Are you better off with Biden than Trump?

Are you better off with Biden than Trump?

Are you better off with Biden than Trump? An honest analysis of life under the Trump presidency and under the Biden presidency.


To be fair, every politician has a way of approaching governing what is under his responsibility. While differences have to be conceded, there is a bottom line question that we have to ask ourselves, Are we better or worse off under this guy than say some other guy.

Every wanttabe politician says his way is better and he is better at governing than anybody else. But the kicker is in people lie, and politicians lie all the time. What they promise to do is often a figment of their imagination. Once in office, they can throw off pretenses of doing or even moving towards the goals that they promised in campaigning. Other can say they can fix the problems of our day, but 1) they are incapable of installing their plans, 2) they can get their policy plans installed, but inherent in these policy plans are flaws that mean their stated goals are not reached.

Some politicians says his plan of controlling prices will lower inflation, and with Jimmy Carter, it didn’t work. There were wanted consequences, the main goal didn’t materialize. We had extremely high inflation under Carter.

Trump’s Track Record

Most of the time, these politicians are in the politicial-governing environment for a lower office for a while, and we can see “their track record” or what they style of governing produces. In the case of Donald Trump, we saw Donald Trump in the office of president for 4 years. We know very clearly what his stated goals were and what the consequences were.

In the token key issues, blacks, women, Hispanics, people with handicaps, etc. all got more income, and their income when further, and their expenses as seen in inflation was lower.

Biden’s Track Record

Setting aside the fact that Biden won the election honestly (I don’t think he did), we are now seeing what Biden’s policies are producing. The highest inflation since that other high inflation president Democrat Jimmy Carter. So duh. How can a person compare the two, and somehow demonize Trump which did the country a tremendous blessing by his policies, and then trash him out of hand? Of course, this is done by the Democrats and the Democrat propaganda arm, the mainstream media. They are the opposition so this coming from them is what they always do.

Now let’s look at some other things.

The Weaponization of Government

Trump came into office with the specific goal of “cleaning out the swamp”. “The swamp” is government malfeasance or government officials using the government for self enrichment, getting power and fame. Although Trump didn’t clean out all of the mess that our government is in, he was working on that. The Democrats have entrenched themselves so deeply into our government that Trump just couldn’t easily “fire them”. The Democrats have made it so difficult to fire somebody not doing their job, and so long, that whoever starts that action against an individual will himself be out of that official government position before the process comes to a conclusion, and the new politician will cancel the disciplinary action before it goes to conclusion.

We see the FBI used against citizens stomping on their constitutional rights. We see the Steel dossier where a lie was paid for by Hillary Clinton, and everybody just accepted it as true. Trump was impeached on no evidence proving that Russia interfered with the 2016 election. So there was no evidence established for this, but the Democrat majority Congress impeached Trump anyway. Yet when Biden goes to OPEC, Saudi Arabi as their leader, and asks the head of state there to not drop oil production UNTIL AFTER THE MIDTERM ELECTIONS, that is direct interference in an election, and Biden did it openly, and there is no accountability on that issue.

So we see justice in America trampled on. What one party does is criminal while the other party does the same thing with open and confessed evidence as to what they are doing, and there is no consequences. So criminal impunity is now in America thanks to the Democrats. Is this better?

The Oil Need of America

America is a powerhouse because of their manufacturing. But factories are only going to produce something if they have energy to do so. Biden’s first acts as a new president was to kill this oil production ability that Trump made for America, and make America have to beg their enemies like Venezuela for oil to survive. We see gas prices go from under $2 per gallon to $7 in California. Is this better or worse? Can you clearly put a partisan logo on this? Democrats want to cripple America’s energy situation. Trump left the United States as a net seller of oil and gas. Biden crunched that with his policies. As Europe is looking at freezing this winter from the same Green policies as Biden and the Democrats, can you honestly say that this is somehow “better”?

Global warming, or is it Global cooling, you say. The truth of the matter is that nobody can predicate what the climate is doing. In order to even talk about a “global” climate, you need data. Hard facts and not computer models that can be screwed to one desired end or another. To talk truthfully, you really need thousands of years of temperature data to deal with. We have hardly 200 years worth. Some scientists have taken ice cores and found many times the CO2 in the water of that ice back thousands of years ago. So if climate is on a cycle going one way and then the other, all the talk of global climate change is just silly, no value, chat. People elaborate to make a point, but hard facts are not in this at all. When I see docks that have been built several hundreds of years ago tearing up those docks to rebuild them higher because of rising ocean levels, then I will give those people a little bit of credit. But until then, I cannot take what they are saying seriously. Would President Obama who pushed this global climate change buy a multi-million dollar mansion about 2 feet above sea level on the coast if he was serious about it? I mean even the hurricane danger of that kind of mansion on the coast would deter me from buying it. But not Obama.

Okay, but the point here is simply that Biden’s presidency and the way Democrats are now governing is that they have given up on the two party system where they investigate a bill before passing it is now how they govern. If the Congress would have done what they usually always have done in the past, they would examine the closing of the oil pipelines through studies and impact testimony of interested people, and then proceeded making special provisions to avoid crises, then maybe we would not be in an energy emergency in the present day. But rule by dictator is where the United States is at today. This is better? For whom? Because I notice that Nancy Pelosi is playing the stock market and getting richer and richer every day. The elites have no problem with any crisis it seems. But the common Democrat on the street is suffering just like everybody else. This is good?

Moving America to Green Energy Sources

Let’s begin this with simply a question. Who really has to make the decision to move to Green energy? Isn’t that a question so great and impacting our lives in every way that it should be on a ballot and the entire United States vote on it before it is begun? Again, this should be a country wide policy decision that is decided after the problems with this are examined.

Electric Vehicles (EVs). I saw a video the other day of a technical expert explaining that if America went 100% EV today, there would not be enough lithium and other rare earth materials in these cars for all of the vehicles. In other words, they could not replace gasoline vehicles with electric vehicles in just the United States because there is not that much rare materials in the earth. That kind of puts a kink in the plan. Another problem is that every 10 years, these electric vehicle batteries need to be totally replaced, and the old ones cannot be recycled. In other words, the entire plan stinks. It just won’t work even if the population and the government all got behind it.

The solution is being floated by Democrats. While ALL Democrat politicians will be driving cars, the normal run of the mill people should 1) using public transportation exclusively, 2) living and working all within walking distance of their house, no matter if they have to take a pay cut to do so or not. Look at the Hollywood crowd. They preach Green as a religion, yet they use personal jets to fly around the world like tic-taks. They think nothing of it. So the Democrat policy as exemplified by the Democrats and Biden (he flies to his homes when he could take electric vehicles and stop once or twice to recharge them, but he doesn’t practice what he is preaching for us to do).

This is better someway, or somehow? The real underlying solution that Democrats are wanting is that a lot of the population just die, the rest left over should just be their slaves, working hard to pay their taxes for the elites to live in luxury. (Why 87,000 additional IRS agents? To collect more taxes and squeeze America more. Don’t believe their lies that these will be only for the rich. There aren’t that many rich people out there, 87,000. Moreover, these rich people have whole armies of lawyers and tax experts to protect them. They soft targets are going to be the middle class and the poor.)

The Hamburger Test

The best test to see if you are better off under Biden is this. Can you right now take your family out to eat without any concern of what it costs? I mean, first of all, do you have cash that you can spend that is not already committed to something else (like paying for rent)? Do you have gas in your car and you can fill it up without spending $50+ to do so?

How about restaurants? Yes, are these businesses still there? Are they open from early until late? I find that if you go to some of them say at 6 p.m. they are closed because of worker shortage. This is better somehow?


If you start comparing life just a few years ago under Trump versus life under Biden, there is no comparison. Under Trump it was better and getting better all the time. I remind people that the Democrats set out to crucify Trump and overrule everything he did from 2016 until today still. How can you impeach a politician when he is no longer in office. That is just pure vengeance on their part. How about trying to prevent Trump from running in a future election? Should the electorate decide if they want this Trump guy again? The answer is obvious. Yes America wants Trump again, and no, the Democrats are in a do or die plan to deny Trump from running again. That is the simple statement of what is going on.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, Americans have had a taste of freedom, and they don’t see that in California. Freedom to water your lawn? No, not in California. Freedom to take a trip across the state when you want? No not in Democrat California. Freedom to use gas or electric stoves as you decide? No the Democrats lawmakers and Gavin Newson want you dependent only on electricity, and then these Democrat lawmaker impose rolling blackouts across the state. What is wrong with these people? They want Americans to suffer? Yes. So why do you vote Democrat? That is the question that seems very difficult to answer. Since the answer is difficult to see, I will tell yo why. Democrats put up with living worse off because somehow they think that the Democrat give away programs will somehow send stuff their way. What you don’t realize is how this is your money coming from the taxes you pay every year.

Donald Trump’s policies lowered taxes on people. That is wrong and bad according to Democrats. Why? Because the Democrats have their hand in the treasury giving away freebies to people so that these people vote for them. So after they take a huge cut of this money for themselves, they give trinkets out to people. The Democrats want these trinkets to only go to Democrats that vote for them. That is still in the wings waiting. Kamala Harris let it out. Hurricane relief should only go to communities of color and should go to them first. A white rich person who got wiped out in the hurricane, didn’t he pay his taxes just like everybody else? Yes. But his contributions are for the Democrats and their voters, not for the needy. Huh!


Are you better off with Biden than Trump?

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