The Achievements of Joe Biden 2024

The Achievements of Joe Biden 2024 is a short observation that Joe Biden has done nothing good in his 4 years, but Trump has his own record of his first term, which was excellent!

The Achievements of Joe Biden 2024 is a short observation that Joe Biden has done nothing good in his 4 years, but Trump has his own record of his first term, which was excellent!

Overview of What Joe Biden has Done

Joe Biden will give a SOTU address, where he will continue his gaslighting of the American public of “all the wonderful things he has accomplished.” The problem with this is that Joe Biden is so out of touch with reality, that this will be the greatest work of fantasy that even Hollywood could not top.

But if we look realistically at what he has done, we want to cry, not rejoice.

“My policies are just beginning to work.”

Biden has thrust his Bidenomics economic policy into the light that “it is just beginning to work”. Well, let’s look at that point just a minute. Isn’t that an admission that what he has been doing for the last 3 years and so many months hasn’t shown that it is working?

If you remember back to when Donald Trump won in 2016, because the business world were expecting that his policies would bring back America from the edge of a recession, the business world and the stock market started a growth spurt that was not caused by anything Trump had as yet done (he hadn’t entered office yet), but the business world was all encouraged by just the fact that Trump was taking over the presidency in a few months, from November through January.

If the business world reacted so positively (and they were rewarded for their anticipation, because under Trump, the economy and America was on a roll the whole time he was president), why didn’t they do the same thing for Biden? What has happened is that Biden was expected to ruin the economy, and what people expected from Biden, Biden gave them just that 1000x times over.


What can we expect from Joe Biden?

Joe Biden is trying to set up traps for Trump in case that Trump wins. This seems obvious. But Biden has ruined so many things in America that it is a long and detailed list of these things.

When a politician has to turn to gaslighting, completely lying about his accomplishments, and then rebuking normal people because they are suffering under his policies, that is really a problem for him. Donald Trump really doesn’t have to do much to win this election, just try to keep the Democrats from cheating again.

The Achievements of Joe Biden 2024

Brown The Devil's Mission of Amusement
7 page article from 1889. Hollywood in the church and her ministries. Brown was a student of C.H Spurgeon.
Different days demand their own special testimony. The watchman who would be faithful to his Lord and to the city of his God needs to carefully note the signs of the times and to emphasize his witness accordingly. Concerning the testimony needed now, there can be little if any doubt. An evil is in the professed camp of the Lord, that is so gross, so brazen in its impudence, that the most shortsighted of spiritual men can hardly fail to notice it....  Amusement for the people is the leading article advertised by each... until the hideous fact has been proved up to the hilt, that "amusement" is ousting "the preaching of the Gospel" as the great attraction... The Concert is fast becoming as much a recognized part of church life as the Prayer Meeting; and it is already, in most places, far better attended.

"Providing recreation for the people" will soon be looked upon as a necessary part of Christian work, and as binding upon the Church of God, as though it were a Divine command, unless some strong voices are raised which will make themselves heard.

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