Trump as a One-Term President Would Become DC’s Nightmare updated!

Trump as a One-Term President Would Become DC's Nightmare

Trump as a One-Term President Would Become DC’s Nightmare is my analysis of Mr. J.B. Shurk’s article from American Thinker.

Opinion by David Cox

Mr. Shurk’s points

(1) Biden’s Number One Critic – As a previous president, Trump will attack the flaws and errors of Biden’s presidency.

(2) King of a Media Empire – Trump has the ability to balance the media slant to Biden and Democrats by making a Conservative Media company.

(3) De Facto Head of the Republican Party – Winner or loser of the 2020 election, Trump is the de facto head of the Republican Party and can define and motivate it.

(4) Potential Destroyer of Both Parties – Even if the Rhinos Republicans attack Trump, he can very well destroy the Democrat party and what is left of the Rhino Republicans.


I would say offhand that Mr. Shurk is making some very good and reasonable points. I would like to make some observations about each of these.

(1) Biden’s Number One Critic – As a previous president, Trump will attack the flaws and errors of Biden’s presidency.

That is a sad point (Trump is not going to win this battle for 2020), but it is probably true. If Trump loses totally for 2020, then he will be very vocal against the Democrats and Joe Biden. But this is a false hope if you are waiting on the news media to give Trump a platform. Twitter will undoubtedly close his account, as they will with other conservative voices. That is already happening. Trump and other Conservatives will/are turning to other media outlets like, a Twitter clone, but for Conservatives.

My problem with his point here is that the Democrats are constantly building their own reality. This can be seen in Climate Change Crisis (first global warming, then global cooling, then global whatever). The fact of the matter that Climate Crisis is a political instrument to get the US to dole out money to poorer foreign countries, and undoubtedly this is just like Bill Clinton using US aid to Haiti in order for him to cheaply buy into their gold mines (literal mine). The hundreds of thousands of housing units promised to Haiti and paid for, only have a small amount of people living in any built house with US money, and these are the employees of these Clinton gold mines. They are not poor needy people, but workers in the gold mines.

So the Democrats are swaying the US understanding of things to such a degree that truth is hard to find anywhere on mainstream media.

On another note, Biden is really a scatter brain. He has no plan for his presidency. If he did have one, then he would put people into his cabinet that would move things along that line. So no plan. So Biden is rather choosing people who those behind him are telling him to choose. Talk about the Manchurian candidate, this guy is just a puppet. He hasn’t even “entered” yet, and his actions are being torn apart by his fellow Democrats! Funny to watch. Tragic for our country though.

(2) King of a Media Empire – Trump has the ability to balance the media slant to Biden and Democrats by making a Conservative Media company.

The first point is dependent on this point. If Trump cannot communicate with his base, then all will be lost. As president, he has the spotlight and will undoubtedly use that to the end. But beyond January 2021, what will happen? First of all, Trump will not give up, even though there may not be any more recourse left to him for the 2020 election. Secondly, I do not think that the Republican base loyal to Trump will abandon him either. Their loyalty in the past has only grown stronger through all of this, and this will mean that the Democrats will have to go to more and more extremes to keep power.

But I think if Trump is out totally by the end of January, he will take a breather, and this option to him will be definitely one plan of action for him. The counter here will be that the Democrats in power will absolutely make laws until the end of time that will shut down any commentary that does not check with or reveals their true positions.

So the “fact checker” movement which is just a spin factory of everything anybody says against the Democrat machine will get teeth, i.e. there will be a lot of legal penalties. My observation is that the freedom of speech guaranteed to us in the Constitution and Bill of Rights will be destroyed and trodden under by this Democrat movement to protect their line of propaganda.

(3) De Facto Head of the Republican Party – Winner or loser of the 2020 election, Trump is the de facto head of the Republican Party and can define and motivate it.

Trump will take another look at things. First of all, he cannot push for President again until 2024. He probably will do that. I would predict that Trump will continue with these rallies. This is what is winning him a conservative base in America. That is pure power for him.

Side note. It is entirely ridiculous to believe the election results of 2020. No way that they were not fraudulent. Remember Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump? For that matter how about George Bush versus Al Gore? You cannot tell me that the fighting, energy, money, maneuvering, etc that has gone into the US Presidential elections in the past 30 years has now died. A man can become president by winning the popular vote by staying in his basement, and not going out to meet the public. Incredible to propose that. Look at the rallies that Biden did have (not many) but he was having a hard time getting a 100 people out. One photo shows him with about only 30-40 people. Between Biden’s own staff, technical people setting up the microphones, speakers, etc. and press, that should have been about 50-100 people. So you compare that to Trump who rents a place that holds 30,000 people, and then has big outdoor TVs for the overflow, and he easily has 40,000-50,000 people for one of his rallies, and Trump could have put on 10 to 20 times the number of rallies he did and filled every one of them with different people like those that actually showed up. People showing up 24-48 hours before to get in to the thing, and waiting in the snow. Come on man, this Joe didn’t win it. He stole it!

A couple of points here. Trump will not forgive nor conciliate himself with the Rhino Republicans. He will irritate them like he has done with the Democrats and drive them back to the hills. Opposition within the Republican party to Trump will be squelched, and the same Republican party will not trust these people. Rhinos are just Democrats in the Republican party trying to sway things for the Democrats benefit.

I think the main thing here will be the down races. Trump is rich. He has his own people to keep making money for him. So it would be perfectly in line with Trump if he, as head of the Republican party, to go out and canvas for every Republican running for Congress down to dog catcher. Trump will turn the country Red through and through. The Democrats will try to make his doing this illegal somehow, even though Biden and Obama and company have done this all through Trump’s presidency.

We all see now the importance of good Republics in the local state works from precinct workers up to political positions and governor, even judges and supreme court judges. Trump will work on all of this, because this is where he lost 2020, with these people not doing their jobs and declaring the fraud they are witnessing.

Side Note. There is a rule of life that people must understand. Even though people steal something from you, and that is wrong, somebody has to be accused, and the good people suffering loss have to take the steps to denounce and put the crooks in jail, or their impunity (to do wrong no matter if the world knows it or not, think think that nobody can stop them) will only grow.

(4) Potential Destroyer of Both Parties – Even if the Rhinos Republicans attack Trump, he can very well destroy the Democrat party and what is left of the Rhino Republicans.

Absolutely there will remain a group of Republicans that are more closely aligned to the Democrats that the Republican causes. These people will get into politics, but they will suddenly be “found out” and the Republicans will hate them. This is good and bad. Maybe they will be thrown out of the party. I wouldn’t cry much for them. But I think people like the lady senator in Maine and Mitt Romney has some place in all of this. They balk at the idea that there has to be uniformity and loyalty always to the party or you die. That is how Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shummer want things. The American way is that people vote their conscious, not always the party line.

But on the other hand, (we need a name here, maybe anteater Democrats) which are active members of the Democratic party, but are becoming more aligned to Donald Trump and Trumpism. These people are 1) more old line Democrats that were not modern extremists. They wanted to get things done politically more than play politics. Yea for them! 2) The Democratic party is fractured to pieces actually. While Trump is in the presidency, they all attack Trump. They will continue to blame and attack Trump into 2021 and beyond. But they will now eat each other like wild dogs trapped in a pit, and nothing to eat but each other. They will play dirty against their fellow Democrats now. 3) While these people are definitely out there, they are broken loose from their Democratic party. These are Unions that always voted Democrat, but now they are getting more and more aware how the Democratic party has used them all these years, and sold them down the river as far as protecting their jobs. Payback is coming.

Other groups like the blacks and Latinos are also going to start moving over to Trumpism. The problem here is very deep. The Democrats are power hungry as most are in Washington, but they buddy-up with a group to use them to win, and then betray that group. Democrats have no friends except their own pocket books and their own drives for power. They will betray anybody that they have to in order to get and keep power.

Update as of January 9, 2021

As we watch the unbelievable events and rhetoric of our day, we see exactly the point that the Democrats cannot “handle” President Donald Trump. There is a growing cry from their side to impeach Donald Trump some 2 weeks before the government is handed over to Joe Biden.

First of all, why cannot they wait? The answer is simply because they are trying to block Donald Trump and his movement from ever gaining political traction in the future. They do not want him to run again in 2024, and they do not want him to be active against them at any time in the future.

NB. Truly the founders of our country had great wisdom when they formed our country. The freedom of speech of all people is extremely important. When people hear the truth and their hearts are more pure than not, they support that true. When their hearts are more wicked than not, they get mad. We see excessive and extreme anger in the Democrat camp. They simply cannot support the Constitution and allow freedom of speech when that speech is from a view different than the narrative they are trying to sell.

Does not Donald Trump have a right to his position on things? I mean even as they ply their narrative that Joe Biden won, Donald Trump still had about half of the country´s voters following his side and his view of things. Do their rights not matter? In the Democratic view of things, no, it doesn’t matter.

Do the principles of the Constitution (that every politician swears to uphold when they take office) not matter any more? Frankly, the truth and reality of our present day America is that they swear to uphold the Constitution and get into office by breaking that same Constitution, and then try to destroy the Constitution at every turn of the way in their lives and political career.

Do the principles and laws of justice not matter any more either? You cannot judge and decree a punishment on somebody simply because they disagree with you. The Constitution gives everybody freedom or liberty of free speech. The condition that whatever you say cannot incite riot is a point that should be understood. It is one thing to say publicly, pick up arms and destroy things and kill people, and another thing to demand justice. You have to have proof, evidence that Trump was inciting a riot. The fact that some Antifa and BLM people got into the crowd and started shooting people is not Trump´s fault. They should be identified and punished. But the blame is not put where it should be, but on the entire crowd and even the movement. Trump told them to go home at one point. When and where did any Democrat leader tell the Portland or Minneapolis rioters to stop and go home? They refused to condemn the rioting inciting days and months of it.

One of the great principles of our country “was” (until these days) equality of treatment between all people. This is exactly the  example of what that is not. One group is given the blind eye to their wrong doing, and another group is falsely accused of the same thing the other are doing.

Brown The Devil's Mission of Amusement
7 page article from 1889. Hollywood in the church and her ministries. Brown was a student of C.H Spurgeon.
Different days demand their own special testimony. The watchman who would be faithful to his Lord and to the city of his God needs to carefully note the signs of the times and to emphasize his witness accordingly. Concerning the testimony needed now, there can be little if any doubt. An evil is in the professed camp of the Lord, that is so gross, so brazen in its impudence, that the most shortsighted of spiritual men can hardly fail to notice it....  Amusement for the people is the leading article advertised by each... until the hideous fact has been proved up to the hilt, that "amusement" is ousting "the preaching of the Gospel" as the great attraction... The Concert is fast becoming as much a recognized part of church life as the Prayer Meeting; and it is already, in most places, far better attended.

"Providing recreation for the people" will soon be looked upon as a necessary part of Christian work, and as binding upon the Church of God, as though it were a Divine command, unless some strong voices are raised which will make themselves heard.

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