Failure Kings of Politics

Failure Kings of Politics is an editorial on politicians that just completely are failures at what they are supposed to be experts of. I examine politician and “medical politicians.”

Get our bearings first

When certain people say we should trust them and put them in charge of things, then they do that on the basis that they really know what they are doing (they are experts at it) and that they can make things well or better or super excellent. You never what to trust your automobile or health to somebody who confesses they are just beginning to understand their “field of expertise” and although they will mess up things a lot, eventually they might get a few things right. No we want experts.

Joe Biden as President

Joe Biden fought President Trump. Biden’s claim was that Trump didn’t know what he was doing, and Joe did. Trump didn’t have a plan on the Covid emergency, nor on the economy, nor on governing. Biden’s trashed President Trump’s removing regulations from businesses. Joe trashed Trump’s tax cuts and promised that he would repeal that quickly once in office, and his promise to the American people, “You will pay more taxes under me.”

The Economy

President Trump came into the Oval Office as a private business that had his properties valued into the billions of dollars. I would call that a success. Contrary to all the bragging that politicians did on the economy, let’s face facts. For about 35 years now America has been in a recession and on the border of a depression. Ronald Reagan just about succeeded in bringing the US economy out of it, but stand run-of-the-mill politicians from both parties could not bring us out of recession. Talk was that if the US ever came out of that recession, it would 50 years of a lot of politics to get it done. There were no quick fixes. That is the typical politicians on both sides of the aisle talking.

What did Trump do? He promised and succeeded in suspending high taxes, regulations that were choking businesses and put money in people’s pockets (Reagan’s supply side economics). Whatever your view on that is, it worked. For 3 years the stock market broke one record after another. Common people’s income was about $6000 more per year per family under Trump.

Joe Biden promises to undo that, and according to Biden you will pay more taxes and have less after taxes income to spend. Biden is predicting that things won’t get even marginally better economically for 10 years or more. (That providing Trump doesn’t win in 2024 of course.) Why did Biden get elected again?

Covid emergency

For all the pontificating that Joe did in 2020, once he got into office, he quickly declared that he had no plan for the health emergency. Follow the science was his accusation in 2020. Wearing masks, up to 2 or 4 of them at the same time. And Joe bought billions of dollars of masks from China. Who is Joe rooting for? China or the USA?

Trump handed Biden the vaccine. Now we find out that in Biden’s way of thinking about things, it is better to keep back 20% of what is produced each month for some deep dark reason. Instead of vaccinating first line medical people and the elderly and sick, we need to vaccine illegal aliens and prisoners in Guantanamo. Whose side is Biden on? Foreigners? But young and healthy Ocasio Cortez was vaccinated with back in the fall, because she is a privileged elite.

Bottom line, Biden has no health plan for Covid. He is just going to wait it out, and hope it goes away quickly. Maybe Trump was trying to be optimistic. But that is a lot better than “dark days are the only thing ahead of us” Biden.

Government Business Regulations

The principle here is very clear, and no Democrat will gladly accept it. Free enterprise capitalism works. If the government doesn’t restraint free enterprise, then it will flourish and the country will flourish. Democrats only want more power, and that translates into more rules for everybody else. They think they are exempt from the rules if they don’t like them, i.e. Nancy Pelosi going to a beauty parlor without a mask while making laws against anybody doing that same thing. California has its Democrat politicians closing restaurants but having private parties for these same politicians. In Michigan, the governor’s husband takes their boat out for a party on the lake but for everybody else it is against the law.

The short of this is that the government under previous Democrat rule-making drove businesses into the ground. They could hardly make any profit. At every turn and corner, the Democrats were stressing businesses. Trump took over, and things flourished greatly until the Democratic panic machine shut everything down. Biden took over and now we really are going to see the economy tank.

Taxes and Making more Income

Trump’s preoccupation and focus was getting more money into consumers’ hands. That is what picks up the economy. Trump did it within a few months of entering office and it worked well. Remember that the Democratic war machine opposed everything Trump did at every turn and instance. They then lambasted him personally and politically, trying to stop anything he tried to do.

Again Biden entered to overturn everything Trump did. It did not matter that it was good and blessed America, Trump and his conservatism is hated by them. They think, “damn the country.”


Overall, over the past 20 years, we are seeing our country seriously destroyed. Our country should stand on the laws and principles of our founding fathers. What has to be is made into law by the Congress and signed by the president. That is going the way of the kookoo bird, and now governing is by presidential edict. The counter part of this is that the federal courts are now checking what a president is doing. Where was this kind of thing in the founding of our country? It wasn’t anywhere to be found. Our founding fathers should be turning over in their graves about now.

The Fauci Medical Preparedness Team

I had not heard of Fauci before last year or so. My question is very simple. Wasn’t it Fauci and team at the CDC to study what would happen in an epidemic, and prepare us for it. Wasn’t that the mission of the CDC under Fauci’s team? I mean for 20, 30, 40 years, they were to study it constantly, know what is what, how it happens, how it develops, how it is transmitted, how it is cured. This is not a Covid 19 preparedness mission, but a constant, any disease that comes along preparedness mission.

So how do we grade their millions and millions of US taxpayer money spent? I would give them a big “F.” And I would observe that under Obama, we had a similar disease. So what are the points here?

First of all, protective equipment. In the H1N1 epidemic the nation’s supply of masks and other protective equipment was hit and hit hard. Obama received recommendations to resupply and he didn’t. Why didn’t they try again harder, firmer, etc? The least they could have done was to spend 2-3 million of the millions they receive to be prepared on masks. They could have kept the US production pipeline open. I mean their mission was to look at scenarios and prepare what they could for them. Surely a world wide epidemic would have been one of them.

Moreover, I think that before the H1N1 epidemic, most people thought of masks as far as the medical personnel exclusively using them. If studies had been done, then somebody should have put two plus two together and figured that the mask need would have to extend to the 300+ million citizens and visitors in the US. But again, our medical preparedness people were asleep at the wheel. They missed the upcoming need, and they missed the sourcing. One thing is to buy and warehouse a big supply. Another thing is to have the US companies that make them have extra machines and people trained on them to shift to their production if needed.

Secondly, yearly ongoing investigations into new flu strains. Last year (2020) I saw video from the BBC of investigative teams studying the diseases of ducks in Wuhan. This is about 2 years before the Covid 19. They study every year what diseases the birds have because about 1 year later it is the same virus in people. It jumps from animals to people. But where are the US medical investigative teams doing the same? I mean, for supposedly being expert medical investigators, Fauci is a real flunk out.

I don’t want to be mean, but really. Covid 19 didn’t come from space. There are and have been other strains of the Coronavirus around and are presently around, so medical research could use those threats to get their act together. But medicine in the US has become a money making machine instead of a benefit to the general public. If somebody isn’t making money from it, then it isn’t developed. Really? And the government Fauci types that are receiving a lot of money and nothing to show for it?

Thirdly, the vaccine. I personally doubt the value of vaccines. So I am talking about things I don’t personally believe in, but in the world of politics, they do believe that that is the solution. So my observation is that Trump did exactly perfectly what the US should have done. He mobilized pharmaceutical companies to jet speed a vaccine, and then broad band distribution of it through the US military.

So what he did should have been well planned about 20 years and been a plan in place that would have been activated automatically when an epidemic happens. Fauci is well behind the curve, following Trump and picking up crumbs from Trump. It is amazing that the CDC did not have this preplanned and ready to go years ago. So they are just picking up their checks for a quarter of a million dollars to sit in their offices and ready the funny pages?

Fourthly, ventilators. If every year there are influenza based diseases coming out of China, and these all end up with people getting pneumonia, being placed on a respirator or ventilator, then a high school computer class could do a computer emulation of that and seen that the number of ventilators would exhaust the existing supply very easily.

Fifthly, extensive studies while the epidemic is developing. Here I would see two things, studying how a particular disease is transmitted, identified, and treated. Secondly, I would think that what the Democrats were saying in 2020 is very true. Follow the science. But they make their own truths, so the following actions are all out of whack.

But developing an “in place” science development arm of the government is very needful. That needs to be constantly, yearly funded by the federal government. All of the hoopla about masks and quarantining should have been well studied out, and those studies done pre-covid 19 should be readily repeated with the Covid 19 virus. Scientists that are not politicians nor political need to come out with authority from the Federal government to tell the public and government if using a mask really makes a difference or not, and the by-rules of that.

First of all, a mask is best used to protect a person from the Covid 19 germs or is it to protect the public from an asymptomatic person that could be contaminating others? How does a person contract this disease? Touching, breathing, close contact with a carrier, causal 1 yard distance talking? From droplets from them?

Secondly, how can a person be protected from this disease? Vitamins? Specific medications to protect a healthy person? Medications to blunt the intensity of the disease? We are 1 year almost, and these basic questions have yet to be answered. Nancy Pelosi or President Trump are not qualified to speak to them, so they should remain out of it.

Thirdly, how does comorbidity (other serious health problems) affect people who get Covid 19? Do cancer patients fare poorly compared to the general population?

All of the famous “follow the science” stuff should have had preparatory readiness. I think one of the most important elements of this is to detect early cases, and share medical information on its seriousness, its method of spreading, its treatment, etc. I commend Trump for taking medications that are not for Covid-19 but work. Why was not this possibility prepped and ready when this broke out. Take active virus and see how every medicine that is normally used for something affects it. Covid 19 will have come and gone and be history before any of these questions are even formally address by medical research. Again they dropped the ball.

In the six place, hospital and treatment logistics should have been worked out into nation-wide plans well ahead of time. It would seem to me (hindsight here speaking) that the military could have set up field hospitals all across the country to just deal with the epidemic patients leaving the regular hospitals free to treat normal patients with normal diseases. Some kind of triage for anybody wanting medical attention outside of hospitals to see immediate if the person has the disease before they are allowed within the normal hospital.

Beyond that, the government could have set up the same parallel thing between soldiers and national guard, with regular doctors and a national guard medical corp. These people would all be medical personnel, or retired medical personnel that are kept up to date on innovations in medicine and ready to be implemented when needed, and regularly spending a weekend in a hospital somewhere.

I think that the entire medical help by a nurse or doctor via the Internet could have been prepared ahead of time if the CDC was on their toes. That keeps the medical personnel from being exposed while giving professional medical help to the common folk.

Logistically, I think this thing was a big failure. The points of continued food and medicine distribution during an epidemic should have been worked out ahead of time. Key businesses could have been briefed so that they would have plans to keep making money during the epidemic.

The economic difficulties we are seeing today should have been well studied before all of this. Shutting down businesses and everything should be investigated as to the cost in health risk if they continue through it, or the economic cost to workers and businesses if these quarantines are used. Individual mayors and governors should not be making these decisions on their on because they will make them as to their own political power advantages. That should be taken from them, and they should be made by a consensus of medical professionals.

Epidemiologists would have everybody sealed up in a plastic bubble until it is over. Again, the economic blows should be gauged against the medical risks. The wrong people were making these decisions in Covid 19.

As an adjunct to this point, should certain groups be given special considerations and protected from outside contamination? For example, people with asthma should be closed in their house (maybe with a younger family member), and special considerations given to them. Maybe doctors using video visits. But these people should be readily shuttered when this epidemic starts.

Maybe there should be general health incentives thought up. Health insurance companies that give a reduced monthly deduction if people can prove that they don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t take drugs, exercise regularly, take vitamins etc.

Seventh, politics.

Do we not have a State Department any more? Why didn’t they pressure China to shut down their wet markets? They were shut down from outside political forces before, but they reopened. In a world wide epidemic, wouldn’t the State Department be negotiating with other nations as far as ventilators, PPE and masks, vaccines, etc. How is it that politicians are using vaccines as a political weapon against their enemies and a reward system for their friends? Bad. Real bad.

I think that President Trump was right in insisting on the solution being national, in the US by US citizens and corporations. But both we can help poorer nations, and our allies an help us if there are political conduits open and always read to use if needed. It would seem that our State Department is crippled today (thanks to dear Hillary).

In general, the US medical preparedness team failed miserably. I do not know if Fauci is the top man on that, but I believe he is. He and everybody in that group get an “F” on preparedness.

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