The Immigration that Destroys our Country

The Immigration that Destroys our Country

The Immigration that Destroys our Country is an honest and balanced viewpoint about both good and bad immigration into the US and what both does.

Let me begin by saying that I married a Mexican girl, so I am not per se against immigration. Being a natural born American, I am against anything that harms our country America, and seeks to destroy our founding principles. At one time, it is without doubt that the United States of America was completely without inhabitants. This is not where the Garden of Eden is. Everybody here including the “original” Indians “immigrated” to America some way or another.

Good and Bad Immigration

Let’s identify clearly what is “good immigration” and what is “bad immigration”. Good immigration is when people come to our country legally, go through the official Constitutional process of becoming a citizen, and are awarded all the rights, privileges and obligations of an American citizen. This should be our immigration “goal.” Not opening the borders wide open that all that want to come in, and without going through the established process, voting and receiving the benefits of citizenship.

Benefits and Responsibilities

Note that every citizen has some benefits and some obligations. New citizens or people wanting to be citizens need to be productive members of our society. Valid, good immigration is not bums coming into our country with little desire to work, but wanting the US government to sustain them. The valid citizenship (and Green Card) process specifically sets this out that you or somebody who sponsors you must pay for your upkeep and life in America. In the case of children, the very old, and the infirm, somebody needs to be responsible for that person. Nobody is to come to America and very quickly become a financial burden on our society.

In all fairness, many immigrants (legal and illegal) come to America to work. They are not wanting handouts but job opportunities. While that is expected of new citizens, that desire alone should not allow a person to enter the US.

The responsibilities of new citizens needs to be emphasized much. New citizens (not tourists nor illegals) need to get a job and pay their taxes. This is or should be a “given”. Many or most of our immigrants do not mind doing this. It is a perversion of the founding fathers’ ideas on immigration to offer government assistance to new immigrants. If they are not going to work, they should return to wherever they came from.

Asylum Immigration

This is a touchy subject. While the US has always had special consideration for those under persecution, note that this has been because whatever country they were living in was acting as a dictatorship or groups of people in that country was seeking to persecute the asylum immigrant. Fleeing Russia, China, or Cuba under this paradigm always means that the immigration is in disagreement with the government that was persecuting him.

Immigration means assimilation

When I filled out my wife’s questionnaire for her Green Card, they specifically want you to make declarations (about 8-10 pages worth) about your position towards Communism and other isms, etc. While every immigrant from another country will carry their culture with them, it is assumed that they will accept the American culture, and specifically the American governmental system.

It really galls me that in the case of my wife, she had to swear that she has never had any sympathies nor supports Communism nor Socialism. Don’t get me wrong, she doesn’t support nor accept those things, neither do I. But what galls me is that while any inclination towards Socialism or Communism means your paperwork for citizenship or a Green Card ends with that revelation, we have people like Bernie Sanders, Ocasio Cortez, and the Arab congresswomen. That galls me. They take an oath of office when they entered Congress as well as in getting their citizenship. Omar Ilhan is a foreigner that swore that oath twice (once to get citizenship and again to get into Congress). So why are they allowed to promote, defend, and generally be a principal proponent of Communism? I do not understand why nobody in immigration doesn’t revoke their congressional seat and citizenship because they are not for capitalism, but against it, wanting and trying to destroy it.

Dangerous Immigration

I admit that I have very little knowledge or dealings with terrorists. Simply put, what I know is only what I have seen in Hollywood movies, which for the most part is not paralleling reality. But from watching those movies, it is obvious that a whole lot of people are entering our country with very distinctly non-American ideas. The Squad is counter America in their desires, views, and propositions. Being that way, they are sustained in their political office by a majority of voters in their districts that apparently accept that same point of view. While I do not think we should overrule a valid election, we need to seriously look at what is happening in our country as far as allowing a lot of anti-American people into it.

For all the worry some place on Latins coming into our country, the majority come for economic reasons. They do not come to overthrow capitalism. I can pretty much assure you that the Cubans and the Venezuelans are not pleased with Communist and Socialist movements in the US. I doubt a Bernie Sanders would get elected in Miami. The Haitians just want to be left alone in the US so they can make money. But the government interfering with their free enterprise money making is what pushes them towards rejecting those people in US government trying to do this.

What is the real Danger?

The real danger in this unbridled, uncontrolled immigration of today is simply that people are getting US citizenship that hate, utterly hate, that same country that they are living in and are citizens of. That is the danger. Even years back, this was well understood by both political parties in our country. Today not so much.

What happens in these situations is that immigrants enter our country and always group with like cultured and like minded people. That is why California is basically Latin. Los Angeles is a little South America. A Latin person come immerse himself in LA and never speak English. They can find food from their home country, and they can make US dollars but basically live in a place very similar to their country of origin. The big difference is that the repression of bad governments is not there. But in California, the California government has become very repressive. The people there seem to accept this repressive evil government, and probably that is because a large part of their population came from that kind of thing, they didn’t and still don’t like it, but they are fatalist that it cannot be helped. People in Mexico live the same way, but they don’t want to take the steps to correct the errors of government, so they suffer. They hide from their government and suffer, trying to get around the laws and things that they don’t like.

We need to completely Stop Illegal Immigration

There are many reasons here. First of all, the Democrats are thinking that all illegals are wanting hand outs, and although they will not turn it down in a lot of cases, they don’t want their tax dollars going to that. So this is the crux of this issue. When people realize that they are paying for the handouts, (these are the normal legal taxpaying workers) they are against it. But when somebody else is paying for it, they are for it. Do you think Nancy Pelosi is giving millions of dollars to help illegals in California? She is not.

Secondly, the Democrats are using the illegals as a pawn to control things so that they will stay in power. While they want them to come in and illegally vote, they are not for amnesty nor for being legal through the regular long process. In other words, the illegal immigrants are being used by the Democrats, and the Democrats are really not “on their side.” As with the black community, the Democrats want to establish dependency of these people on Democrat politicians. It is only when they are in power that the Blacks get their welfare checks (that is not so, but that is the line they feed to the Black community). When Blacks wake up to see how in 40, 50, 60, 70 years of Democrats in city and state governments over them, they are as bad or worse than they were in the beginning, that blacks vote Republican, and many are doing so these days.

If we were to limit all immigration to the legal process, they would all be citizens that made it to the end. Democrats don’t like that outcome because they know that many of these people will vote against the Democrats or just not vote at all once they are citizens. Democrats need to keep these people in limbo.

Thirdly, there needs to be an assimilation time span or process before anybody becomes a citizen. They need to live and work in the United States, and do so legally, and while doing that, they need to assimilate their thinking and cultures into American culture. When foreigners isolate themselves and strictly obey the cultural norms and practices of their former country, then these people cause problems in the United States.

Obligations and Responsibilities Again

We come full circle again. When people legally assimilate the American way of life and culture, then they become responsible American citizens. That is the only kind of immigration that should be allowed, encouraged, or sought after. If a Muslim Arab comes from an Arab country and wants to live under Shari law in the United States, then that breaks our system. He has to go back to where he came from. Immigrants should be welcomed, but not to change America into a loser country like where they came from. If Nigeria is such a good place to live, with the best kind of government in the world, why do they flock to America in the first place? There exists Immigration that Destroys our Country.

Motives to Overthrow America

When we look at all of this, we need to understand that 1) there are religions against Christianity that seek to overthrow Christianity in America, 2) there are political systems that equally want to destroy capitalism and overthrow America and its political system. We should not allow immigrants of either of these mind frames to enter our country even for business or tourist reasons. They come to do damage to the United States, so we have every right and obligation to our people to keep them out.

People who want to destroy America will never come to our border expressing that plan of theirs. So we must be wise and keep these people our by keeping a strong control over immigration, and investigating extensively those wishing to enter America. Internally, ICE should be constantly deporting any immigrants should illegal activity or anti-American actions and speech.

There are some Anti-Americans that are public about it

Omar Ilhan, the Squad, Ocasio Cortez, Bernie Sanders, etc. Why do people vote for these anti-American politicians that public denounce America? Bernie Sanders has been many times to Cuba and Russia. He took his honeymoon in Moscow I believe. So why are they allowed to break their oath of office, of their oath of loyalty to America when they became citizens?

The Pledge of Allegiance

When I was in elementary school, every student said the pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of America every day. Liberals in Congress made that stop. Before my time, teachers read from the Bible to begin the day, and students had to recite the Lord’s Prayer. All of that has been removed and prohibited, and today, valedictorians cannot even mention God in their speeches. America was founded on the Christian principles of the Bible. All laws rotate around morality, what is fair and right, and that cannot be discerned or defined or make clear without the Bible correctly interpreted.

When we erase the Bible from government, then Shari law becomes valid. A non-Muslim can be killed because Allah has said so and the Shari law defines “right” as murdering the apostates. This brings to light another issue here. In these antithetical countries to the United States, they don’t allow freedom of religion, but when they come to America, we do allow freedom of religion. It is in our Constitution. So when we consider how “unjust” it would be to simply remove these immigrants US citizenship and return them to their country of origin, we must understand that they are part of a government in their former country that simply kills Christians because they are different. America would again be greater and more generous in deporting them instead of killing them like a Christian would suffer in this foreign country of the immigrant.

Ask how a foreign missionary is allowed to teach his beliefs in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, etc. and you will see just how any deportation by us of these people who wish to overthrow America would pale in comparison to what a Christian would suffer in these countries.

Problems with Total Depravity or Inability
examines the flaws and errors of the Calvinist teaching of Total Depravity (which is really total inability, man is not responsible for his own actions and sins, because he cannot choose sin or obeying God). This is a short article about this point of Calvinism.
The argument of the Calvinists breaks down completely when we examine the Bible and find examples of various individuals that did please God with their lives. Calvinists says that there is nothing at all that any person can do to please God. Yet God views our lives, and in the Bible, certain people did please God like Noah. Maybe the difference was Noah’s life was "better" than everybody's else's wicked lives, but even from that standpoint, God still acted greatly because of Noah's faith and daily relationship with God. When God saves you and your family and kills everybody else on planet earth, that means something.
The bottom line: Calvinism does not take into consideration the places where God looked with approval on various people's lives. Their "system" is fatally flawed, therefore. Good works never save anybody, we can affirm this as true. But the "bottom line" here is that God does approve and disapprove different people's lives. Salvation is only by faith in Jesus Christ the Savior. But what you are depends on what you do. God judges every person, even the elect, and He rewards them as such. Things that God dislikes, God chastises those in hell, for the saved, God causes the elect to lose some of their heavenly rewards for their sins, if not also causing them problems in earth before they die.
Problems with Total Depravity or Inability.

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