Biden’s Flying-in Covid Requirements

Biden's Flying-in Covid Requirements

Biden’s Flying-in Covid Requirements some personal experiences and a view on why Biden’s requirements to enter the country is wrong.

Biden’s Flying-in Covid Requirements

I am actually a missionary working in Mexico City since 1986. I recently had to fly into the US on Thanksgiving Day. This is my actual experience. We were blocked from boarding the plane by American Airlines because we did not have the proper vaccination.

Now we fly into the US in August, and they told us that we had to have proof of vaccination AND a recent Covid negative test within 24 hours. We had both, and nobody ever checked the vaccination papers, but the negative Covid test was checked some 9 times by AeroMexico employees. Nine times and only 1 was by the Mexican TSA people. The rest by the actual airline, once we went through their boarding gate. Amazing. In one instance, we entered a long hall that only had the AeroMexico planes boarding, and we were the only plane boarding. Nobody, not even employees were to be seen except at our boarding bridge. They checked the negative Covid test at the beginning of the hall, we walked some 50 yards in a close off hall, and then another employee checked the same test, and we formed a line, and within 10 feet of where that last employee checked our papers, yet another one checked it again. Here there were two employees checking the papers, and BOTH had to see our negative Covid test.

The airplane PA announced later we were entering Orlando airport shortly, and to be ready to have somebody in the US side to check that negative Covid test again, but they never did.

Amtrak trip

Since we were visiting some of our supporters, I went to Charleston SC on the Amtrak. The decision was sudden and we were leaving the US shortly so I didn’t have a whole lot of choices. I bought the tickets, but then I thought, do I need this negative Covid test again? So sure enough, yes, there was a “pre-Covid test” required before I traveled on Amtrak. So I went to CVS, and their Covid test takes 3 days to be sent off to Tennessee or some place before you get the results.

They had a self Covid home test. I asked the clerk if that was acceptable? He didn’t know. So I went to the Amtrak website on my phone with him. The pre-test was a questionnaire, “Do you have Covid now? Have you been with somebody with Covid recently? Are you awaiting a doctor’s Covid test?” etc. That was it. Some 5 questions all in that same vein. Ridiculous. But they did ask.

My Take on the Covid Tests

First of all, there is an “anomaly” to the daily rhetoric we are being fed by the Democrat White House.

Why is Florida having so few cases of Covid deaths since they have no mask mandates and everybody is walking around maskless outside? (I am living here, and yes there are some with masks, and some stores still require them even though state law restricts stores from demanding them. But yes some are with masks, but the maskless outnumber the masked people by about 4 or 5 maskless people to every masked person you see except in like Publix that has a big sign stating you have to wear a mask if shopping in their store. I went in without one, and asked about it, and they gave me a free mask. They would not say you have to wear it, the girl just pointed to the sign and was silent.)

So this is complicated, but in clinic evidence, Florida is disproving the mask’s effectiveness. For high risk people, even the normal seasonal flu could be dangerous to them, so masks are fine for them. I am diabetic and have high blood pressure, and I need oxygen, and the mask causes me to have shortness of breath.

But African countries have extremely low rates of vaccination and Covid. It is believed that they regularly take anti-malaria medicines, and as per Trump, these work very well against Covid. They can prevent it, or if you get it, then your experience with Covid is very light.

Note: If this approved and highly awarded anti-malaria medicine works on Covid, why aren’t doctors recommending it wide spread? Are they really doing ALL that is possible to defeat this disease, or are they milking it for all its worth politically? India widely used Ivermectin to stop Covid ravaging their country.

So now we get into the sticky part. Is this legal?

Who stops in-coming passengers?

In actuality, the TSA does not stop passengers on the basis of their vaccination. Not from my recent experience. It is the airline. This is probably because if they let a passenger board and arrive in the US without the proper visa permission, then the passenger has to return to his country of origin. If he doesn’t have (or says he doesn’t have) money for the flight back, the airline has to pay for his ticket. He stays in the custody of Immigration until his flight leaves. Bad all the way around. All airlines make a firm and hard rule, nobody gets boarded without their proper immigration papers.

But then Biden comes along and makes this new rule, you have to have been vaccinated. This is now more complicated because Biden changed this to only those with the Pfizer vaccination will be allowed in the US. In Mexico, I am a legal resident of Mexico, they do not sell vaccines. To get vaccinated, you need to wait until the government tells you, and where they tell you (they have centers and only those close to that center can be vaccinated), and the government sends to each of these centers “a” Covid vaccine. Just about all except the Chinese versions were used in Mexico. You had no choice. So, if I want a Pfizer vaccine, I am out of luck unless it just happens that my vaccination place on the day I have to go is using it. What am I to do? Fly back to the US to get the Pfizer vaccine? How do I get in?

This plan was ill-thought out completely.

The Airline Dilemma

But it doesn’t stop there. In our case, we talked to a supervisor at America Airlines, a young lady that was working at 6:30 AM that day. So we don’t have what they are “requesting”. We have another vaccine, the Sputnik V. The Russian one. So this employee is going to prevent an American citizen from returning to his home country, and his wife which has a valid Green card also from entering? Where does she get that authority to do that? I mean, even US immigration really cannot block me from re-enter my home country. Maybe they can arrest me, but for what? They can block a foreign national, but then what is the Green card for? Is it totally useless now? These are sticky issues that are not resolved by Biden’s mandate.

This brings up another really problematic point in the new Democratic party of crazies of today. Since they are now woke, nothing is on the basis of actual laws of the United States nor the Constitution, but on what is currently being stuffed down people’s throats. The Democrats cannot win debates any more because of their wokeness positions, and as such, they have gone full tilt into being dictators. Dictators don’t worry about the laws, because their dictates override any law that would stop them. There is no solution for this except for the Democratic party to retreat to what they were 20 or 30 years ago, when they debated openly issues and compromised with the Republicans for something rational. Also in these debates before laws or dictates are made, people of interest (like the airlines) will put in their two cents, and considerations will be made.

I think that there is a real strong argument that it is illegal to block any incoming person, especially US citizens, on the basis of some health concern. The negative Covid test says that person is not contagious, so they should be let in. There is not an argument nor a basis to keep people out. While the Democrats constantly are forcing a narrative that this is a horribly powerful disease, the facts are otherwise. There is just no reasonable way to elevate this to an epidemic level when in actually, the deaths from Covid are comparable to a bad seasonal flu. If only 2% of the infected are dying, and we do not have reliable stats of people who are infected but do not have serious enough symptoms to go to a doctor, then safety and reason is on not projecting this Covid into being another black plague.

The Political Aspect of Covid sickness/Epidemic

Within all that is going on, we do see beyond any reasonable doubt that the Democrats have effected a power grab during the Covid, using the Covid as their reason to do so. This has to do with the election, but it goes even beyond the election to grabbing power in general.

Constantly we (who read Breitbart News) see how Democrat run cities have lock downs that are crippling their economies, and Republican states like Florida and Texas that didn’t go down that road, and are doing fine, almost as well as before this whole mess.

This cannot be ignored. In the end analysis, you cannot set aside Constitution principles and laws for a health emergency. In the past, only the sick were quarantined and that worked fine. Even in Florida, that is what they are recommending. If you do have Covid, then stay home. But even these “slight” changes have destroyed economies and bankrupted families. Businesses have been destroyed also.

The Democrats do not want small business. They prefer a Microsoft, and with only one to deal with, they can control them much better. This Covid has wiped out uncountable numbers of small businesses. This was not by accident.

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