Democrats and their Nanny State Mindset

Democrats and their Nanny State Mindset is a post about how the Democrats approach governing, and why it fails and is wrong.

Democrats and their Nanny State Mindset is a post about how the Democrats approach governing, and why it fails and is wrong.

I am reacting to this post:

One of the most important points, that seems to be missing, and people just don’t realize how important it is, nor do they emphasize it, is that everybody really has the right to live their lives as they best see fit. This is called liberty, and while everybody seems to want to pretend to uphold liberty, few people really do so. Very few people really understand it.

While understanding and practicing liberty is rare, it is even rarer to find people who really promote true liberty. That is where we want to be. Practicing, enjoying liberty, and promoting liberty for everybody.

What is Slavery?

Perhaps this should be where we need to start. People denounce slavery, and they demonize slavery as being the worst thing that ever there was. Slavery is simply the loss of most or all of a person’s free will, especially in the important decisions of life, where a person lives and works, what they do as work, who they will marry, how they spend their money. A slave has really no say in how he lives his own life. A foundational part of slavery is simply that “he is a possession of another person”, he is “chattel” is the proper term, and he lives only to serve some other person, he is like cattle. This is in itself bad. But there are other foundational concepts that are woven into this problem. Firstly, the “owning” person considers himself as an elite. He is morally and somehow “better” than his slave. While you can make books and books of arguments about why the owner is worth more, is morally better (only their reasoning counts or is right), and the owner is all knowing, smarter, understands reality better, and he can make decisions better, for more benefit “for everybody”, etc., so it all boils down to one thing. One person makes the decisions for another person.

But before you do everything you can to “damage” the idea of slavery, consider how our society actually uses slavery and in some cases it is kind of necessary, and it can have beneficial aspects. Wait before you condemn me. I do not believe in slavery of one person owning another. But I am just studying this “thing” in our world and how people use the concept for good or evil, but in reality, they use these concepts for their own advantage.

Good Slavery

In my understanding, there are certain “good examples” of “slavery.” I would explain these examples. The first “good example” (the best example of good slavery is when a person so loves somebody else that they desire to put themselves into voluntary slavery, which maybe marriage is when both put themselves into slavery because of their love for one another.) But a good example is simply when a parent has a young child, and they are essentially the parents “slaves.” God has made this situation in how we reproduce, and there is nothing wrong with children obeying their parents, it is commanded. Moreover, it is just right. Child that live off of the hard work of their parents should not disrespect them, but honor them, and obey their rules. But for just a moment, step outside your strong emotions against slavery, and examine this with me.

One person is not owned by another, but rather one person is responsible for the life of another. The child cannot be expected to make decisions for himself, and he cannot provide for himself, so his parents do this for his benefit. The expectation of society is that the child submit to the tutelage of their parents or guardians. If a child’s parents die, then society says that some adult has to step into their lives to govern them, providing for them, until they are old enough to do so themselves. This is custody or guardianship. While similar to “slavery“, there is a lot of difference between the two. Older people and even middle-aged people that are so far gone in problems of addictions, or old age, so their families force guardianship on them, think Brittany Spears and similar cases.

But my point is simply this, in a special few cases, we allow one person to totally take over the life decisions of another person. We (society) not only allow this, but even see custody by a responsible adult of somebody else as necessary and an obligation. In these cases, the “slave” has very little input into the decisions of their lives. Yet the crime in some of these cases is when the responsible adult (Spears parents) take advantage of the labors of their ward, and make personal gain from that. The similarity is what we can apply today to politicians.

In other words, when a politician takes advantage of his position and guardianship of the people and their money, that is considered criminal abuse. Why do we defend the Biden crime family’s criminal abuses, yet we allow the use of lawfare against Donald Trump? Trump did not use politics to get rich, he got rich off of hard work. Why is he being abused then?

My “takeaway” from considering parents and children is that the parents are responsible for everything that their kids need (not luxuries but needs, like food, housing, clothing, and medicine), and the parents are held to a high standard if they in some way abuse their custody or guardianship of their kids. At the same time, we split this down a fine line, what is right and what is wrong. When a man and a woman have a child, the custody and responsibility for that child is only their possession, and for as much as other people may want to enter into that situation (taking away the parent’s rights and privileges), it is not what “others with a nanny state mentality want” but the biological parents have complete rights in the thing.

Here, we touch briefly on the best slavery example. When God made us, and we are responsible to God, we have to obey God, it is like we are slaves. Notice that God says we are slaves to sin, and in the salvation of our souls, God “frees” us to serve God with our own heart, willingly. But the point is that everybody is a slave to something, and the differences in people is what they “allow” themselves to be enslaved to that makes the difference. Gays are slaves to sexual sin. Covetous people are slaves to riches. Rich people are slaves to their possessions and to making more money. Poor people are enslaved to their jobs to just survive. But here, we need to understand that some people in our world are slaves to power, control, and governing other people, enslaving these other people to whatever the controllers want. Climate change is a good example. Everybody needs to be controlled so that “we save our planet“. Yes, read literature. In the old South, when slave owners freely had slaves and the government and laws supported this, the slave owners talked about the ignorant slave, and that their ownership of them was “saving them from a horrible life in Africa“.

Which is worse? Somebody making all the important decisions for you, or you working and making whatever decision you want for yourself, and if good, great, and if bad decisions are made, only you are paying for those bad decisions? I think most people would choose liberty with its risks. But we are having crises forced upon us, in order to somehow “save us.

I am totally against chattel slavery (the purchasing of one human being by another), but if you stop for a moment and just ask, as a nation, we admit that slavery was wrong in our history, so the US federal government will fix this by giving every black person a free airline ticket back to Africa, how many people would take them up on the matter? I doubt very many. Out of the millions of blacks in the United States, I doubt there would be any takers. If you look at the standard of living of most blacks in America, even in bad areas, it is still a whole degree better than anything happening in Africa. In a sense, blacks in America had a great introduction into living in a free country. Nobody wants to get into Africa, and everybody wants to get into the United States! No black person who came from Africa would take a free ticket back there to live forever. By presenting these ideas and thoughts, I do not want to seem to justify enslaving people. But I want us to consider REALITY! The real takeaway here is to not want reparations but to live free and thank God for it!

Indentured Slavery

Back when slavery was still accepted in our world and in America, there were white people in England who sold themselves into slavery in order to get into the United States. Why would anybody do that to themselves? Exactly the same reason why people enter into Columbia and travel all the way up to Texas JUST TO GET INTO THE COUNTRY. We are not so far from what happened in the past. The forms and methods are different, but the essence is just about the same.

I would point out that as best I can tell (I live in Mexico City) the going rate of drug cartels for smuggling a person into the United States is about $10,000 per head (they refer to these people in the “selling of people” like they were cattle). Very few of these people have $10,000, and a typical family of a mom and dad and two kids, that works out to $40,000, and if you get into the United States and you get a job, most people who are American citizens with some kind of education would have a hard time putting aside $40,000 in a year or two. So these people get in by selling the safety and security of their families back home in their country of origin, and if they don’t pay the cartel every so often, those family members will suffer violence and death. That is how this works. You can run and hide, but your grandparents and family cannot. They are broke back home. The cartel makes it clear, “We will get you into the United States, but if you start missing your payments to us, violence will fall on your family back home.

So again, we are not very far from a sailing ship showing up on the shores of Africa, and one tribe of black people enslaves another, and then sells these slaves to the American slave trade. Nobody in that is innocent. All are guilty. The white man was not the only or principal ones going into the interior of Africa in the slave trade, but the black man enslaved other black men. In England, white people “indentured themselves” obligated themselves or sold themselves into labor for somebody else for years in order to “JUST GET INTO THE COUNTRY“. This country was America. Nobody in the history of mankind that I can think of (I am imperfect, maybe there are examples, please comment if you know of any), but nobody sells themselves to somebody to get into China, Russia, or North Korea. Say whatever bad thing you want about the United States, but all of our illegal migration is INTO OUR COUNTRY, and North Korea, China, etc., and their illegal immigration IS IN FLEEING OUT OF THEIR COUNTRIES! Let the protestors take note that they don’t have a clue about life and should just shut up.

Prison is a kind of Slavery

Returning to the concepts of slavery, every prison is kind of like slavery. The government takes away the freedom of the individual, and their punishment for doing wrong things is that they have no freedom, or very little freedom. But even within a prison, the inmates have a certain amount of freedom. They can do recreational things, they can choose if participate in recreation or which books to read, etc. These “liberties” are not so great things that anybody would desire prison to get them, but there are some elements still of liberty. But note, the prison “gives” these privileges to the inmates and takes them away or changes them. These are all methods of control of the prison over the prisoners to make them easier to handle, but in some hard cases, the prison just puts them in a cell, and barely even does anything with them or allows them anything. Bread and water only.

But in our consideration of slavery and the nanny state, slavery is not negated just because the slave has a few “liberties” or options they can choose between. If you are sentenced to death, and the judge gives you the liberty to choose death by lethal injection, by hanging, etc., that is not liberty at all. Options are a deception, really. These options are not for the slave, but some concessions are given just to soften the blow to the moral conscience of the owners, and in the end analysis, they are only “better methods” of control. Obamacare is not freedom to choose any medical service or provider that us “slaves” desire, along with the power (money) to get it, it is just which type of execution you want.

Where is the evil in all of this?

The evil in all of this needs to be examined. You need to go to the foundations of this problem to really understand the issues and the evil. Firstly, one person or group thinks that they are somehow “better” than others, really everybody else. But are they better? Reality is the only judge we can accept here, and these elites own lives are just not better in anyway than the rest of humanity (which they consider their slaves). Yes they spend other people’s illicitly gotten money on their luxuries, but is that a better life? If we really want to get to the nitty-gritty of the issue, the elites want the people they view as “chattel” (cattle) to worship them. This reduces to just the same attitude that Satan has. I seriously doubt that many blacks or hispanics would actually bow down and worship Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, or Chuck Shummer. But to be part of the system and get the same illicitly gotten wealth, they have to bow before their system. (Note: Democrats are replacing the normal mix of all political parties with only Democrat employees in places like government jobs, high paying jobs, etc. Why? Because this is like bribery to stay with the system. Break from the Democrat norm, and you will lose said job and its benefits.)

The motivation in the blacks and hispanics in the Democrat party has been money. For money, they vote Democrat. This is true in government jobs, in academia, and this is also true in welfare.

But consider for a minute, if workers get a fair wage for their laborers, and there is not an inflation above 1% or 2%, like the condition of the country when Donald Trump left office and Joe Biden entered, then a person can work the job of his choice, and buy with wages from that job, almost anything that he wants, including a home because home mortague rates are reasonable. That is the best economic freedom a person can expect in this world. Now with inflation, people are taking what was set aside for buying their own home, their own vehicles, vacations, etc. and they are spending this money on their weekly groceries. So who exactly is pushing modern slavery on us “chattel” yet again?

If the goal for taxation is some supreme good, what is that good? To give the fruits of these taxes away so that people will continue to vote Democrat? Are they are ever truly free? No. It is just the changing face of modern slavery.

The evil in all of this has to return always to the same thing, the evil is the taking away of power, liberty, freedom of choice. But understand the “fabric” of this evil and of its opposite. What is good here is actually Capitalism. The evil is Socialism and Communism! In other words, a Socialist and a Communist mindset is that these elites are the “wise ones” who are the only ones to make important decisions for everybody. Communism is an extremer form of Socialism. But in neither system, the Communist rich never use their own money to help the poor. THE ELITES ALWAYS EXTRACT MONEY FROM THE POOR,  FROM THE REST, AND THEY SPEND IT HOW THEY THEMSELVES WANT FOR THE REST! ALWAYS, ALWAYS THE RULE IN THESE SYSTEMS IS THAT the elites always end up making themselves rich and richer through their being a part of the system. China has a great number of billionaires. In a communist state, that is an anomaly. It is something that shouldn’t really pop up so much. A billionaire either inherits his money, steals the money, or works as a capitalist to get the money. He is anamoly in a Communist system. But in reality, it does happen, and the rule is ALWAYS, ALWAYS the same, these billionaires are very much “obedient” to the Communist party. When you see a billionaire disappear for several months, and his own family doesn’t even know where he went to, then that is disturbing. He was kidnapped, and somebody did something to him to persuade him to return to keep the Communist party line.

So we go back to revisit the slave trade in the South in the United States. These plantation owners were basically rich people, from their farms and use of slaves. From using other people they made themselves rich. If we consider this and really meditate on it, I just do not see parents getting rich from having kids. I and my wife have 2 children, and having kids in our world more inclined to financial bankrupcy, not a money making you rich. You always lose so much, get little respect as a rule, and just pay and pay more, which never seems to end.

What is a Nanny State Mentality

But the real evil here is when some elites want to impose their will on the masses. This is the essential element of a dictatorship. The dictator can use many different ploys, but the end result is always the same, they control, they make the decisions instead of each individual, and they ALWAYS END UP GETTING RICHER. Power and money. When the masses “revolt,” they usually lose all of their riches, but these revolts are very rare. The United States revolted again England, and what was the issue? Taxation without representation. The dictatorship of the king of England promised that the colonies would have a say in their own government. He denied that in practice. Then he took more and more in the form of taxes, but he spent it how he decided, and denied the colonies the right of deciding how that money was to be used. The colonies revolted, and England lost the colonies in America.

The evil we are dealing with here is simply this idea that some are elites and inherently (without any argument that stands the tests of logic and time) should tell the others how to live. The mindset is that of a nanny that will overrule the child’s every desire JUST BECAUSE SHE IS THE NANNY. This works out practically as a nanny state where the government has to get involved in every single decision in life just about.

Note that the use of the phrase “nanny state” means that somebody else is the adult, and the run of the mill chattel adult is a child who cannot make decisions for their own life. This belies the real situation. These “elites” do not want “normal run-of-the-mill people” to be in charge of their own lives. The elites have to make the decisions for the rest of us. Being responsible goes hand-in-hand with making decisions, and providing for one’s self. Liberty is not having a salary given to you without you doing the corresponding amount of hard work for it. But our thinking is always in the same rut, what can I get for free? Greed and avarice are at the bottom of this problem. Those vices are in almost everybody

Controling the Cookie Jar

Democrats always have their hands in the cookie jar
Democrats always have their hands in the cookie jar

The bottom line here is that the nanny state also has a correlary principle, they have to control the cookie jar. Every Democrat out there always has “his right” as an elite to spend the taxpayer’s money. The Democrat thinks he is the only person who can correctly, legitimately, decide how the money is to be spent. They ALWAYS, ALWAYS find ways to get a good portion of this money back into their own personal bank accounts, but the point is, whatever they spend money on, it is not what “we the people” would want, it is what he wants. As long as they give part of their stealing from the cookie jar of public taxpayer funds back to their own supporters, everybody looks the other direction. (Other parties seem to let this pass as being “bipartisan.” It is okay with everybody except Joe Taxpayer.

Why is it okay for our government to spend hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to support people in welfare scams where these people are not working jobs when could be working? The issue at the bottom of everything is that some people work (the chattel), and other people (the elites) spend the chattel’s hard earned money. Why?

Why don’t we just let everybody give to those who they see around them in need without the government getting involved? Because that doesn’t work. Nobody wants to voluntarily give up their hard earned money. But of the flip side, those who want to get and spend other people’s money without working know that if they use taxes and the law, they can get what the workers don’t want to give up so quickly, their hard earned money.

If you meditate on these facts, you will eventually begin to understand the workings of those who impose their superiority over the normal chattel people.

Sitting in the the Shade Drinking Mint Julep Tea

The old South slave owners simply resisted actually going out in their own fields and working hard physical work under the hot sun. Their slaves were “made for that kind of work“, but the owners were “above that.” In the modern world, we see the same thing play out with what some have labeled, “Good for thee, but not for me.

It is the height of hypocrisy for the world leaders (the elite) to all fly to some rich resort city every year in their private jets, polluting our world, in order to plan how to impose laws to prevent people (ordinary chattel people) from flying for business or pleasure. (In a free mindset, business or pleasure is a personal decision. End of discussion.)

Let me wax long here for a minute. If we can very well use an Internet communication service to conduct business because of Covid, why cannot these elites stay in their mansions, shutter their personal jets in their airports, and just have this meeting by Zoom? All in the name of saving the planet? Why do they have to go to a resort to talk about saving the planet? Isn’t something fishy here? Something stinks.

But we see crazy plans in the works that are just unbelievable. But always the elites are imposing them on society, yet somehow just as those old slave owners of old, they themselves seem to always get rich off of everything, and they never are under their own draconian rules. Bill Gates is rich and has spent millions of dollars in developing insects for food. But while that is his plan for the crises of our day, I would like to see him actually eat a diet of only insects for several years. In fact, even if he was to do that, I doubt I would accept that for me personally.

But this is exactly the issue. Slavery is based on one person elevating their own worth while despising or depreciating the worth of others. Let’s take this one step further. Since when is “freeing the world from slavery” involved with enslaving others? In other words,

The Hypocrisy is Screaming at us

If we look at history, slavery is a fact of life, a fact of our history. England and the United States decided that it was wrong, and they fought to stop that slavery. While slavery was an accepted norm in the United States, the Democrats used black slaves. This was a South experience, because the north used factories that used energy, water flow, to get what they wanted. The South grew cotton, and it was a labor intensive thing at the time.

When the Republicans made laws to prohibit slavery, the Democrats, all of them in Congress, voted against freeing the slaves. A few years later, the Democrats all of them voted in block against giving the blacks an equal vote with white people. Then again, the Democrats all voted against giving women an equal vote. Now we see the Democrats claiming that they are the only political party that has historically “been in the favor of women, blacks, hispanics, etc”.

Doesn’t this seem like hypocrisy to anyone? Why do we let them get away with it?

Moreover, the Democrat pandering to these groups of people is exactly what has caused them to be poor, dependent (on government hand outs), and have multiple serious problems. The black slums are a common trait of Democrat controlled cities and states. Why work when the government will give you whatever you need? (Condition: Every vote Democrat.)

We cannot get away from this equation it seems. Democrat political control equates to slavery for the common folk. Think on that!

Democrats and their Nanny State Mindset

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