Let’s not Separate Migrant Families

Let's not Separate Migrant Families is an opinion piece that examines the false bleeding heart argument of reuniting immigrant families.

Let’s not Separate Migrant Families is an opinion piece that examines the false bleeding heart argument of reuniting immigrant families.

I recently read a news article where (as always, the Democrats) there is a cry to “not separate the migrant families”. I believe Joe Biden had the same heart-wrenching plea in his March SOTU address. But I would like to observe a few things about this issue.

Joe Biden is trying desperately to pull on heart-strings

In other words, the Republicans are using the young nurse that was killed by somebody that is thought to be an illegal immigrant (there are a growing number of families that have the same situation and are strongly Anti-illegal aliens). Biden’s rebuttal to his failed immigration policies is “there are thousands of murders by citizens” as if that means that Laken Riley’s death is of no consequence. I am sure he won over her mom with that line of thinking. (not)

But there are very emotional examples that are getting bandied back and forth that we should be careful with, and we should evaluate.

The first thing in the Lake Riley situation is for Biden to show empathy for the family, and keep politics out of that empathy. It costs Biden nothing to call the family and even invite them to the White House to console them. But the point is that Democrats (Biden being a worse case example) do not want to recognize that the immigrant crisis is lying at their feet, and they are responsible for this crisis. They provoked and created it.

Legal Immigration has a Purpose behind it

What is that purpose? It is to let “A LIMITED NUMBER” of foreigners to join us in the United States and enjoy life as American citizens. The legal immigration process, that which has been hammered out over the years with bipartisan support of both Republicans AND Democrats, is designed to keep problems out of the United States. Firstly, it is designed to keep criminals out. If a migrant committed a crime, we need to show that criminal the inside of our justice system and our jails. For example, now in New York, criminals (citizens or not) can commit a bad crime, and they are on the street before sundown! That is not justice, that is craziness!

But the legal immigration system has principles, rules. These are standards to prevent undesirables out of our country. No previous criminal activity, no prostitutes, no drug addicts, no communists, etc. My wife is a Mexican citizen born in Mexico, and when we got her citizenship, you should see the questions that they make you swear “you are not….”  But that is okay. I am sure that most all communists, terrorists, drug addicts, criminals, etc. would not lie. But even so the system is there, and any immigrant that lies about those things, if they are caught in doing them within the United States, gets a free ticket back to where he or she came from.

What the Democrats are Doing with Illegal Immigration

The problem here is not with immigration, it is with voter replacement. Democrats are enacting with illegal immigration a replacement of their voter base, because Blacks and Latinos are fleeing the Democrat party. This is their problem, but just an observation. If they were to deal with the reality of life, come up with good public policies and prove those policies by honest debate and facts, they could keep their own people. They are more like thugs, “do what I say, or I will make life difficult for you.” Foreigners who come into our country would be wise to study how the Democrats have used, abused, and then ditched their voter base. Foreigners will get no pass with time. these illegal foreigners are supposed to be locked into the Democrat party because “THEY” are who gives all the free stuff away. But just like with the Blacks and Latins, that can change.

Government Welfare

Government assistance programs are supposed to help US citizens that are in bad economic situations. People abuse this. Political parties want to use this as a sales point of people voting for them. In actually, ALL CITIZENS EQUALLY PAY FOR THESE THINGS, not just Democrats.

But let’s consider for a minute what is happening. The government is giving what is a citizen’s right to foreigners. While that is great when you just got out of the Rio Grande and are still wet, what happens when you get a good job, and the Democrats see your salary as the source of their next round of wild government spending? Will the-newly-entered foreigner freely pay high taxes? Isn’t that kind of things what they are escaping back in their country of origin? This will not work in the long run. Therefore, illegal immigration as a replacement of Democrat voters is limited in time, and when these groups start putting more and more people into politics, they will start to form a Mexican political party in the US, and they will leave the Democrats.

It is interesting in our situation that the form I filled out specifically states that a new immigrant applying for citizenship states that they are economically able to support themselves. Can these illegal immigrants swear that they are financially solvent? No? Then they could not get in the legal way. That is the point. The Democrats want to make a crisis where there is none, so that they can grab more power.

Separate Immigrant Families

So what about separating families? No, I don’t think that is a good idea. But just because it is not a good idea should we conclude that we should open the door wider. Maybe we should talk to immigrant groups and simply tell these grown men to go back to where they came from so that they can be with their families. Why doesn’t that work? It doesn’t work because while the bleeding hearts want us to cry for these “separated families,” it is always the migrants themselves that is causing this separation of their families.

The Crux of the Matter

If you read about what is happening in Haiti, you have to come to the conclusion that the Haitians have so messed up their country that nobody wants to live there. There are those that have left, and there are those who are the gangs and criminals left behind. The only other group are those who are trying to find some way to leave.

But the truth of the matter is that when citizens of any country turn their heads and “don’t look at corruption“, worse they do nothing to stop it, then what happens is their own fault. There is no reason why the majority of people from Haiti cannot support a good, moral government that will make things bearable for themselves. But the problem here is simply that these illegal immigrants are morally corrupt. They want “the good life” and they will break any law there is to get it. If they get into the United States by some miracle, they absolutely will not obey the laws, because they break the laws of the United States constantly in getting in. They will continue to do so.

So the Democrat plan is to simply open the door, cause a crisis, give these illegals the right to vote, and then supposedly all of them will vote for Democrats. The Democrats for their part have to persuade them that Democrat politicians are going to give them more than any other politicians. But their plan hinges on the US government giving away things to them. Somebody has to pay for this, and at some point, the system will break. That is when the Democrats, which are socialists and communists, will become worse dictators that any foreign country has suffered.

Separate the families? No! Send them back to their country of origin so that they can be with their families. Of course that will never work, because they immigrated illegally to the US for economic benefits of living in the US.

Let’s not Separate Migrant Families

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