Do Masks really Help?

Do Masks really Help?

Do Masks really Help? In this opinion piece I want to examine if masks are really effective and necessary or are they just another restriction by certain people in charge to show their power over other people.

A Reality Check

First of all, yes, the imposition of masks is a power move to show who’s in charge. Let me reflect for a minute. The Constitution outlines what rights God has given us. Supposedly, America guarantees those rights. So the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is still in the Constitution. But masks are a restriction, hinder my liberty and pursuit of happiness.

What is the purpose of using a mask?

As I mull over this issue, there is no science clearly at the front leading the use of masks. First of all, who is the mask for? Is a mask primarily supposed to protect me or others? In other words, is it supposed to keep me from getting the Covid, or is it supposed to protect others from me giving it to them? If I don’t have Covid, the second motive for using masks is not there.

In many places, the use of a mask (correctly using it) is a prerequisite for going into a grocery store or other type of store. Is that really legal? Is it constitutional? No. If people would challenge this and take it to the Supreme Court, then maybe that point would be cleared up.

Should you use a mask? Face shield? HazMat Suit? etc.

Okay, if you are older and have health problems, using a mask when around other people may be a good idea. Can we do some studies and exclude the fact that the people in California and New York that are breaking quarantine in order to have a party, eat (no mask), drink alcohol (no mask), dance “cheek to cheek” (with no mask). These actions are very dangerous if the other people at the party have any kind of infectious disease. So excluding those situations, how much does one group infect another by breathing in their presence?

If you are sick, maybe you should be using protective gear or just staying home in the first place.

If you are not sick, what is the scientific research on contamination between people? Okay, I have to take a shot at Fauci here. “Dr.” Fauci is the head of a group that receives millions of dollars every year to protect the United States if an epidemic hits. Uh? Isn’t that exactly what happened? And what was the studied, researched and prepared advice of Fauci? He didn’t know, and he has flip flopped back and forth between different positions during a year.

My suggestion is to fire Fauci (he makes more money than the president of the United States and is not doing his job), and then lodge legal charges against him for negligence. Bottom line, he has not done his job for years back, and we are now in an epidemic, and he is just confusing everybody.

Second point on Fauci. There is reason why anything partisan should come out of the head of the CDC or any medical official in the government. I don’t care which party he supports it is just wrong. As long as we are on this subject, I do not want ANY government person to make medical decisions for me and my family.

I think that the bottom line is no, they are not needed, and they restrict oxygen flow. Maybe we have to use them to get into businesses and such, but the entire matter is control over the population. Why do Democratic lawmakers demand masking laws, yet whenever the cameras are off, they run around like it doesn’t help one bit?

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Author: Pastor Dave

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