Why people want to Ruin the United States

Why do people want to Ruin the United States is an opinion piece on why there are people who hate and want to ruin the United States.

Why do people want to Ruin the United States is an opinion piece on why there are people who hate and want to ruin the United States.

The Root of the Problem

The root of all of this problem is simply that these people who hate the United States, they hate the system of the United States as well as the religion of the United States, Christianity. I know, today, Christianity is on the wane. But that is exactly the same factors, people, working against what America was founded on, their belief in God.

It is highly hypocritical of these people to firstly, not let the people who believe in capitalism, and running a nation under God to just let them alone and do their own thing. You see, the problem is not in our system of government as the founders of America made it or set it up. It is in other nations and people of other mind sets that HATE GOD, HATE THE ENTIRE CAPITALISM SYSTEM. What these people want is to enter the United States in order to totally destroy, ruin, and change America to something against the founding fathers principles.

America was founded on principles of the Bible. We have as our motto, “In God we trust”. This is the concept of Judeo-Christian God and principles, i.e. expressed in the Bible. Under these principles, we do not persecute people who believe differently from us. That must be taken as an absolute must believe and practice for everybody in America. But unfortunately, Muslim come into America, take advantage of our system, and get into government. Muslims hate everybody not Muslim, and under their thinking, it is the duty of Muslims to hate and destroy any non-Muslim. How can these people come in and get into government over people of other beliefs? This is a situation which is totally we are going to regret.

But beyond the obvious, let’s analyze this. Even Mormons, and other groups which are not really Christian per se, these people are entering government, and like in Utah, they have enough people in their group that they are putting people of their mindset into the US Congress. If they are going to be in government, their mindset should not be to protect their own, make laws that go against the majority but in favor of their minority. Supposedly, they swear to uphold the constitution. Again, our system provides for fairness to all, and protection of differences in religion. But that has somehow been lost in America.

Democrats (some Republicans also) have made it their goal to destroy the America that the founders envisioned. Okay. But they swear on the Bible, but then they hate and destroy anything having to do with that same Bible. They also swear to uphold the Constitution, but they see the Constitution as a chalkboard where anybody can wipe away anything there and replace it with anything they want. The bottom line is that they are liars. For all their promises and swearing to uphold this and that, they do exactly the opposite. As they reveal themselves, somebody should confront them and their lack of loyalty and fealty to the Bible and Constitution.

Illegal Immigration and Legal Immigration

The fact that our government (specifically those who want to change America from what the founding fathers wanted it to be) is allowing wholesale immigration of people who are terrorists and want to destroy America, this is against what is best for every America. Some people want Socialism and others want outright Communism. That is fine. Let them want and work for that. Let them go to North Korea or China and see how it goes for them there. Because the people in these places are fleeing these countries with their poisoned political systems like crazy.  But protect America from these people. Do not let them come into our country (and they are entering illegally, and the Democrats are bribing them to vote Democrat because that is the party facilitating all of this), and worse, enter into political positions and destroy our country.


Let’s be frank, the Bible proposes that homosexuality (including lesbianism, transgenderism, and everything in that package) to be an abomination. Some things in the Bible are just sin. They are against the will of God. But some of these things are so bad that God calls them an abomination. The wrath of God is weighing heavily, saving up wrath against wrath, and one day God will release that wrath on the people who do these perversions and also on the people that accommodate or accept and promote these abominations.

As a government, we have to learn not to force our own concepts and religious beliefs on people living with us. But at the same time, perversity should be reprimanded and stopped as much as we can do so. We have more protections in our laws against harming turtle eggs than we do, stopping the murder of unborn children. Something is wrong. For our “openness” to allow people of different religions to co-exist with us, we do not demand and forcefully stop these same people from ruining our country.

Tolerance is not Always a Good Things

It is good to speak of you being tolerant, but is it really a good thing to be tolerant when some unknown person breaks into your house, rapes your wife and daughter, steals or destroys everything of value you have and then leaves without any kind of police for or justice? No, it is not. Our tolerance has to stop when being tolerant causes us harm and damage, to you, yours, and your family. Gays are after your children. They cannot reproduce themselves by their perverted sex, men with men, and women with women. So they become teachers and Boy Scout leaders and other such positions where they can be around and influence other people’s children (with the idea of converting them to their sexual perversion). At one time, the gays had the motto of, “Live and let live”. Do not bother us and let us live how we want to live. But this was only until they built up strength, and then they changed that to “you have to practice our sexual perversions or else.” This is why God commanded in ancient Israel that the homosexual should be put to death. They will not live and let us live, but rather their perversions have overtaken their lives such that they want to force non-perverts to forcefully be converted by the abomination itself.

Have you ever contemplated the story of Sodom and Gomorrah? Those who were visiting their city were targets for the Sodomites, and they came knocking on their door and were to forcefully sodomize these visitors. This is the real homosexual. His sexual perversion is a god for him. He cannot tolerate people who are no homosexuals (and even those who are fight among themselves with one another). This is where you need to understand why God commanded capital punishment on those who practice and believe in sodomy.

What will happen…

Yes, if you get rid of all the homosexuals and perverts, just “normal” people will still cause problems. Yes, the human being is a sinful creature. But by prohibiting Sodomy like the United States did in the past, it will stop the converting of our children to their perversions. If their argument is that “God made them that way”, which is false, because God sees Sodomy as an abomination, and God does not lock anybody into that lifestyle that God hates, but if for a moment, you accept that argument, I am a person who is “locked into” the lifestyle God has commanded, 1 man with 1 woman for life, and so why don’t I get respect from the gay community? Why can’t I demand respect from these gays? This only works one way, their way or no. So we need to understand this and equally be cruel with stopping these perversions from having free course.

Why people want to Ruin the United States

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