Marianne Williamson as a False Prophet

Marianne Williamson as a False Prophet is a weird woman wanting control over the United States with a cultic twist under the influence of Oprah.Williamson is a Democrat. She pretends to be a good presidential candidate, although even the Democrats as a whole do not really embrace her. She is still around. From the position of a Christian, it is interesting that I found a page with some links to their articles on it.

Marianne Williamson

On this page, they have several articles examining what she is holding and espousing. I am reproducing these links here so that you can get an idea of where she is as far as from a Christian’s viewpoint.

A Course in Miracles — A Christian Worldview Evaluation

“Is A Course in Miracles Heretical? How Do I Talk to My Friend Who Believes It?”
“Your Article on A Course in Miracles Is Very Disturbing”

Oprah: America’s Beloved False Teacher

Oprah’s Spirituality: Exploring ‘A New Earth’ – A Christian Critique

The False Teaching of “The Secret” – A Christian Evaluation

Marianne Williamson as a False Prophet

Author: Pastor Dave

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