explosion.

An Overview

A rocket attack hit a Palestinian hospital the other day. You can browse news media to find out about the particulars of that attack, but I am going to give you a couple of things to think about.

Firstly, a rocket attack was announced by Hamas at the exact time of the rocket that hit the hospital. The rockets’ trajectory was to pass over the hospital. In one news article I saw, since the time that this short war has been going on (days now), they showed all the terrorist rockets that blew up on their launch site or near them instead of going to Israel. The map has the entire Gaza Strip blanketed in incidents. So, these people are not all that bright. To attack Israel which has control of their water, electricity, etc. was not too bright in the first place.

Secondly, Israel drops bombs from overhead aircraft. The descendant causes a distinct noise of whistling as it falls. These Israeli bombs cause a big crater where they hit. The hospital video of the time right before and when it blew up does not have that tail tell sound. There is no crater. So until there is some real evidence to the contrary, we can conclude that Hamas (actually a terrorist group aiding them is the culprit) blew up the hospital. Also note that an Israeli bomb that hits the building would have made an impact (even if it didn’t explode), and there was no real damage done to the building except windows being blown out.

So the safest conclusion is that Hamas is trying to use the media to turn their accident into another accusation of Israel. Also, the 500 dead number would seem to be very difficult to sustain if the building’s walls were not even compromised in the least.

Why did this happen?

We have to question some things in a serious way here. We start with where did Hamas get the money to build/buy these weapons? Foreign aid from the USA, European Common Market, other countries, and various individuals and groups sent them (still sending them money). Why cannot the international financial banks stop this money flowing to them. If their singular purpose is to spend the money coming to them to destroy Israel, why don’t we shut them down?

The answer is because the United States wants them to get this money. There are no restrictions on how they use this money, even though they “promise it won’t be used for terrorism”. Since when do you trust bad characters to do right? You have to force them every way possible to do right, and then punish them severely if they do wrong. Palestine did very wrong here.

Understanding Hamas Terrorism

If we can return to Nazi Germany to understand their hatred of Judaism, we can understand Hamas. This is pure racism, to kill an entire race of people just because you don’t like them. There is no understanding any logical reason why the Muslims want to exterminate the entire race of Jews. It is just their hatred of the Jewish race.

But why do they hate the United States? The United States is not a majority Jewish country, even if it does defend Israel. The truth is that the typical Muslim hates everybody that is not Muslim. If these non-Muslims do not convert to be Muslims, they see this as needing to kill all non-Muslims.

I remember when Yasser Arafat, representing the Palestinians, was still alive and a US representative (Kissinger I believe) went to him to pursue peace with him. He made the point that there could be no peace as long as 1 single Israeli was alive on planet earth. How do you deal with people so close minded and hateful as this? It is by being cruel back on them. That is the only way.

How to fix this situation

I read somewhere somebody who said, “when the Palestinians stop fighting, we will be at peace. When the Israelis stop fighting, the Israelis will be dead.” This is a one way war. All the Muslims against Israel. When one of their neighbors invade Israel, Israel has to retaliate just as they were invaded or worse. In the end analysis, who started this war? The Palestinians. Who attacked civilians and children, babies? The Palestinians. Anything the Israelis do to these terrorists is now justified. To try and stop the Israelis is simply because the person pushing for no retaliation is defending the Palestinians. Who will continue these brutal attacks in the near future. The Palestinians.

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Terrorist Hamas attack on Hospital

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