The Mindset of a Typical Illegal Alien

The Mindset of a Typical Illegal Alien is an article with thoughts on what motives an illegal alien to cross the border illegally into another country.

The Mindset of a Typical Illegal Alien is an article with thoughts on what motives an illegal alien to cross the border illegally into another country.

What I cannot say nor know

Of course, every person is different, and it is hard to know every single situation and try to present them in a short article on the subject. So some of them are not represented by what I say here, of course. But I have lived in Mexico for some 37 years, and I have known a great many Mexicans that have left Mexico to make in the United States. The largest majority of them went within the proper papers.

Money is their Idol

From a Christian perspective, these people just do not worry that they are breaking the laws. Their main and single-minded concern is to make money. While few if any of them can be considered “rich”, that idea of being rich overtakes every other priority, consideration, and care. I have seen one member of a marriage go, and once in the United States, they marry just like they were single. I doubt that their “fidelity” is any better on that side of the border, unless the person they marry is very rich.

But the motivating factor that overwhelms all other factors is the income, the lifestyle and luxury items that they can enjoy in the United States. This is the attraction. Don’t be fooled for a minute, though, about Joe Biden inviting them in. They all have friends and relatives in the United States that are telling them it is easy, and once you cross the border, there are people with buckets full of cash waiting for them. Of course that is not true, but once they get into the US then truth sets in. Everything is a scam, and it is just as much a scam what their friends and relatives tell them as any other scam. “Come over here to where I am. You can live with me, and I will get you a job.” Of course, the job is low paying, and off the books. And their friend or relative will let them live with them (sleeping on the floor, taking a turn in the bathroom after the ones who pay the rent are through with it, etc.). But the kicker is that that friend or relative will charge them such that they make good money off of the illegal.

Moreover, in the US, public transportation is horrible, and people who work need cars, and their friend or relative will pick them up and take them to and from work, but again, filling their car with gasoline every week.

The mindset behind crossing the border

As I talked about above, money is the main motivator behind an illegal alien. But that is only half of the story. The places that illegals come across the border come from somewhere. In these low income countries around the world, the law is flexible. In other words, if the policeman wants to shake down anybody, the law is bent to pressure the person, and it would take lawyers and a lot of time in a court to defend one’s self, and a simple bribe will suffice most of the time. But the mentality is that the law doesn’t really matter. It is not really “for me” personally, it is just on the books, and most of the time, even the police and judges themselves don’t follow the law. So everybody “has their price.”

Coming into the United States, nothing about that outlook of life changes. They come to America to get money, get possessions, and have a higher lifestyle than in the country that they came from. It is very possible to do this. The Democrat party has made America the land of government giveaways, and unfortunately, the government doesn’t much care WHO THEY GIVE THIS STUFF TO, it is to bribe people to support them politically, vote for them and their political party. And their system works to a point.

What some few illegal aliens find out, they can get citizenship. When they do, though, they have to pay taxes. Being a citizen is not so great if all of your great income is taxed like normal citizens, so since they are well versed in “bending the law”, they just work earning money “outside the system”. They can cut grass, and the house owner will pay them in cash. No taxes! Everything has an angle to cheat their obligations as a citizen. After all, they are not really citizens of the United States, they are just using the silly laws and citizenship things in America for their own advantage, and they have no desire of submitting to this system any more than they did back in their own country.

At one time (still in vigor though) the US Immigration Service wanted incoming aliens to prove that they will not be a burden on the US welfare system. In other words, they had to be self-sustaining and/or had some family in the US that would support them. An immigrant was not to use the US welfare system for their first 10 years of being in the US. Using that welfare system (which was made for US citizens) illegally, would get their entire case thrown out, and they would be escorted out of the country.

What an Illegal Alien thinks about obeying the Laws

Since you have to break the United States laws in order to get into the country, illegal aliens are just simple criminals. There is no other way around this. But take note, they have to misrepresent themselves in order to do this. They cannot get a job in the US normally, at a factory or something, when they declare themselves as illegal aliens. So they use a false identify most of the time. When they get into trouble with the law, they do what they have done before, they move and change their identity. This seems to help them get a new start in a new place, with new suckers that don’t check their identity any more than the place before. But they have an escapist attitude to run from their legal problems.

So the illegal will only “use” the laws when it is beneficial to them, but otherwise they will despise and work around those same laws.

What about the countries when they came from?

It has been a wonder and a curiosity for me to see here in Mexico how this plays out. There are some very humble, broke people who make a lot of money here in Mexico. At one time, Carlos Slim was the richest man in the world. He lives here in Mexico City. He made the bulk of his money from telephone companies that sprung up with the cell phone craze. But how did he become so rich when the people he made his money from were so poor? He worked a lot at it, is how.

You see, unknown to Americans, most of the illegal aliens are lazy, and crooks. They want a wonderful life, a luxury life much better than most Americans have, and they want it without all that work and stuff related to it. If these illegal aliens just would work hard in the countries where they came from, they could get a good life. But their god is riches, and that makes them a certain kind of person. They will do anything for riches. That is their mindset.

Moreover, they complain that the United States is a paradise, but in their home country, things are horrible. The economy is horrible. Things cost so much, etc. But in the United States, things cost a lot more. So the thought that they could make their own country of birth into something like the United States if they really tried never crosses their minds. Wow. Moreover, it gets worse. Once in the United States, they work politically to make America like their old country where nothing works, everything is expensive, and things are just horrible! Go figure!

The Illegal Alien’s Children

I feel for these kids that are Mexican or Guatemalan, or whatever. They were born in America, but they are not Americans. They are not citizens. Their parents neither taught them their (the parents) countries customs, language, nor citizenship really, not are they fully Americans. They are people stuff between two countries, and they have no identity. This will plague them for the rest of their lives, and when they have kids (also in the US), their kids will be anchorless also. This makes these people kind of like a culture of their own. I am fluent in English and Spanish. I have met such people in Texas. They are of Mexican origin, but they cannot communicate 100% in English nor in Spanish. They run when somebody who is fluent in both talks to them, and they cannot communicate in either language.

Some Reality about the United States place in all of this

If you understand reality, the United States cannot support the world. That is just impossible. But we have people from most other nations in the world running across our borders, and drawing all the government aid and help that we provide for our own citizens. At some point, these illegal aliens or their kids are going to become full citizens, and they are going to be paying the bills for the new illegals that cross. I have talked to some legalized aliens about this, and their general attitude is “Why should I be paying for these newbies crossing the border? Let them get a job outside the US.” You see in the world of where aliens can get good paying jobs, new aliens coming in ALWAYS WORK FOR LESS THAN ALIENS WHO HAVE BEEN HERE A WHILE.

The Mindset of a Typical Illegal Alien

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