The Democrats dance with Fantasy versus Reality

The Democrats dance with Fantasy versus Reality examines how reality comes hard to bear when people live in their own fantasies and reject reality.

The Democrats dance with Fantasy versus Reality examines how reality comes hard to bear when people live in their own fantasies and reject reality.

Democrats, in general, are like children in their own world of fantasy. They dream of things that are not real, and could never be real. They plan, plot, and execute this illogical fantasies thinking that one day, they will get it right. Their entire mindset is control and power, and they do not recognize the authority of God over them, their lives, and what they do as politicians. The “fear of the Lord” is not in them, and therefore wisdom is far removed from them.

Proverbs 1:7 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction. 29 For that they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of the LORD:

I tend to think of “they hated knowledge” as a hatred against knowledge in the reality of life around them. They live in a fantasy world which just doesn’t correspond to reality.

In examining the Covid aid which Congress voted, it continues to turn up how much money was offered specifically for Covid problems, and how much fraud was perpetrated by the people who applied for this financial aid. The bottom line is that without great care and restrictions, people abuse what the government offers in aid. This is not rocket science. It is just understanding human nature. When it is convenient for the Democrat, he is excessive controlling, and when it is not convenient, he is lazy, sloppy, and lets anything go by.

Reality Always Gives a Fact Check to Anything

Reality is when you think you have 100 dollars in your wallet, and you open it and only can count $10. That is how reality is. No matter what kind of hype or fantasy that you entertain, reality always brings your mind back down from the clouds and lands you on your feet.

Joe Biden Tries to Convince America that They are Better Off under Him, and that there is No Inflation

See Fact Check: Biden Claims ‘No Serious Economist’ Is Worried About Inflation

Right. I believe you, Joe. The only little problem with that is that I have to eat and so every week or so I have to go to the grocery store, and this is the moment of a Reality Check. The prices (reality, my reality) do not support your fantasy. Who is wrong? I try asking for the man at the meat counter to change the sticker on a 25 dollar package of meat to $5, but he just won’t do it. You see, this is always one way. Reality never changes because fantasy demands it. My ideas, fantasy, fiction, or truth, always has to change and conform to reality.

This is where it is so painful to watch Joe Biden deal with reality. He is old, but if you are president, and you are fit enough to be president, occupy the office, then you have to take things like somebody younger, stronger, etc. because you wanted to occupy that office. So we give no breaks to older presidents. They have to stand up on their own two feet, even if they fall down on occasion.

So what do you do when Reality Checks your False Ideas?

See Joe Biden Blames Everything but Himself for Inflation in Speech Offering No New Solutions

In an elementary classroom, the teachers always have to contend with a child that misbehaves. Often the same pattern (which is being human, we all do this at one time or another), which is instead of owning up to one’s actions as a responsible person, we shift the blame to someone else.

In politics, most politicians of all parties do this same thing. When things do not turn out as they want, when their particular policies fail, they start the blame game instead of taking and owning responsibility for their actions. This is childish behavior that we need to call out and shame people for.

But the fact of the matter is that Freedman was right, inflation is a money policy problem. Joe Biden has gone to lengths to wipe out inflation in people’s minds, but doing nothing at the grocery store. It is in the height of lunacy to accuse stores of gorging on their prices. They charge according to a rule of thumb, and that is always obeyed. (1) They charge as much as they can because their entire purpose is profit, and if they do not make profit, they are out of business. They cease to exist. We cannot fault a business for their prices when they are trying to survive. (2) They have to compete with other stores that sell the same thing. While their desire for profit would move them to charge outrageous prices, in a normal competitive environment, they just cannot do that, because other stores would take away their business. This is capitalism. This is how things work, and supposedly our government is there to keep things working this way. So stores have to compete with other stores, so they push DOWN their prices until they are competitive. In other words, they are barely below their competitors, or they are equal or nearly equal, but they give some other benefit that makes the difference.

Some companies that sell coffee will set their prices the same as their competitors, but include a coffee cup in their package of coffee if you buy their jumbo size. Costco for example simply gives an excellent price if you buy 5 pounds of nuts instead of 5 ounces. Nobody really can eat or should want to eat 5 pounds of pecans in a week, week after week. Maybe if they have 20 kids that would work, but the idea is that you get all you want at a below other store’s price, but you have to buy more.

That is a basis element of capitalism. Joe Biden doesn’t understand this. He should understand it; people around him should explain it to him. But either because he simply cannot understand life, or he doesn’t allow the people that he should trust around him to correct him on his errors of understanding about life, he still just doesn’t “get it.”

This is a reality check. It is a mental correction when your thinking is not in line with reality. It should happen frequently to everyone (certainly every NORMAL person that would go to a store to buy their food, which Biden doesn’t do, obviously). But that is the problem, Joe Biden, in his mind, is not accepting reality. He refuses to accept it. According to him, his fantasy is reality. He doesn’t understand why everybody doesn’t believe what he believes.

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