Biden’s War on Fossil Fuel

Biden's War on Fossil Fuel is a news article about Biden turn on Coal energy production in the United States.

Biden’s War on Fossil Fuel is a news article about Biden turn on Coal energy production in the United States.

See Biden Gleefully Announces His Plans to Shut Down Coal Plants Across America… A Move That Would Cause Hundreds of Thousands of Americans to Lose Their Jobs [VIDEO]

Biden Gleefully Announces His Plans to Shut Down Coal Plants Across America… A Move That Would Cause Hundreds of Thousands of Americans to Lose Their Jobs [VIDEO]

Well the latest salvo in Biden’s war against America, oh, sorry, war against fossil fuels is now his attack on the coal industry.

Just a though here. Take a trip back 10 or 20 years ago (while the “thing” of going on a trip is still acceptable). As a Democrat strategist, they would not want a “popular” Democrat president to do the dirty work here. No, not an Obama, but a bumbling fool of a Democrat president that doesn’t have anything to lose in looking stupid.

Now they plan to destroy fossil fuel, and all those faithful, loyal Democrat union works in the oil, coal, etc. industries need to be “transitioned” into something else, i.e. they need to lose their jobs and their industry “shut down.” Wouldn’t what we are seeing now exactly how that plan work itself out? Yes. The only problem would be such a plan is too intelligent for Democrats who usually muck up everything they do.

America no longer NEEDS Coal

So Biden is basically declaring that we no longer need coal. This is an echo of his first days in office when he declared that America doesn’t need fossil fuel. Amazing that the White House is powered by electricity coming from oil, gas, and coal generators undoubtedly. That’s okay for us, but not for you America.

Why doesn’t America need coal, need oil, need L.P. natural gas?

Well, that is the thing. Nobody is giving any reason to any of this. It is just so because I tell you it is so. That is the only reason. What America NEEDS in electricity is not going to be met by solar or wind. Beyond being sufficient on a monthly basis, every night the energy production is going to brown out. So why is this our operating policy now? Who decided it besides Joe Biden? So the Democrats put up a kooky idea and then because they promote it, now it is “accepted science” without any studies that are done by serious scientist nor are they peer-reviewed. Just a dictator dictating what is reality.

So another whole industry that is essential to our country is now under attack. Yet look at Europe. European countries are facing a harsh winter with no energy. This problem of Russia cutting off the flow of energy is exactly why the United States should be energy independent. So nobody can do this to us. But instead of protecting us by wise governing, we have blind fools making a possible bad situation come to crisis. It was not so many years ago that Texans froze to death because there was no energy.

Democrats do not believe in preparation except if they can personally make money from it, or they can make political hay from it. The whole idea and major thrust of the Democrat party over the past 60 years of giving public assistance to poor black people seems to be completely a political maneuver by them to gain votes. Now those black people that have WIC for groceries will freeze to death because of the Democrats. Yea. We see how far their “concern” for the welfare of black people go. Democrats only use people to get what they want.

On Friday, Joe Biden attended an event in Carlsbad, California, where he announced that he plans to shut down all of America’s coal plants because they cost “too much money,” despite the coal industry being a major contributor to the U.S. economy. (taken from the article cited above)

Yea. Costs too much money. But coal is a very efficient form of energy. In the US, the energy regulations make coal very clean compared to say China. Obviously Biden has never investigated how much solar and wind energy costs. Also, just take a quick look at electric vehicles, and you will see $60k dollars to purchase it, and anywhere from $10k to $30k to change the batteries at 10 years. And we are supposed to believe car manufacturers when they say the typical battery pack in a EV will last 10 years. Probably more like 8. So if Biden is worried about saving money, what up with inflation on Biden’s watch? This guy is so stupid and out of sync with the real world that you just shake your head at him.

If solar is so cheap, then why is the US government paying for it for customers? There are ads everywhere that you can get the government to pay for the installation and all the costs of solar on your house. If it is so cheap why are they paying for it with taxpayer money? Why don’t they let the consumers pay for it?

These solar panels have rare earth metals that are not recoverable once the panels are no longer of use. All of that pollution goes back into the ground to contaminate our ground water.

Biden’s War on Fossil Fuel

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