Capitol Breach was hijacked

Capitol Breach was hijacked

Capitol Breach was hijacked explains how this pacific event was hijacked by bad actors to cast infamy against Trump and Trump supporters. While Trumper supporters through this past year have in general been pacific in their marches, the Democrats have constantly projected the image that they are the destructive ones, egged on by their leaders, especially Donald Trump. But this is simply not the truth about them. If we even compare what happened with the Capitol Breach against what BLM and Antifa have done in the past year, their destruction was excessive, and their aggression against police was also extreme. But this breach at the Capitol was arranged by a Democrat thinker. It is exactly what they project the Trump movement to be. Sure, there were Trump supporters present and they organized the march, but being pacific, it was easy for other violent elements to take over the march and drive it to what they wanted.

The one key element in all this that stinks to high heaven is that the forces that protect Capitol Hill stood down, and there was minimal forces that day. Il-prepared, obvious with orders to let them rampage the Capitol building, things were ripe for an embarrassing time for the United States.

The key point or take away here is a new level of tactics by the Democrats. They are now going to infiltrate every Republic meeting, rally, and event and have bad actors like Antifa or BLM to do something to cause infamy.

Some pertinent points about the Capitol Building Breech in January 6th.

  • There was no plan to enter the Capitol Building. The plan was only peaceful protesting outside.
  • The website for this event (made by Trump supporters) was shut down by somebody other than them the day of the rally.
  • Whatever happened to individuals who break the law have to be arrested and pay for what they do (fines or jail time)? Since when do we convict people by association. Since when are other individuals actions cause to condemn third parties that were not there, and do not have anything to do with what they did? Didn’t Hitler’s henchmen prove the point that even if the order comes from above, each individual is responsible for what they personally do? Trump gave no order from above. These were Antifa individuals that would not follow Trump or obey his orders.
  • So our police policy now is to let rioters do whatever they want because we do not want police to use force to repeal assault against or government, their people, nor governmental buildings especially those that hold and represent our essential governmental processes, the Congress? If two or three of those police would have fired into the crowd, the entire thing would have been dispersed. Rubber bullets cannot be distinguished from the real thing, and they would have been effective without actually killing anybody. But this whole mess bespeaks of how the Democratic party has used the media to hamstring those forces that belong to the executive branch to enforce the law. Without that, we have no law. Even worse, the FBI etc. never investigate the true crooks, only innocents that are politically unacceptable to Nancy Pelosi. Even more we will not have justice in our country.
  • The DC mayor refused any back up of FBI, Secret Service, National Guard, etc. Just the opposite, she threatened them to stay away. Now in Biden’s inauguration, she is calling for intense police forces to help her. (NB. These people are Democrats that want to defund and do away with police. So why don’t they apply that desire to Biden’s inauguration? They want to do away with guns. Why don’t they forbid any police forces from having a gun at the inauguration? Things work differently if it is for a Democrat or for a Republican in our country these days.)
  • There were Antifa people filtering into the group of Trump supporters.
  • If Trump only knew of a pacific march of his supporters that day, he would not have wanted to tell them all to go home instead of coming. That would be what Democrats would have wanted, and Trump would not do that. It would defeat the purpose of the demonstration. But if the march was hijacked by Antifa, then Trump would not have known that until later in that day, and this is exactly what happened.
  • Why are there no convictions or even charges against people who killed others in the Capitol building?
  • capitol breach police unprepared
    capitol breach police unprepared

    The Capitol police did not stop people from entering the building but invited them in. They are responsible for the breech, not President Trump. President Trump nowhere and nohow told or suggested or incited his supporters to go into the Capitol building. This was a setup, and the Democrat mayor of DC should be held responsible and go to jail for inciting the protestors to enter the building.

  • Security at the Capitol building has been extremely tight for years and years considering the terrorist threats that could happen. If terrorists could have gotten into the crowd just as Antifa did, then we could have seen Congressmen and their assistants murdered. Or even a hostage situation. This is not a light thing. Why is there no real investigations going on? In the end, only shame on Trump and his supporters but no convictions of the Antifa people who killed people.
  • With all the tight security on the Capitol, how is it that a group (planned and announced that they will be OUTSIDE the capitol on the 6th of January), can just walk into the place with all that security? The security forces we ordered to stand down beforehand. Since people died, those police officers involved are also liable for those deaths. They should be tried for murder. (See The uncomfortable questions facing Capitol Police over the security breach by MAGA mob)
  • Why were the police on the scene not wearing riot gear, and seen running away instead of confronting the marchers? Again, the majority of those present were pacific. They were walking around like at the county fair. Only a few who breached the Capitol building were armed and hell bent on killing people. This is not the scene where police fear for their lives and run away? The DC police did that by eye witness testimony (see above link). So what gives? This was a planned event to disgrace Trump and his supporters. The Democrat mayor, police, planners who were supposed to protect the Capitol as well as the Democrats in general need to be called out for this and rebuked, some be charged with the murders.
  • U.S. Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund, has since announced he is resigning.
  • Where was Homeland Security in all of this?
  • I would ask you to compare, would these defenses be what would be normal for Biden inauguration as for a Trump rally that police and DC mayor want to twist into shame for Trump? What happened back a few months back last year when Black Lives Matter and Antifa surrounded Senators (Cruz and Rand Paul) coming out of a meeting with Trump? If that happened, then things in the future are going to be really tight when dealing with the Congress’ security. What happened then?

Without this in place (riot barricades), Trump supporters breached the barriers leading into the building with the apparent acquiescence of the police. In fact, officers seemed to offer little to no resistance to the assault and the breach in the initial stages. And some officers were even seen seemingly posing for selfies with the rioters. (

To many policing experts this was nothing short of an international embarrassment for American law enforcement and a searing indictment of a police department that appeared to be caught completely unprepared. As Charles Ramsey, a former D.C. police chief, told The New York Times: “How they were not ready for this today, I have no idea. They were overwhelmed, they did not have the resources. You have to be able to protect the Capitol. That is not OK.” (

There was no way they couldn’t see this coming. As early as mid-December, with tensions high as he ramped up his baseless and un-democratic challenge to the presidential election results, Donald Trump was urging his supporters to converge on Washington for what he promised would be a “wild” demonstration against the certification of Joe Biden’s win. How, given how obvious the threat was and all the warnings they received, could law enforcement have wound up being so woefully ill-prepared and ineffectual as that protest became a violent revolt and pro-Trump insurgents took the Capitol by force? (

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who said Thursday that House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving would also be stepping down. Michael Stenger, the Senate sergeant at arms, is being sacked as well, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced. (

The force lacked strategy, contingency plans, and reinforcements to defend lawmakers. Leaders rejected offers to help, including from the FBI and Pentagon before the attack, according to the Associated Press… The Defense Department reportedly hamstrung the National Guard and was maddeningly slow to accept an offer from Maryland Governor Larry Hogan to send in reinforcements from his state. Meanwhile, the FBI brushed aside warnings from Senator Mark Warner ahead of the attack, assuring him they were prepared. (

But just based on what we know, it’s something of a miracle that this nightmare wasn’t even more catastrophic. Pipe bombs were found at the Democratic National Committee and Republican National Committee offices. One insurrectionist, who was arrested and charged, was caught with 11 molotov cocktails “ready to go” at the Capitol. Others were caught with flex-cuffs, suggesting they may have planned on taking hostages. ReutersJim Bourg recounted hearing “at least 3 different rioters at the Capitol say that they hoped to find Vice President Mike Pence and execute him by hanging from a Capitol Hill tree as a traitor.” (

But if we think about this a little bit, isn’t this exactly the case for police and the military that Democrats want to defund and do away with? Even considering internal forces within the US, we need both police and the military. It is unfortunate what happened.

But what is the lesson to be learned from it all? Obviously, Democrats want Trump supporters and anybody except them to not march, and not express their anger. That is the lesson we are to learn. Yet we compare how forceful the Democrats stopped the riots of 2020, the CHAZ, and other similar public acts of aggression, they did nothing. The very people getting arrested we released and back at it within the same day. In New York City it is worse. Criminals are back on the streets the same day even after they are arrested breaking the law. So the last people to criticize are the Democrats. They are methodically destroying our country, and the rule of law. Instead of the Constitution rule of law, they are the law, and their whims and dictates are our laws now. Obey or suffer.

Author: Pastor Dave

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