Democrats Rob Blacks and Hispanics

Democrats Rob Blacks and Hispanics observes how the Democrat Party has betrayed those who they counted as their own, Blacks and Hispanics

Democrats Rob Blacks and Hispanics observes how the Democrat Party has betrayed those who they counted as their own, Blacks and Hispanics

What are the Democrats doing?

The Democrat Party is built on the platform of giving poor, needy people money from the general US Treasury. This is the welfare state that we all know. But notice how things change, and more importantly how people’s views of things that are change when they are on the short end of the stick.

Democrats have built their political party based on what they can do for Blacks and Hispanics. But since the Black voters and the Hispanic voters seem to be abandoning them (for whatever reason), all the benefits and entitlement programs that the Democrats mostly have set up for these “poor and needy people” are changing. The Democrat politicians are robbing what was once exclusively almost for Blacks and Hispanics to give to foreign (illegal immigrants). These illegal immigrants are not satisfied with these handouts, and crime is rapidly rising. So to add insult to injury, the Black and Hispanic communities are taking great losses, and they are being beaten by foreign immigrant crime. Interesting. Now do we understand the errors of the Democrat party? When a poor Black or Hispanic family barely making ends meet pay their taxes, they now know that their tax money is going to illegal immigrants. It doesn’t “feel” right.

I remember some time back an article by some Black millionaire. He was complaining about the high taxes he was paying that were funding the Democrat machine, buying votes with his tax dollars through public entitlement programs. His point was that these people could live in America, and live a good and comfortable life if they just learned to work and use their money wisely. But if we analyze history, why didn’t the Democrat Party encourage Black people to work and be frugal with their money from their start? Why give money to Blacks and Hispanics instead of their main income coming from their own hard work? Because you cannot control people that way. You have to make them dependent on you (the Democrat Party) in order to control them, and control their vote.

Understand what this means

Although I doubt even the Democrats can do this, but what if they return black slavery to America? In a sense, they already have done that. They just changed it in form, but not in essence. What if they make all people within 5 generations that have come from another country lose their citizenship and have to leave the United States? All the Hispanics probably would be shipped back to where they come from, even though they are not citizens of those countries, they do not know the culture nor speak the language, and they don’t want to return.

But while I doubt the Dems can do that, I do make the observation that once a group used by the Democrat Party is no longer blindly faithful to them, they become a “deplorable”. What is a deplorable? Somebody that is not deceived by the Democrat Party’s lies, i.e. all Republicans except Rhino Republicans which are Democrat Secret Agents (like McConnell and Mitt Romney), and this especially includes groups of people that vote their conscience like many Blacks and Hispanics.

It would seem that many of these newly christened “deplorable groups” are stinging from their engagement with the Democrat Party.


Democrats Rob Blacks and Hispanics

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