Climate Change causing Tornadoes

Climate Change causing Tornadoes

Climate Change causing Tornadoes is an evaluation of Biden’s claim that the Kentucky tornadoes were caused by climate change which is caused by fossil fuels usage.

There is a grave problem here, and the problem is not fossil fuel use. It is lying politicians that will use anything however illogical and false it is in order to move their political agenda. That is the grave problem. As one opinion piece pointed out, how can you believe anything from a transgender politician when he lies about his or her own sex? There are things that are so outlandish that disqualifies that person to be believed in any other context.

Would you trust a Boy Scout leader who is a transgender woman to sleep in a tent in lonely woods with your 10 year old boy? Would you trust him/her to orientate your child on the really important issues of life?

Our government leaders need to have a grasp on the issues of life, and simply put, they need to be balanced. They should not be believing or practicing stupid things kids do. Climate change is based on a fear of carbon dioxide build up in the atmosphere. When that happens, the earth heats up. So carbon dioxide is our enemy according to these people.

True Science about Carbon Dioxide

The true science about carbon dioxide is that it is part of the cycle of life. Animals and humans breathe in air (oxygen) and breathe out carbon dioxide. Plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out pure oxygen, breaking down the carbon out of it to make them grow. They are carbon based beings, and that is how they get most of their carbon. Without carbon dioxide, plants will die. Without oxygen animals and humans will die. So the cycle is what keeps everybody alive. There is nothing inherently “evil” or “bad” about carbon dioxide.

If a fifth grade science book can understand this and explain it, why can’t adults handle this concept correctly? There are a great number of scientists who are against climate change because it is not scientific. Again, the people pushing this are the problem. They want a system of carbon credits whereby they become the brokers of carbon, and everybody has to pay them for everything they do in life. This is essentially the footwork for making a universal life tax on people.

So let’s explore this a little bit. In the United States, most homes have kitchens with either propane gas or electric stoves. Both of these forms of heating food have good energy usage, and contaminate very little. While nobody likes the idea of contamination, the actual “smoke” is negligible in either case. The only contamination is in an electricity substation that is using coal or oil to produce the energy (for electric stoves). Today, all these kinds of stations have a required pollution filters on their output.

But in the scheme of the climate fraudsters, an African nation doesn’t pollute so the United States should tax those electric and gas stove users to pay that nation. A large cut goes to the politicians running the scam. But what do they use in that African nation to heat with? Sticks and a wood fire, which has been shown to cause cancer from the polluting smoke of a cook fire like that. So why does this ridiculous reasoning work at all? It shouldn’t for any thinking person.

The Oceans are Tremendous Heat Sinks

In reality, we really don’t understand our world very well. The oceans have many animals and plants living under the water. God has designed this world for them to survive also. As such, the water of the oceans absorb carbon dioxide from the air above it. That dissolved carbon dioxide in the water is used by sea plants. It is a fact that the oceans are great sinks of this carbon dioxide.

As the ocean surface absorbs the sun’s heat, the water heats up, and from that warm water, storms are produced. The heating of the planet is not happening as climate alarmists say. The earth has an unknown up and down cycle that is working out, and some years the entire planet is warmer, and other years it is colder.

IF, and that is a big if, IF the planet is warming and the glaciers are melting and the sea level is rising, THEN why don’t we see that sea level going up? I mean, a simple 1 foot rising of the sea level over the entire planet would be a show stopper. But you see fishing boat that use docks built 100 years ago, and they were built to be above the highest tide they were experiencing at the time it was built, and after 100 years, the tides mark the same levels as 100 years ago. Whole towns were built on the premise or assumption that the sea level will not rise above a certain level. Obama bought a house on the beach, and if the sea were to rise 1 foot, it would flood his house on every high tide.

1) The sea level is not rising sufficiently to make anybody knowledgeable to worry about it, 2) those who promote climate change catastrophes do not believe in it really nor does it affect their purchases of multi-million dollar mansions on the edge of the sea level. If I were to really believe that and I were to purchase a house, it would be on a mountain somewhere. But nobody really believes this is real. That is because it is not real.

So why so much about Climate Change Disasters

The point here is that the real science done by scientists without putting their finger on the scales indicates nothing of the kind. Climate change scientists don’t use science and real data and let it say what it says. They take the data and put them into computers in programs that predict weather (like that is a precise science) and then there are literally hundreds of ways you can change what the results will be. Winds patterns changing, a volcano, even sun spots.

All of these factors and hundreds more will change slightly or significantly the outcome of the “climate model”. So instead of using things that would really be big factors like what is actually happening today, they decide on an outcome and then play around with these factors until they get a model that produces the outcome they want.

The children’s story of chicken little crying that the sky is falling is very applicable here. What happened to this little chicken is an acorn fell on his head. This happens, and nothing end of the world about it. When a tree branch falls on him and he dies, then that would be the end of chicken little, but again not the end of the world for everybody. (My advice to chicken little is not to stand around under acorn trees.)

But chicken little went to town and made a mountain out of a mole hill. What his interpretation of the facts and events was, was determined by his emotions, not reality. It was not the end of the world. At first, maybe people believed him. But over time, none of his end of the world talk came true so the rest of the people just ignored him thereafter.

If the climate change people say the world will end in 1970 something, and it didn’t happen, and again they move the date forward because the world is just the same in 1979 at the end as it was in 1969, then they reset their dire predictions and try again. How long will we allow these emotionally charged liars and children that don’t have a real handle on the real world move us?

Biden and the Kentucky Tornadoes and Climate Change causing the Tornadoes

First of all, climate change is not happening and there is no science to back it up. Everything they use for evidence is in computer modeling which can be fudged easily with other factors added in. At the height of a lot of solar flares raining down on the earth heating it, the data is very different than normal times. The times of solar flares does happen, but it is sporadic or for short times and then they die down. They are not grievous always.

So Biden’s premise that climate change is happening is not a given. It is not supported by scientific evidence.

Secondly, tornadoes are very difficult to predict. They come because of the constant movement of cold air in the artic regions down into the warmer air of the tropical regions. As the two different temperatures meet, one rolls under the other, and the other rolls over the top of its counterpart. When this happens, a tornado can be formed. It may never touch the ground.

But it is a very far jump in logic and science to pin this on climate change. The climate change is constantly happening between the far north cold winds and the tropical hot winds. But the climate of the planet is not constantly getting warmer.

Transgenderism revisited

Again, we see when people are just dyed in the wool liars, and that is seen obviously by their perverted lifestyle of crossing dressing from what they were born, then their entire minds are totally twisted and you cannot trust their judgments or declarations about anything. They may be telling the truth, or they may be telling a lie. But they don’t base either on the facts but on what their opinion is (or the opinion of those who really control them).

Bad judgment should teach us to not trust people who make bad decisions. Everything they do is suspect to being another bad judgment.

If Biden and the Democrats are just plain wrong on inflation, and what they are doing is causing more and more grievous inflation, then how can we trust them on anything else? We need to listen and look with a suspicious eye and ear.

When you see a Democrat talking about the earth is flat, the moon is made of cheese or climate change disasters, you are seeing more and more things that are just hard to believe the person telling you these things. Doubt should be placed on these people.

Donald Trump undoubtedly has his problems. Every person does. But what his take on the economy and how businesses work and make money so that they can pay their employees more was exactly correct. The economy jolted with a lot of good numbers, and the actual take home pay increased for the workers. Today under Biden, the opposite is true.

Unfortunately for us Americans, this is a lesson we should have learned but didn’t. Biden is in the White House, and Trump’s economy and its benefits are long gone. We are looking at 4 years of pain and despair. If the next three years are going to be anything like the last 11 months, we are in for a beating of epic proportions.

The basic problem is Joe Biden and the Democrats. Their perception of the world and their ideas on “fixing” what is wrong with the world is going to kill us. It is guaranteed that the Democrats in their kingdoms and mansions will ride through the rough years of Biden without distress. But the rest of the world will not.

What happens in the United States affects other countries greatly. Our economic boom or bust is echoed in other countries around the world over and over. While the US can withstand a lot of pain, other countries cannot.

If Biden wants Kamala Harris to “fix” the root causes of immigrant to the US, those economic problems in central American are simply reactions to what is going on in the US. Giving them money is no solution at all. They have corrupt politicians that will grab that money for themselves and give away less than a tenth of it to the programs where they are supposed to go. This is what the Democrats do in the US, and they copy them, the US Democrats.

Biden pinning these tornadoes on climate change is like him saying he saw a unicorn. Laugh. What a person out of touch with the real world.

Some aspects about this

From the

“The first thing the alarmists think of is, ‘how can we use this to advance our agenda?’” Steve Milloy, a former member of the Trump transition team, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “That’s what they do nowadays. Every bad piece of bad weather is global warming.”

The amount of deaths caused by natural disasters has declined more than 96% over the last century, according to The Wall Street Journal.

However, Central Michigan University meteorology professor John Allen argued in a USA Today editorial that it was too early to speculate on whether climate change played a part in the deadly storms. He noted that “tornado outbreaks have occurred on nearly every day of the year” historically.


Climate models thus far have run “too hot” and been unable to faithfully replicate observed historical temperatures.

Extreme poverty—the norm for most of human history—plummeted 80 percent, thanks to economic growth and access to energy. Global crop yields of grains increased over 200 percent. Deaths from climate-related disasters decreased 96 percent. As a percent of global gross domestic product, damages from natural disasters have actually declined since 1990. Air pollution in the U.S. (not to be confused with greenhouse gases) has declined 73 percent since 1980.

Climate Change causing Tornadoes

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