Biden’s Death Spiral

Biden’s Death Spiral is an observation on how Biden’s ruin is caving in on himself, even from a Democrat point of view.

Biden’s Problems

I am no psychic, but Joe Biden’s problems seem to be really growing. I mean, even the general Democrat voter doesn’t want him to run again. The Democrats are secretly gleeful that things are going Trump’s way because they want the Republicans to take out Biden, so it won’t look so bad.

Other Democrat politicians seem to also be happy with Biden’s problems. They want another Democrat president, but once they joined the Kamala Harris donkey to his ticket 4 years ago, there is really no way to unhitch her. If Biden does win reelection, then undoubtedly they will have to remove him once in office. Shoeing in Kamala is going to be very painful for them.

Things just get worse and worse

IF you meditate on the overview of what Biden is, he is not even listening to his own advisers. He is the epitome of an old man in dementia, not listening even to those who are trying to help him, from his own family and friends. But the point is, politics are brutal. Even the people of his own party are not trustworthy, and Biden does nobody any good by what he thinks.

Biden’s Death Spiral

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