Trickle Down versus Bidens Not a Drop

Trickle Down versus Bidens Not a Drop is a post on thoughts about what the difference between the two "economics" really is, and what is good and bad about it.

Trickle Down versus Bidens Not a Drop is a post on thoughts about what the difference between the two “economics” really is, and what is good and bad about it.

Have you noticed the difference in ideals between what the Republicans want and what the Democrats want? (using what the Democrat leaders want, basically)?

This article is inspired from article Will somebody please wake me up from this nightmare!

Trickle-Down Economics

The website proposes that tax breaks, less business rules (between the government and businesses), as well as other benefits for businesses will eventually “trickle down” to yield income benefits to regular “little guys”. The normal people will benefit from these actions. The idea behind this is that the government reaps great revenue income from businesses, which eventually (because they have to remain solvent at all times, or they cease to exist) means that businesses have to make money somewhere, so they take money away from two places, their employees, they pay them less money, and their customers, i.e. they charge more.

The idea is that when businesses prosper, i.e. make a profit, then they can reverse this trend, i.e. pay their employees more, and charge less for their services and products.

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Modern Business Thinking

What has happened in our day is a new thing created by the liberal left. When businesses “make money” (and even when their actions cause them to go broke like Walt Disney with their bad movies), they use that gain to do social identification. Actually, they become like religious organizations, preaching whatever morality they believe in. So when a huge company makes a lot of profit, the company ignores its customers, ignores its employees, and even ignores its shareholders. The company’s CEO and his companions decide what moral point they want to preach, and they go to it with the company profits.

If I understand this correctly, friends, this is the download of the western civilization! Businesses, as an element in our modern world, is headed for extinction! The point here is that these businesses have modern educated persons that basically are the 1960s hippies in suits. Yes, you can put a suit on a hippie and make him a CEO. That is possible, but you didn’t take his ideas from him, so he will continue with his ridiculously wrong ideas, which is where we are today with these large woke companies.

So let’s return to the 1950’s hippie movement and look at it a bit. Firstly, they refuse to obey the law and authority. That was saturating the hippie movement. They want others to pay their taxes so that society in America continues, but they regularly as they can cheat on their taxes. So they are “privileged” “elites” that are above the law. They regularly use illegal drugs because they are not subject to the same laws that other people are. At some point, they remove or change the laws against drugs, and in the cocaine in the White House story, the FBI found marijuana twice in the past during the Biden president years. Marijuana use and possession is not illegal in D.C. Wow! Like, we are surprised to find this out? No.

But the idea behind all of this is that these drug mind altered people are using other people’s money to further their own desires. This is the problem, really, and the solution to the problem is for normal American citizens to recognize it and stop it at the political level and at the business level. Businesses can run themselves however they want to do so, but they have legal responsibilities towards their employees that the federal laws set forth. They also have responsibilities towards their investors, and while they DO HAVE a wide latitude of possibilities as far as their actions in running their company, the bottom line is that they have to MAKE A PROFIT or their investors will say goodbye and withdrawn their money. But think about state and private pensions fund managers that are responsible for other people’s retirement funds. These entities now are run by the same drug mind altered CEOs.

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So there are forces in play in all of this. The desire of weird people, mentally deficient people, being forced upon people who disagree with their demented ideas is a modern problem. We see this with the “educate your kids in sexual perversion by a pervert” department, i.e. grooming kids for the sexual pleasures of these weirdos.

At one time in America, this would have been illegal, but once the hippies are in Congress and are changing the laws and preventing any good laws that would protect people and their wealth, then anything goes today. Anything goes except returning America to good footing.

But the idea of trickle-down economics is that if these businesses were not oppressed by big government, they could make a profit, and under normal circumstances, they would return these profits to their investors, employees, and eventually their customers.

But we are not under “normal” times, but are experiencing lunacy at the highest levels. Budweiser Beer company would rather identify with an unpopular moral position rather than make money. Since they are a company with billions of dollars in their spreadsheet each year, coming in and going out, they can suffer through financial loses for their “preaching their version of morality”. Their investors will eventually come to bear on the leadership of this company, and the leadership will change.

The customers will enter in by boycotting their products. This is where the biggest loss will be felt. The millions of dollars that the company is gifting (tithing to their morality) is nothing compared to the billions of dollars that they are losing in sales. Of note, Budweiser is “helping” their national store chains that move their products, because a loss of sales affects others besides just that company. A bottling plant that bottles their products is also downsizing. So actions have consequences, and you need to foresee what will happen as best you can. (To be clear here, don’t let the brain rattled drug users make important decisions.)


Biden is not smart. Trump is probably not smart either to be fair, but Trump was and is a businessman. He doesn’t have to be smart. All he has to do is put resources (money) behind people who are smart and set them to fix a problem. Trump seems to be very good at doing this. At some level, those smart people have to explain the situation, the problems, and the solutions to Trump in such a way that they convince him of what is what and how to fix it.

Biden is hopelessly lost in all of this. His mental abilities are null, nothing, he is brain empty. He only “decides” what his handlers tell him. Even within the Democrat party, there are those who are pushing their agenda (big government, government control of everything), and there are those who are making the Public Relations for Biden, which want to hold back all of this somewhat because of bad optics.

But the bottom line, in Bidenomics, is very simple. Everything that is necessary and good in life needs to come from a Democrat or the Democrat party. Even the hand outs from the federal government are not acceptable, coming from laws and agencies that have some Republican presence. They want to “be god” to “we the people.” They want to legislate morally, they want to be the person giving all supply and needs to everybody.

In order to do this, they want to “stop the drips” of income to the people. Everything has to come THROUGH THEM (big government) and really nothing through other sources. What a person works 40 hours a week for, his income, is impinged upon by taxes and other factors so that it essentially becomes nothing. There is no “disposable income”, no discretionary income. What you earn barely will pay for your most basic expenses. Then you have to look to government handouts in order to survive. That is where the Democrat Bidenomics comes in. Without that federal government help (cities and states have already implemented the same where they are in power), you will never get ahead.

That all presupposes that the Democrats are in power in order to achieve this help.

“America” originally conceived

Is this the America originally conceived of by the founding fathers? Probably not in a million years. Government was necessary to them, but their idea of government was to do the necessary things that only government can do, but at the same time, to protect the citizens from abuses, and the worst abuses they say coming from government. That is why they put so many of those nasty limitations that Democrats hate.

What if when Businesses make a profit, they don’t share

This is really a serious problem. But there are factors and forces that work against that. When consumers purchase their services and products, then the business can make a profit. But with the greed of “people”, there is a lot of selfishness. Indeed, we see the super rich today, and what we remember about them is simply that they have luxurious lifestyles that normal people can rarely achieve. But there are some interesting factors. If a business has investors and the business makes a lot of profit but doesn’t share that with their shareholders, people get “disenfranchised”, i.e. they abandon that business at an investor level.

Equally, their employees can get disenfranchised, and this is seen not by the employees leaving the company (but that happens very frequently and ALWAYS because the perks and pay don’t satisfy them), but the employees begin working “producing less profit” and the forces of unions and such grind against the business. That is, if their employees are grounded American workers that understand their opinions. If the bulk of their employees are foreigners, recently entered the country, then they will work for whatever wage is given them until some time in the future when they “wake up” to the reality of what they can do to force the business to give them more.

The customers likewise get disenfranchised when the quality of the product versus the price doesn’t add up. In that case, the only factor that will force people to continue with the business and their sorry products or services is if there is no competition. Our federal government today has strong forces to force small businesses into bancrupcy that offer an alternative. So this is deliberate on the government’s part. They side with big business for lower salaries, and no alternatives to these products and services.

Welcome to Communism folks!

Communism works to make the government the only owner and controller of all business. These steps are exactly how communism works. The only significantly different factor in what Communism we have today and what has historically taken place in other countries is that people are still fighting to enter our country and play the game here.

Trickle Down versus Bidens Not a Drop

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