The Tax Hypocrisy of the Biden Family

The Tax Hypocrisy of the Biden Family is a commentary on the taxes that Hunter and Joe Biden didn't pay, and how Joe Biden wants more tax money for him to spend.

The Tax Hypocrisy of the Biden Family is a commentary on the taxes that Hunter and Joe Biden didn’t pay, and how Joe Biden wants more tax money for the Democrat causes spending from the common taxer payer.

Let me clarify my position from the beginning. Jesus was asked about whether Christians, his followers, should be paying taxes. He responded with give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. So I understand that according to God’s will, Christians should be paying their fair part of taxes. But at the same time, it is extremely “unfair” for some individuals to get government handouts while this is not equal among all citizens. Citizens are not illegal immigrants, and in fact, citizens are not even LEGAL IMMIGRANTS until they are naturalized citizens. My wife is Mexican. We naturalized her, and it was a several year process, and costly. So I am very familiar with what I am talking about here because I was the one who filled out the paperwork for her. I paid for an immigration lawyer for the process.

So, let’s level the playing field. Illegal immigrants have zero rights to federal money. But Democrats seem to like to us Republicans taxes to buy off potential Democrat voters. They open the door, by pass the regular immigration laws, and then shower them with federal and state money (welfare goes to states to distribute), hoping, assuming, demanding that these illegals vote Democrat. That is grossly unfair and illegal. Par for the course with Democrats seems like.

To point out a few facts for consideration in my commentary here.

  1. Hunter Biden received 10 million dollars from Chinese businessmen that are tight with the Chinese spy network world-wide.
  2. Hunter paid his father, Joe Biden, 5 million dollars of that money.
  3. Neither Hunter nor Joe Biden claimed this income correctly on their taxes.
  4. Joe Biden has not explained what he gave these Chinese businessmen in exchange for this payment.
  5. Neither Hunter nor Joe Biden have paid the taxes on this money. (since it is illegal, influence which affected Joe Biden’s governing, he has been very pro China, it is quid pro quo, they got something from Joe Biden which is not going to be voluntarily made public).
  6. Joe Biden passed legislation for 86,000 new IRS auditors to force every US taxpayer to pay their “fair share” of taxes.
  7. Joe Biden and others in his Democrat party are taking our taxes and spending them on illegal aliens, to give them, for example, free health care while they are illegally in the U.S. So Joe is spending the extra money he is raising through harsh IRS dealing with the normal American CITIZEN, so that he can give a perk to the illegal aliens. How many American citizens that vote Democrat are not able to easily pay their medical bills so that Joe can give all this away to illegal aliens? I wonder.
  8. There is actually a registered letter with a check for $200,000 that arrived at Joe Biden’s house. The question has to be insisted on is what did Joe Biden do to get that money? Isn’t that suspicious of illegal gain? If Joe Biden is so worried about a few low income people not paying their taxes, what about that money? Did he pay taxes on it? What was it for. Okay, let’s play fair. If Joe can get 10,000s of new IRS workers armed with guns (why do the Dems want to take all guns away but arm IRS workers? They don’t want to take all guns away, they want to take their political opponents and the common citizens guns away. Interesting.) to get the taxes from these people, where is that same burning heart bursting desire when it comes to charging Hunter for the taxes he should be paying? What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Why are Democrats so crazy about “everybody must pay their fair share” but they themselves don’t?

This is the part that really “irks me“. When you want to go around preaching about rich people not paying their fair share of the tax burden, they themselves are usually millionaires. These millionaires are not “self-made” but they got their millions in politics. So the question that comes up is how do people who live a lifestyle where they spend tremendous amounts of money on their daily life, yet these same people do not have income sources (a government public servant’s paycheck) to sustain that lifestyle. They are using their politic position and office to get money illicitly.

So this is the height of hypocrisy. These politicians are squeezing every bit of tax revenue out of ordinary citizens while they practice (an illegal concept) that they are above paying taxes. The fact that they have so corrupted govern that the IRS will go after a normal citizen if he sells his couch and gets more than $600, then he has to pay taxes on that. But the same IRS is controlled from these politicians to not go after Hunter. This simply beyond belief.

Distraction and Diversion

The mass media seems to want to focus the narrative on Hunter was selling his own brand name “Hunter” instead of the president’s son. If that was the case, the Joe Biden should not have been mentioned or talked to in these dinners with these businessmen. The fact that Hunter mentioned his father, the President or Vice President, should not have been thrown out at all by Hunter because that would give the appearance of influence.

But we need to focus on the key facts. Hunter and Joe Biden had questionable income (not that it came into their bank accounts, but questionable because they had income without accounting to the IRS on their tax returns), and they did not claim that income and pay their taxes. It is impossible for me to do so (obviously) but I wish I could not pay any more taxes until the Bidens pay their taxes.

It gets slimier

This is not the first time Hunter Biden has been in tax problems. He has owed large tax bills in the past, and he has had Democrat donors pay those taxes for him. At one point, he owed like 1 million dollars in taxes, and a Democrat lawyer in Las Vegas paid that bill for him. So it just doesn’t work that way. If somebody pays 1 million dollars of your taxes, then that 1 million dollars he paid FOR YOU, is now new income of 1 million dollars, and you owe taxes on that income.

A Lesson from Al Capone

Al Capone was a famous gangster in Chicago that was very difficult to catch in his crimes. He usually abused or killed any witnesses, and he was brutal. The United States government finally caught Capone “FOR NOT PAYING HIS TAXES”. The principle then as well as now is simply that any citizen having question income must still pay his taxes on that questionable income. Hiding the income is a crime in itself. Questionable here is simply that the original of the income is not from something legitimate. Hunter and Joe Biden had questionable income. They had the income into their bank accounts, but they are not saying what it was from. Using a person’s family to cover for this income is a common thing, apparently in organized crime. So if Joe Biden’s son gets the money, it is still a matter for Joe Biden to answer to (as far as what was exchanged for that 10 million dollars).

The Real Problem

The real problem is that American citizens are not questioning all of this, and worst of all, they are not demanding an accounting. Gangsters rarely give a truthful accounting of their illicit activities. The lack of a clear and reasonable explanation of where and why and for what the money came into their possession indicates it is illicit until such time as they can explain it with a legal purpose that they were paid that money.

So voters need to vote with their feet, leave the Democrat party, and not come back for any reason. Why do they think it is a good thing that our government will give them “freebies” when the same government is employing an army of IRS workers to take those freebies back in taxes?

We can talk about misuse of government funds in giving away money to illegal aliens, but again, the Democrat party is the party of giveaways, and today, everybody thinks their government is rich and should be giving them freebies. It is truly disturbing when Democrats preach that their new laws should be placing more tax burdens on the rich. I am not rich. I am poor. But as I see it, the rich own the factories and businesses, and we need to take the Democrats at their word, “Every needs to pay their fair share.” No Democrat has the right to preach that to me if they themselves do not pay THEIR FAIR SHARE. This is not happening. And we have seen the Democrat party morph over the years into the party where their main players get filthy rich and pay little or no taxes.

A Final Thought about Joe Biden

If Joe Biden compromised his office of president and of vice president by doing favors for those who paid him bribes, or even threaten one who were supposed to be under the favors of the Bidens, then that is a crime that means Joe Biden should be impeached. You can twist Hunter Biden’s business anyway you want, but the fact of the matter is that money when through Hunter Biden to his father, and his father was privy to the business dealings, and in the case of the Ukrainian prosecutor, Biden threaten to withhold a billion dollars in US aid to that country if they didn’t stop the prosecutor that was after Hunter Biden’s “business deal”. That is as open a case of politic influence for a politician’s own financial benefit or for the benefit of a family member.

We cannot allow Hunter Biden to “separate himself from his father” in his business dealings when Joe Biden, his father, gets economic benefit from those dealings. I do not know, but I would like somebody to plop 5 million dollars down in my bank account, so I am sure Joe Biden like it when it happened. But, as always, you follow the money. The United States IRS codes still insist that when there is income made, taxes have to be paid. If they are not paid, then a tax crime has been committed, and if there is not a double standard here, then those who committed tax evasion need to pay the penalty, time in jail, the funds seized. This means that BOTH HUNTER BIDEN AND JOE BIDEN need to see jail time. For all that the Democrats have pushed and pushed that Trump needs to be in jail because he broke the law, we need to insist equally that Joe Biden needs to see jail time. There should be no self-pardon for crimes that he has done in this case.

The Democrats put out the argument that Trump had hotels and the rich people (many politicians from other countries) stayed at his hotels. That is the same thing. It is not. Trump had these hotels as a private citizen, and that is Trump’s income base long before he ever entered politics. From what I have seen, Trump is not in the habit of letting these people stay free of charge in his hotels or play on his golf courses free of charge. That is a valid business, which TRUMP PAYS TAXES ON THIS INCOME. What about Joe?

As a final point, doesn’t it “irk you too” that our government is run by people of this caliber? Joe Biden has crimes at his feet that he bragged about doing with impunity. Impunity means that nobody will call him into account for the misdeeds that he has done. If you vote for this kind of public representative, you are complicit also.

Romans 14:12 So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.

The Tax Hypocrisy of the Biden Family

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