Democrats think they are Kings and Dictators

Democrats think they are Kings and Dictators. Examines accusations that others are dictators when they are the ones ignoring the Constitution and laws they helped make.

Democrats think they are Kings and Dictators. Examines accusations that others are dictators when they are the ones ignoring the Constitution and laws they helped make.

Let’s start this discussion by defining and distinguishing the difference between say a president and a king. A president of a country is bound and limited in what he can do by the laws of his country. In the United States, all presidents and Congress are bound to uphold the Constitution and the laws of the land. There are ways that these laws can be changed, but in short, it is very difficult to change many laws, and impossible for other laws.

A king is like a dictator. His will, his understanding, his wishes are the law of the land. There is no consistency. In England, they have kings and queens, and they have had problems in the past, and they instituted a Parliament which limits the king’s or queen’s powers, and today, the royalty is more for show than for the implementation of the desires and will of the king.

But the entire cast of government is very different from a king-dictator and that of an elected official. Yet while they are totally different forms of government, modern politicians want the power, control, and riches of a king.

Democrat Projection

It is very easy to “read” the game plan of the Democrat party. All you have to do is to look at what they are accusing their opponents of doing today, because that is what they want to implement or are already doing. We are back to the kindergarten schoolyard, but one kid accuses another kid of what the first kid is doing, and he thinks, so the second kid cannot accuse the first kid. Confusing, but the bottom line is, they accuse others of what they themselves are doing or are planning on doing.

Why is this so telling that the Democrats are already accusing Trump of cheating? It is because the Democrats cheated in 2020, and they are planning on doing exactly the same fraud and cheating in 2024.

Donald Trump is a Reincarnation of Adolf Hitler

It is also telling that the Democrats are attacking Donald Trump as a dictator. This is exactly what they themselves are doing and are planning on continuing. If you look at Nazism in Hitler’s Germany, Hitler had Hess in charge of “propaganda,” and he controlled all the media to favor Hitler and attack Hitler’s enemies within Germany. Since when did Donald Trump ever get a fair shake from our media? One out of maybe every 10 media outlets are conservative, and even some of them don’t like something Trump did or said. But Trump doesn’t control the media, not even a majority of it. But on the other hand, when does the media attack Biden? Only when the very same Democrat party is trying to convince Joe Biden to step down from reelection. (Note: Democrats are not at all loyal to their own. They will run over them as well as their enemies when their own get in the way of the party.)

The Rule of Law

It is exactly like a dictator when they propose that their enemies are under the law, and they absolutely have to use the law to an extreme when dealing with their enemies (even if they are actually innocent), and when it comes to their own actions, they are above the law. This is like a bad king would do.

If we can just for a minute compare what the accusations of Donald Trump are, and what they are for Biden.

Trump was a self-made man, and that really bothers Democrats. Their top people are professional politicians, not understanding real life of the people. But Trump supposedly overestimated the value of his properties, which he used as loans. But the banks did their own assessment of those properties and approved the loans anyway. Trump paid back the loans, and the banks made money from them, and they are happy with Trump. Somehow somebody (“the people“) were wronged or hurt, but none of these people can step forward with anything concrete.

Joe Biden is disobeying the Constitution and the immigration laws, most made in a bipartisan manner in Congress. While Biden blatantly breaks the laws and Constitution without any doubt, then he gives federal tax dollars to further entice foreigners into our country, even using tax dollars to pay for flights of foreigners into the country and moving them around as he wants. Democrat cities and states give their taxpayer dollars to illegal aliens, taking money that was raised to help American citizens in those states and cities. What is this except a great contrast of injustice (against Trump) and ignoring the law by Biden? Biden acts as a dictator. Without any explanation or reason of why there was debate and agreement, Biden made presidential orders from the first day in office. Who decided the US was going green? Biden and the Democrats foisted this on the nation without any national debate, and without any law decided in Congress to that effect. If Trump is elected as president in 2024, it would be easy to overturn Biden’s Green edicts because Congress has not been used as they should have been. Everything is a presidential edict, and this is exactly what a king would do, and at worse, it is what a dictator would do.

Democrats think they are Kings and Dictators

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