God made only two genders

God made only two genders

God made only two genders is an editorial on our current sexual dysfunctional reality, and why we must maintain that God has only made two genders.

Why has God made only two genders?

What gives with all of this transgender stuff today? How about men preferring men sexually, and women preferring women? To understand this is one thing, then how you react to it is another. So let’s start at the beginning.

Genesis 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

The differences between male and female are a creation act of God in the beginning. This is simply a fact. Many people reject God and everything related to God. This is a fact of rebellion in them, and does not deny the fact that God is our Creator. Male and female are the only two genders that exist among humans, and nothing else exists.

Man is made in the image of God

In some way, mankind, especially man himself, is made like God. He has a similarity to God. Satan wants to corrupt man in every way possible, rejecting all the principles of God. So let’s be clear here, a person who denies God is not a functioning human being. He is a sinner, and this mindset of reject God and his principles is ruining his life and the life of all that touch him. This is no victory, it is a disaster.

God desires that men be “masculine”. This is the essence here. It is not wrong for men to be masculine. Being masculine is a far cry from being macho. Being macho is about abusing others. A real man in the image of God has the qualities of God, courtesy, kindness, service to others, humility, etc. When a man denies that he is a man, he does not seek these attributes that God wants in him. He is cruel to others. He abuses.

But the key element here that God demands that men obey God, being manly. This is the opposite of being feminine. There is nothing wrong with being feminine if you are a woman, but God did not create men to take on those attributes. Men are known for their masculine attributes. Men work hard to support themselves and their families. Men love their wives and their children. All of this gets turns on its head when you deny your gender.

How God made us (being female or male) ultimately is a reflection of God and his sovereign will. Transgenders refuse to accept this sovereignty. This is the essence issue in transgenderism. It is confusion or outright rebellion against how God made us.

God only made two genders

God declares this to be so. But with God, the truth is always there. God only speaks truth. That truth has a moral aspect, but many times it has a reality aspect. Every person on this planet either has two X chromosomes or an XY chromosome in their cells. This is “hard wired” into every single body of every single human being. Their sex is absolutely determined by their chromosomes and nothing else.

Sex or gender is given at conception, and it is not something a person can choose or change. Everybody is locked into the gender that God has decided for them. No changes. A person can cross dress, but that is a perversion.

Why is maintaining clean and pure the two sexes important?

The answer is simply because this is how God has designed things, and this is how our world works correctly when it is obeyed. What the transgender movement is trying to do is to destroy all the principles that God has commanded related to men and women. Both the man and the woman have specific obligations to obey that is different between them. The man is supposed to sustain the home, and the woman is supposed to culture and raise her children by being at home with them, teaching them morally. That is the point that transgenders want to destroy.

They want to say that there is no longer a mom and dad for the youth. They want an unisex. The idea of parenting is being destroyed. “Let the world raise your children” they cry. If you let the devil raise your children you will not like how they turn out.

Cross dressing or even changing your gender is a perversion.

Deuteronomy 22:5 The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.

What we need to clarify and always maintain clear is that when people try to change what God has declared, they are perverted from the truth. The truth is not in them.

While this verse specifically speaks of men trying to appear as women, or women trying to appear as men, today we have gone one step further to actually have operations and hormone drugs to carry this further.

These things are an abomination to God.

What happens why a person is transgender?

The most important thing that we must identify is that they deny God and his declarations. Any person who denies God is going to have a perverted life, and whatever he does in life is also going to be polluted morally.

Secondly, we must understand that every single person must have a relationship with truth. If you are tall or short, have certain abilities or not, etc. You must deal with these things. If a person is blind and he insists that he is a pilot and can fly an airplane, that is a recipe for disaster. If the lights go in a building and it is pitch dark, maybe a blind person who insists he can see will actually get around better than the rest, but most probably he will be just as lost in the dark as the seeing.

A person who denies the truth is a person that is unreasonable. Their thinking processes are twisted and not reliable. You cannot trust their judgment because at any issue, they may think totally out of the logical, and you are stuck with a functionary that is disfunctional.

This is a major element in that person’s personality that should disqualify that person from any public office, administrative role, or teaching role. The person simply denies reality. If a man wants to now be woman, then he still has elements in his body that make him a man. He just simply cannot do it. These elements that God has placed in every man will linger on in him, and even with cross hormone treats and such, he is still a man.

How allowing transgender people affect us

God says this is an abomination in his sight. This is the same kind of thing that caused God to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. There is a curse from God on people who do this. To be close, associate one’s self with, or accept or accommodate one’s self with transgender people calls that same curse down on us. We cannot accept it. Morally, people call this an aberration or perversion. They stay away and do not want to be around or accept and be socially or officially (like in work situations) with these people. They carry with them more aberrations besides transgenderism.

But the most important point here is that they bend the truth to be what they want it to be. That, in itself, is very condemning and should cause an alert in all thinking people. We do not want this kind of person in any way being an example, teacher, nor especially governing. This should disqualify the person immediately. When a section of the country is filled with transgenders and homosexuals, then one of these could ascend. That is a sorry day. Worst is the day that the president of the United States appoints these people into high positions in government.

Rachel Levine, Biden’s Transgender Pick

God made only two genders
Rachel Levine, Biden’s transgender pick

The Confusion Factor of Transgenderism

We need to understand that our world works on principles. This is truth. These principles need to be honored. What happens when we allow the perversion of the wicked to become established in our society? Well, the most obvious thing is that when in public and you have to go to the bathroom, what happens? So men go into one bathroom for men, and women go into another bathroom for women. Both partially disrobe in order to go to the bathroom. There is some protection even from other people in there, but basically this is a private area for only those of that gender.

So where does a transgender man go or a transgender woman go? If the sexual predator looking Levine in the photo above goes in with the women (here think, he is in a private place with young girls) then does that seem safe to you? How about boys that identify as girls bathing in the gymnasiums with naked girls? Are we now to have bathrooms and showers for males, females, females identifying as males, males as identifying as females, etc.? Some want to define 100+ different sexes or genders. How would a typical school pay for all of this? This is unreasonable and excessively expensive. This puts excessive burden on public areas like restaurants, stores, and malls to comply. Two bathrooms won’t work now?

On the other hand, if we make a law that all people must go to the bathroom of the sex that they were born with, then what do you do with the states that are allowing anything to be put on a birth certificate? If you have a young teenage boy or girl, are you really okay with them going into the bathroom or showers when they see others dressed as girls with all the underwear and an a dress? Is this a good influence on our youth? No. It is allowing perverts access to our children.

Why Can’t we accept Transgenderism or Homosexuality?

There is a very real reason behind our opposition to both of these. They are abominations in the sight of God. We cannot “bow to” or “accept” or “accommodate” ourselves to these perversions because they are mind sets that are diametrically opposed to God and our Christianity.

If you study careful the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, there is a hidden element there that you need to understand fully. Sodom was a city where homosexuality was accepted, but moreover it was the norm for these people. But a transgender person, same with homosexuals, are not just wanting to live peacefully with a different sexual preference. They are people who take great issue with the fact that God exists, God is our Creator, and God imposes his will and displeasure on sin, therefore we must obey God. They oppose all that is God.

Being that way, they “break” the norm, God’s norm, for sex. Doing this, they show their displeasure with God. But they are never content to just live differently and let others alone. No. In Sodom, the men of the city saw new people and they wanted to forcefully have homosexual sex with them. They wanted to introduce them to sodomy in an experiential way. This is how they continue they sinful life style.

When a baby is born, that baby is a boy or a girl besides the fact that those around the baby wants it to be one or the other sex. That is destined by God. Homosexuals and transgenders want to attack and destroy that nature in the child and ruin a normal life for him or her. God ordered homosexuals to be killed. It was a penalty of the death when it was proved. Why so drastic? The answer lies in the fact that more than any other kind of sin, homosexuals and transgenders are people who are forcefully wanting to impose their lifestyle choices (i.e. sin) on other people who don’t want it. That is why God sees them as an abomination. The very essence of what a man is or what a woman is, they deny and scorn it as a clown.

When you think we should have pity and accommodate ourselves to them, give them a place in our society, remember the men of Sodom. They got control, and they gave no place nor pity to those that would not accept their sin. You cannot give them not even an inch. You have to condemn them and reject them.

God made only two genders

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