The Implosion of the Democratic Party

Implosion of the Democratic Party is my analysis of what is happening with the Democrat party as a whole. (Post June 24 debate)

A Personal Confession

I am a Republican. I voted for Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020, and I will vote for Trump in 2024 the Lord willing. But having admitted that, I will also have to say that I could not stomach the debate last night (June 27, 2024). It irks me to no end, when people are lying. My view is that Joe Biden was lying, and I only watched a little bit of the debate. I agree 100% with a pre-debate commentary, that these presidential debates do not change people’s minds.

A General Overview of the Changed Democrat Party Today

But in stepping back some, I would like to make some observations about the Democrat party in general. Maybe my view of history is flawed, but although the typical Democrat of the same 1960 and today have a lot of elements in common, they are also greatly different.

“Back in the day,” political parties had to debate what the country should do. So a debate has two elements that are absolutely essential for them to work. (1) Both sides have to argue on the basis of facts. When we cannot even agree on what a fact is, when we twist a fact to be “your fact” versus “my fact”, then debate cannot happen. This becomes a matter of what we say is always right, and anything you say is always wrong. There is a problem there. There is no thinking. A mindset like that is a dictatorship.

I would ask you, as drastic as “the Green plan” which has as part of it, a “war on oil”, when did we decide that is the policy course that we want? I mean, to impose that on America, that is an event that both Congress and the president would have to agree on, and the Supreme Court would have to watch and overturn when and if necessary. But our country functions as a government by debate. When was that debate held?

The second necessary element of (2) is logic. In other words, the facts are x, y, and z. But the policies suggested need to be investigated (with facts) to see what scientists predict will be the results of those policy changes.

It is very disturbing to me to see that people that are experts in mining minerals (like copper) out of the ground state that if we convert most of the vehicles in America to electric, that the needed copper does not exist on the planet for charging stations and these vehicles. Okay, an argument (I want something) can proceed, but if it is physically impossible for that wish to be fulfilled, then why go on with the argument. Your side has lost.

I really do not see balance, being adult, mature, and understanding our world in the Democrat party. Let’s talk about CO2. Any basic science class from high school teaches that humans and animals breathe in oxygen and breathes out CO2. We need oxygen. Plants breathe in CO2, break the carbon off of that, and breathe out pure oxygen, and they use the carbon atom to build their leaves, stems, roots, etc. They need CO2. So this is a relationship that has no evil. What one is giving off, the other needs essentially to survive and live. So CO2 is not bad; it is not evil. It is only detrimental if a human gets too much CO2, just as it is detrimental if a plant gets too much oxygen.

But the Democrats latched onto a ridiculous understanding that they just “push” to the extreme. If something is not logical, not factual, does not correspond to reality, you do not make it real by repeating it, by bullying anybody who opposes your position with facts and logic. But that is exactly what the Democrats have done. But what is worse, when somebody is trying to steal something from somebody and tells lies, the worse thing that can happen is when they actually believe their own lies, and later act and depend on it like it is the truth. They convinced themselves of the lie, but not many others.

Joe Biden was elected by Democrat fraud, and he will get hatched by his own

I am Republican, so I like it when Democrats lose. But truthfully, I really feel sorry for Joe Biden. I mean, his party put him into office in such a way that was just fraud. Even in the re-election campaign, they forced other Democrats out of the running to protect Joe Biden. I speculate that Biden is an Obama puppet, although as easily as Obama can control Joe, he cannot keep Joe from tripping, and slipping up when he talks. Neither can Obama control Jill Biden which seems to be Joe’s caretaker, and she wants him to go through another term.

But there is some poetic justice to see Joe Biden put into office by fraud, and now he looks to be taken out of office by the same people who installed him there (the crooks of the Democrat party). They are “throwing Joe under the bus.” That is a metaphor for betraying him. As I look at Democrats in the news today, they all admit that Joe lost the debate. Now what to do about it is their question.

This betrayal is typical in politics, but it is amazing to see some Democrats take the side “we will go down with our ship (Biden)” and others say “we need to replace Biden”. I guess nobody’s above the law, except when it is convenient or a crisis for them to stay in power, then changing, ignoring and going around the law is okay. There are deadlines for a president to keep if he is on the bail come election day, and anybody who is going to take Biden’s place, it is too late to meet the filing deadlines!

The Democrat Party is imploding!

What is happening has roots going way back. When the Democrats could not come up with good debaters, with good (logical) arguments and good facts (evidence of reality), they were doomed to failure and to go the way of dinosaurs. Cheating (by fraud) just will not carry them forward. I do not think it will happen tomorrow, but I think in 10 years, the Democrat party will have problems getting even dogcatcher positions in local towns. We need to examine the reasons for this.

The Democrats turned Extreme

To understand politicians, their only rule of life is to get power and continue in power. They will lie, cheat, steal, and break any moral principle or promise that they have given in order to get and continue in power. (By the way, Republicans are the same rascals as Democrats on this point. No difference whatsoever, just a degree, with each politician being the only difference.)

So to understand this, the leaders of the Democrat party have decided (actually before Biden’s presidency) to follow the Green climate change line, and that started the crack in the party, because while these people maybe were the loudest, they were not the majority. Not to mention the problem that the run-of-the-mill American doesn’t want their country to “go Green.” One thing is to debate climate change, but to give up all the prosperity that America enjoys is another thing altogether. When the Greens and climate change extremists took over the Democrat party, they doomed the party. Their position is not scientific, and that will eventually become truth of an inconvient sort.

I have to stop here to make another note. What the Democrat party is doing is just wrong. They are doing horrible things in government, and when their policies are shown to be destructive and not constructive, who pays for their error? The American taxpayer. In other words, the Democrats have found and are using a power but wrong principle. Once they are “government officials”, they can make all the mistakes they want, and the taxpayers have to pay for their wrong thinking, but they themselves never have accountability.

The Democrats hate Trump to the extent that Trump Derangement Syndrome simply makes these people with it mentally ill. There is no reason for this. Even if Trump wins 2024, it is four years, and then Trump cannot run again. Republicans put up with 8 years of Obama, and during that time, no Republican was proud of his president. But the majority just accepted it as a bad event, like a flat tire. It is not the end of the world.

Then the Democrats had to press Trump with Lawfare, trying to make him a felon. This is directly a result of the January 6 lie that the Democrats pressed. The people marching to the capitol were not insurrectionists. If they were, they were the stupidest insurrectionists there ever were. They had no weapons, no plans to overturn the government, there are no elements of an insurrection in what the people showing up were doing. They were marching like liberals have done for years, but peacefully. Trump exhorted them before that to be peaceful. Only by lying can you twist that into an insurrection.

But the Democrats insisted that they define what happened, not the evidence. Why was the video evidence not made public from the beginning? Because it would have been very easy to reverse what the Democrat line was, it was an overthrow of our government. Nancy Pelsoi and many democrats on military committees in Congress could have called up the National Guard or regular Army, and they didn’t. They hid under their desk as elementary school kids, screaming in fright.

But what goes around, comes around.

The truth will evidently come to light, and payback will happen. What our two party political system has as an unsung rule, what you do to your opponents, be ready for them to do it back to you. This has been well understood for years between Congress and other countries. But they never understand it locally, at home.

But the point is, Democrats believe that a propaganda lie is real. What happens though is that this same propaganda can be used against them, and Donald Trump is exactly the kind of person who will do that. As they made Trump a criminal, they did not understand that by doing that by lying, they set themselves up perfectly for Trump to take away the heart of the black voters from the Democrat party. Blacks (whether real or imagened) think that they are persecuted just for being black. But they defend that by looking at their mistreatment in the legal system. The Democrats put Trump exactly into that image, being mistreated by the justifice system, and they made Trump a hero for the black voters. The black voters were a base group of the Democrat party. That destroyed a large segment of their voter base.

Latins against the Democrat Party

Democrats do not understand the typical American voter. They think that as long as they can go into the government’s piggy bank (the Treasury) and give away other people’s money, that normal people (who do anything for the almighty dollar) will vote for them. They don’t have to understand how Black voters think. The same is true with Hispanic voters. Here I will a great distinction between a legal hispanic person who has gained citizenship and can legally vote, and somebody that has swum the Rio Grande river this year and is voting. Naturalization as an American is like a one or two year process at best, and at worse, it can take 10 years and you never get to be a citizen.

Since the process is so painful, those who are naturalized are proud of having come through it with citizenship. By opening the border as Biden did, he made these people equal to American citizens (especially Latin naturalized citizens) with just showing up at the border. Then to add insult to injury, once these people “show up”, the Democrats shower them with free hotel rooms, food, money, etc. When you are scamming by giving away other people’s money, you always have to be careful, because when you don’t give the same or more to the Latin Americans that are now citizens, then they will resent everything you are doing “just for the newbies”. So the Democrats can expect that these recently (as of a few years ago) naturalized Latins will utterly hate them for not getting any goodies that they are giving to the more recent illegal immigrants. And speaking of this jealousy that is a ticking time bomb that will go off very quickly, the black population also were getting hand outs, and they are left out in the cold. All the community center expenses (millions of dollars) are now occupied by illegals that are robbing the blacks!


Then we have a year of an extraordinarily large number of hurricanes. Time frame, from now (June) through November. Wow! So all the American citizens that are going to be in the path and effected by these hurricanes (think twice to three times as many numerically, and probably some that will break records for how destructive they are), they are all going to count their blessings that their tax dollars (which has become a great burden on average Americans now) , but FEMA is going to really help them out. But once again, the party of inept governance is at it again. The Democrats have evacuated FEMA reserves spending that money and supplies on illegal immigrant give aways! This will really rankle the rank and file Democrat voter.

Inflation will make Voters turn against the Democrats

There is a very deep problem in the Democrat thinking. They think if they repeat a lie enough times (punishing anybody pointing to logic, facts, etc.), that the thing will become truth. It won’t. The truth of the matter is that the United States has been paying around with recessions for 20 years. Neither party’s potentially presidential material wanted too risk going for it when they could not fix the recession. They were politicians. That is how Obama won.

But then came along Trump. Trump’s business acumen was what really made his economy take off. People know this, it is just the Democrats that don’t want to give him credit for it. There were across the board different groups that were economically benefitted under Trump’s policies. Businessmen, all income level people, etc. all were better off under Trump. Inflation was like 2% a year. Think about it. If the Democrats didn’t want Trump to take all this credit, then what would they do. A pandemic. Everybody suffers economically under a pandemic. And that is what we got. Fauci driving the good ship America on the reefs. When Trump’s first term ended, he was handling the pandemic. That was not without forethought by the Democrats. They wanted him distracted so his economy would not put him into a second term. But inflation was very low with Trump, and real income had been up during his years.

Biden entered the presidency (I believe by fraud), and inflation grew like to (we can only guess because the powers that be at the time always lie it seems to cover for their failures) 15% per year. Gas is up 50% from when Trump was president. There are things that you can measure realistically that just goes against what people are telling you (i.e. they are lying to you).

For example, between Trump and Biden, they are neck and neck. Trump 1% to 2% below Biden. Okay. Sure. But just look at their rallies. On a nice summer like afternoon, Biden has a rally with about 50 people showing up. Hillary Clinton had rallies where I doubt there were more than 100 people. But Biden’s 50 people rallies, some 30 of those people are his staff. Counting body guards and plain clothed police, that is about another 19. Jill Biden rounds out that 50. So compare that to Trump’s rallies, some in the cold of winter, snowing, and people showing up the day before to stand in line, in the freezing weather, in the cold and snow. A venue that holds 10,000 to 20,000 people, and another 30,000 outside watching on monitors. How is that 50%/50%? Evidence that you see with your own eyes is hard to throw away just because talking head says different.

But life does seem to make things even more difficult at times. While a year ago, Biden seemed to have a pretty easy path into election day, Hamas attacked Israel. That turn of events proved completely disastrous, like a nuclear bomb for Biden. Why? Because Biden and the Democrats all want to have the Jews on their side, thinking that they are rich and make good donors. But then they pandered to the Muslims, and over the years, they filled Michigan, and took over Michigan. Always the Democrats want to “give” what they have power over, but they don’t own. No Democrat power broker is going to have illegal immigrants from Venezuela staying in their house, eating their food, etc. So Biden had to pander to the Jews and the Muslims. Not possible. So now the pro-Hamas people in the US are against Biden. Another fraction of the Democrat party is being lost by their own bumbling.

When you pander to people, essentially giving away American taxpayer money to get votes, it will always go wrong.

The Students to the Rescue

So Biden decided to pick another group of people to fill in for all this loss of voters. So he picked students with student loans. The point here is that normal Americans have been charging groceries onto their credit cards, and cannot “catch up” by paying this off. Most of these student loans are rich liberal kids, that have the money to pay their debts off (which they sought out and obligated themselves to pay it back), but they just don’t want to pay it. This kind of thing really gets under the skin of the average American. For those who didn’t go to college or couldn’t finish college, it is highly galling what Biden is doing.

So another crack in the party. Biden has successfully sunk the Democrat party almost single handedly! Great going Joe! The next 10 years or so will really be fun to watch if we can live through it.

What to expect

I believe that the Democrats cheated to get Biden in office in 2020. They probably have the aparatus to do it again, although somewhat more problematic as people are getting wise and are going to be watching the election much closer this time. But the Democrat candidate has to have enough support to make it look like it could be possible. Joe Biden isn’t looking so good. If you compare in 2024 the Biden rallies and the Trump rallies, there is no way you would believe 80% of the people would be voting for Biden. That is especially when so many Democrats come on national TV and say that they are voting for Trump.

That is the crisis of the day. How do they make Biden look like he has 51% support of America? He obviously doesn’t. So again, part of the Democrat goes left while the rest go right. Part is saying we need a new candidate (which means that they are not voting for Joe) and part says “Go down with the ship:”

Implosion of the Democratic Party

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