Why Hispanics are turning Republican

Why Hispanics are turning Republican examines the phenomena of Hispanic immigrants that are citizens now, turning from the Democrat party to the Republican Party.

Why Hispanics are turning Republican examines the phenomena of Hispanic immigrants that are citizens now, turning from the Democrat party to the Republican Party.

“Political observers and pollsters have appeared baffled in the past few years by the Hispanic community’s clear and growing affinity to conservative politics. For Hispanics who appreciate their own culture and unique place in American history, none of this is a surprise.” Why Hispanics are turning Right Breitbart


What is Happening?

“This growing conservative movement among Hispanic communities is an enigma for many analysts. The trend runs deeper than preference for Trump or even an option for specific parties. It has to do with the shared values of Hispanic communities, the profound issue of Hispanic identity in the United States, and foreign policy.” (from the same article cited above)

In other words, Hispanics got themselves into the United States on the Democrat Open Door policies, and once in America and making money for themselves as US citizens, guess what, they dislike the Democrat policies! Why should they pay tax dollars for lazy and illegal immigrants? How sweet it is!

“By 2050, it is estimated that 29 percent of the U.S. population will be of Hispanic origin, turning it into the nation’s largest minority. By 2060, it is believed that the Hispanic population will reach 111 million by 2060,” commented Dr. Rafael Carcamo…” (from same article above)

What the Democrats have done is use people to get power and control. Okay. Yes, it is possible because that is exactly what they have done. But the blade has two edges, and it is turning back on them. Now once they have gotten these people into the US, the Hispanic loyalty is where it has always been, to their own benefit, to their own pocket book. From this last quote, this is a big, very big problem to the Democrat party. This appears to have been Joe Biden’s number one mission in being president. If the Hispanics turn against the Democrats, then their solution is to open wider the door, and let millions of new immigrant Hispanics and immigrants from all over the world mixed in, which is supposed to fix things. So Obama and Biden were/are working on this premise, that more immigrants, illegal immigrants will fix things for the Democrat party.

Note that all of their thinking is based on a few key points. Welfare for America citizens has to be given to illegal immigrants, and presently it is against the laws that Congress has passed, and the Democrat government is ignoring these laws. “Everyone is under the law. Nobody is above the law.” (except when it benefits us). This is really such a contradiction and galling, that Trump did legal things, and they use this meme to do anything illegal against Trump, yet all the while, Joe Biden’s entire presidency has been about ignoring the law when it comes to illegal immigrants.

Be careful what you wish for, because it could be different that the utopia that you think it will be.

The second very powerful problem is when the people you have “in your pocket that always vote Democrat (blacks, minorities, Hispanics, women, poor, etc.) jump out of your pocket and become uncontrollable, then things get really bad for the Democrat party, and then it is time to get extreme, even more extreme. The worse case scenario is when your opponent listens to these people and picks them up into the opposition party. Now that is bad. That is exactly what Trump is doing, by the way. When the issue really is big government which taxes everybody to death so that they can pump money into their own pockets and the pockets of their cronies, versus small government that cuts entitlement programs (government spending), and keeps money that people earn in their pockets, then everything “breaks” for the Democrat party. People go for what benefits them. When the issue becomes clear that entitlement programs have to be paid for by somebody, and that somebody is never Democrat politicians personally, which enrich only themselves, but rather the taxpayer, and they are taxpayers, then people vote clearly for their own pocketbook.

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What Making Foreigners Citizens Really Does

It can be viewed as fortunate or unfortunate, but all these new “citizens” in America are causing quite a ruckus. Open the door, and be careful what you have done doesn’t cause chaos, confusion, and great loss to yourself. That would be a wise thing to consider. Even the incoming immigrants are having these thoughts.

See Massachusetts Asks Citizens to Take in Migrants Amid State of Emergency The plea for individuals to do what the Democrat party is actually doing with our country is a resounding NO! Nobody wants to open the door to their house to people who are not vetted, are unknowns, and have a great craving for money, riches, and exploitation. This would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic.

But the point of citizenship is to be equal, both on the receiving end of things and on the paying-for end of things. People love to get free money and benefits. They hate paying for these things for themselves, and worse, they hate being force to pay for them for others that are lazy and undeserving.

Moral Issues in this Political Migration

Well, well, the Democrats didn’t like or approve of the official Congressional made rules for immigration (which they participated in, Joe Biden voting against immigrants at one time), so they push illegal open borders. Isn’t it sweet when we see that these now Democrat immigrants, use the same “jumping the rules” game of illegal immigration on the Democrats that promoted their coming into the US against them. These same immigrants jump ship and go to the Republican Party! Okay, pause for a moment to saber the sweetness of this. What the Democrats did and continue to do is so messed up, that it, in itself, will destroy the Democrat party! Wow! How sweet!

But within all of this, most Hispanics are Catholic, and again, we see these titan forces at play one against the other, the benefitted turn against those who provided their benefits. You let people who are different from you into your country, thinking that, in gratitude, they will vote for your party for the next 100 generations after them no matter what the issue is. But once into the US, you find them turning against you. They have a mind of their own. Who knew! Their ideas of life are totally antithetical against the established Democrat party’s ideas of abortion, euthanasia, population decrease by causing people not to reproduce and to die young if possible, etc. Who would have actually believed that a Hispanic Catholic would follow the teaching of the Catholic Church? I mean, many of the Democrats are Catholics and reject pro-life stands. But these immigrants that come into the US, which the Democrats think are ignorant, do have that position of the pro-life movement. Just more fun watching the Democrats twist and turn in their own filth.

So in the perverted thinking of the Democrats, the solution is to skip Hispanics which are proving to be pro-life and go to Muslims. Sure, that will work out better for you. Then you have people that have a religious hatred of Jews that force them absolutely to kill all Jews and rejoice in that. So the Democrats “solve” the Catholic Hispanics’ problem by going to the Muslims, which in turn destroying Jewish (think big money) support. They just cannot move these days without getting into more and more serious problems WITH THEIR OWN CONSTITUENCY! Too bad they couldn’t use the 1,000 or so Democrat politicians as the only voters in the country, and everybody has to bow to this new king in town. That is where they are headed.

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Why Hispanics are turning Republican

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