The Blessings of Trump Losing 2020

The Blessings of Trump Losing 2020 a brief musing about Pence's loyalty and true colors to the principles of our country.

The Blessings of Trump Losing 2020 a brief musing about Pence’s loyalty and true colors to the principles of our country.

While conservatives decry what injustice happened to Trump in 2020, there we as a silver lining. Since Trump is a good moral man, if he were to have won, he probably would have gone through another presidential term with Pence at his side. The further evil possibility is that after that future term of Trump, Pence could be another George Bush Republican Rhino presidency, probably 8 years. Pence is just another Rhino Republican that is not committed to the principles of our nation.

What Mike Pence is Revealing Himself to Be

It is disturbing to see what Pence “could have been” and what he is “now appearing to reveal about his true self.” When we compare Pence to Nikki Halley, we see the same thing. A close Trump associate which was just a Brutus ready to stab Trump in his back if possible. While we cannot blame Trump for the people who deceive him, we would hope that if Trump gets another chance at this, he would only get truly loyal people in around him.

Washington and politicians are traitors. This is the rule of thumb. They are in politics for what they can get out of it, and it is an extremely rare individual who is not getting something off of his political career. Nikki Halley has no morals. She receives financing from Democrats (even solicits it) to keep her politically and economically afloat. She betrays Trump. Wasn’t she in the group pressuring Trump to endorse, support, and vote for whatever OTHER Republican may win the primary? Everybody was pressuring Trump to do so, but all these people bail out on supporting Trump. If they were to win, they wanted Trump to support them, but they absolutely will not support Trump.


When Trump won in 2016, he was a Republican and used Republicans supposedly supporting his platform. Pence lied. But God was in this, so that if Trump again wins, Pence is not going to be anywhere around him. Pence has taken the path of Mitt Romney, being a Republican against Republican principles.

The Blessings of Trump Losing 2020

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