White Supremacy and the MAGA Movement

White Supremacy and the MAGA Movement

White Supremacy and the MAGA Movement

Let’s understand that there is a war going on for control and domination of the United States. Although I could point fingers at Russia, Communism, Socialism, George Soros and company, and many other “external” agents, the truth of the matter is that whoever is behind this war, the actors are in America and are American citizens for the most part. Many or most of these actors are in the Democrat Party.

In the battle of words for public opinion, it is common that “mud” is slung onto somebody or some group by others. This is incorrect but it is the common way of fighting in our day. When it comes to racism, White Supremacy and the Nazi mindset, the people who like to fling this mud need to do an in depth study of the people who actually promote these concepts.


Racism is the attack against ANYBODY of any race, color, religious view, or political party simply because they dislike them. In the heated flames of attacking whites that hold grudges against blacks, the black racism against white people is completely ignored or denied. The truth of the matter is, while at one time in the past, racism against blacks was a problem, we have opened the doors of wealth, power, and control to blacks and other minority ethnic groups. These people are…

(1) seen in popular positions. Why is the balance in these positions? If blacks make up only 20% of our population (Hispanics 10%), then equality should mean that this is exactly the percentage that blacks or Hispanics should occupy in everything. Look at sports and tell me that there are only 20% of blacks in football or basketball. Why do they not put limits on blacks in these positions if they want to make thing equal? Also, turn on the TV set, go to a movie theater, or see any entertainment, and tell me the balance is according to this percentage. Advertising in the US is not 80% blacks, 10% gays or trans, and 10% minorities. Fine. As a white man, what in the commercial would appeal to me? I am not against them, but I would like to see some white non-gay, non-trans men so that I can identify with them using that product.

(2)  as seen in wealth.The fact that some actor like Will Smith is a billionaire from his acting career makes a liar out of this claim that whites are supreme and that they keep others under their wicked control is just plainly a lie. Smith’s striking another black in an awards ceremony just goes to show you that there is nothing noble or honorable in this rich man. He is a gross low life, that is morally bad.

(3) as seen in governance of our country. If White Supremacy and racism are dominating our country, then why are there so many minority Senators, Representatives, state governors, etc.? That is not how they would act if whomever truly controls on country had deep seated racism in their mind and actions. While on this point, exactly how is it that the Democrat rulers, the movers and shakers in the Democrat Party are mostly white males? Look inward Democrats before you call others racist.

White Supremacy

White supremacy is like Nazism. Simply because, one race is better than another one. Their view is that everybody and everything has to be white. While they tolerate women, they basically view things better if white men are in charge.

One of the things that I think shows that the majority of the country is not white supremacists is that of doctors. Medical schools are filtering out white men, and any foreigner, especially women, are getting into these positions. In all professional fields, it seems that this is the normal.

The fact that there is not a concerted unity effort to stop this means that white supremacy is not active or even around when these decisions are being made. You cannot charge the nation with white supremacy when whiteness is not an issue among whites, and they accept as equals people of other color.

We need to understand some things here. First of all, a white person can not hold grudges against blacks, but that doesn’t go very far when a black person steals from you, beats you up, or just offends you for no real reason. What Democrats and those who want to accuse everybody and everything of racism are doing is MAKING A DIVIDE between whites and people of color. Whites say exist and prosper. Blacks want the whites to cease to exist. Go jump in the ocean and never come back or commit suicide.

Equality does not mean eliminating one group of people completely. If people wanted the blacks dead, then they would be punished by the law. So how is it that supposedly non-racist people can openly say they want white males to just die? To illustrate the point, if a white uses the n word, they are greatly attacked. People lose their jobs for this. Yet in my world, I have heard black males call other people the n word, and it is okay. Nobody does anything except chuckle at the racist comment. In a non-racist world, whatever one group does, it is fair for the other group to do the same.

When I was in high school, the school was mixed with blacks. We had a fire drill, and everybody left their possessions and marched outside. When we returned, one of my best friends, a black guy, was sitting in front of me, and he saw that somebody had stolen his book. He shouted out, “who is that n____ that stole my book?” Being in that environment, whites were taught to never use that word, and it struck me funny. Harry looked at me and asked if I stole his book? I said no, that I had never heard a black person use that word before like that. Harry asked me, do you know the difference between a black man and n____? I said no. He said a black man has black skin, and a n____ is somebody that would steal his book. Don’t call people n_____s. It is like calling a white person white trash. It is derogatory.  But the point here is that there needs to be an even playing field for everybody. The standards for whites should be the same as for blacks.

Let’s not miss the point though. A n____ is somebody who gets what they want through illegitimate means. They steal, they deceive, and they work things so that they get luxuries, wealth, position, power, and their own will in things without having to work a hard job, using a lot of talent and hard work preparing in school, in order to legitimately buy what they want. This is the modern situation with the US government giving everything to the blacks, but being stingy to do the same to white people. In the end, God is sovereign, and these freebies come back to haunt those who live off of them instead of the principle of hard work.


Hitler believed in the Arian race. These fair haired white skinned people were deemed by Hitler as being the privileged ones that should rule the world. What is true about Hitler is that Hitler was a dictator and used this white supremacist concept to get power. In the end, his solution was to kill anybody he didn’t like or that would not go along with him. This included Germans who resisted him.

The parallelism is there, but not in the MAGA movement. It is in the leftist, woke people who are using these accusations as grounds for physical violence against anybody who is against them. This includes even their own people if they are not woke enough for them.

Nazism uses racism to accomplish a hatred in people that allows or actually motivates them to hurt and/or kill other people.

What the MAGA Movement is not

The MAGA movement is to Make America Great Again. It is not defined by any of these concepts. If there are White Supremacists within the MAGA group, they are not searched for to be the leaders or the speakers of the movement. So to accuse MAGA of that is to distort the reality that we see.

One of the key components here of these issues is very simply, MAGA wants a fair and equal America. A place ruled by the law that our founders established. This means that there is not racism against blacks, but also, there is not racism against whites either. A fair country has no place for discriminating against anybody except on what they are. In other words, how a person actually performs is the determining factor in things.

If you go to a black doctor who does not know his trade, and he does you wrong, maybe you will go to a white doctor instead. The point is which doctor of whatever color knows his trade best. That is the one we go to. If that is a black doctor, I have no problem with paying him what I would have paid a white doctor. Blacks do the same. The performance of people is what should get them good paying jobs or not.

It is extremely ridiculous to say that there are very few black doctors making a lot of money, therefore we must pay a lot of money to them when they don’t know what they are doing. That is what is being pushed today, and has been pushed for 40-50 years now. Some black person gets a good paying job simply because of the color of their skin when their job performance would mean they shouldn’t even be in that profession. There are whites that are likewise no good at what they do, and they should be kicked out of these choice jobs. Especially in politics and government, and now the military is suffering with this same malady.

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White Supremacy and the MAGA Movement

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