Is White Supremacy Valid, Right?

Is White Supremacy Valid Right?

Is White Supremacy Valid, Right? is an opinion by David Cox clarifying the difference between White Supremacy (like KKK, Arian nation, etc) versus the color of skin you were born with.

Author note: I in no way defend or approve of White Supremacist movements or positions such as KKK, Arian Nation, Nazism, etc. I denounce all of these. I am a white male. I do not denounce all whites. We have as much right to live and enjoy life as any other group. Being white is not the same as defending white supremacy. They are as different as night and day. Please do not conclude, assume, or jump in to condemn me because of my skin color. Give me a break!

Let me begin by saying I am white, born of two white American citizens. I grew up in the south (I am 61 years old in 2021) and I attended public schools through high school, and I experienced busing and segregation first hand. I am not talking from studies, I lived it.

On the one hand, let me just say that I was scared for my safety throughout my latter school years. Although there were blacks mixed in the school with me in my elementary years, I could not distinguish any difference between them and anybody else. I did not “love” them nor “hate” them. I just accepted them as any white friend or schoolmate.

In my public high school busing was implemented. I was bused into a black high school. In those days, to be shaken down and blacks take your lunch money was a common thing. I hide the two quarters in my sock or brought my lunch which had its own problems (they would take it away from you to throw it away, step on it, etc). But during my four years in high school, I had to learn to go to the bathroom before school and wait until after I got home to go again because of my fear of violence from blacks that congregated in the bathrooms. I was not the only one. Many other white kids did the same thing. The school principle was black. The administration knew of all of this, and I never saw anything to change any of it. I don’t remember those blacks doing this ever got called on it.

My Personal View of Blacks

I do not hate blacks, Hispanics, Asians, nor any other people per se. What I learned in my youth is that people are people. Evaluate your like or dislike of them individually. Some of my best friends in high school were black. They were great people, Christian like I am. Some of my worse enemies through life are white.

So first of all, people are people. There are bad black people, there are bad white people. I cannot judge the entire race of people by a few bad apples. When I experience a lot of bad apples, I still don’t trash the entire group, but I am wary of them. In Mexico, I can see the signs of a gang member, baggy pants, tattoos, etc. I am careful around them when I see them. I have lived more than half my life in Mexico. We have drug dealers, gangs, and a lot of crooks, even petty crooks. But I married a Mexican lady, so I don’t trash Mexicans either. I know that the human heart is corrupt, and given the right factors, anybody can be extremely bad.

Secondly, exactly what do these people who are banishing “white supremacy” as any sign of a white person preferring his own kind want white people to do? Most of them, and the most vocal of them are white themselves. That tells me something is wrong here. Really wrong. They want white people to just vanish off the face of the earth. Sorry, I am not into suicide. Then they want all white people to turn over all control and power in government. And these same people elected Joe Biden, a white, male, old man? This is the supreme example of hatred, old, white males. This is not logical, nor even funny people. If the Democratic party is against white supremacy, then they elect a 40+ political actor that idolized KKK congressmen in his past days as their president to change things like whiteness? If it were not so tragic this would be down right funny.

To change “whiteness” is just plain wrong. Knock the KKK, Arian nation, Nazis, etc. But do not assume that every person with white skin are one of these. Remember that the majority of the soldiers in England and the United States that fought the Nazis were they themselves white men. If you listen to the rhetoric today, you would think that all the armed forced in the second world war were black or something. These white men fought against the Nazis who were trying to extinguish the Jews. That was the point of WW2. The Japanese under Togo were trying to dominate and enslave all Asia and the Pacific area. These white men for the most part did not do it to extend white supremacy, they did it because of their country’s founding principles, that no nation should live essentially in “slavery” to an elite group of dominating people. Yet today, that is what we have in American, the elites in Hollywood, the Democratic party, and now the woke technocrats are all trying to bring the American people into submission under them.

Let’s face some facts. I am white. I was born that way because God made that decision. I did not “voluntarily choose” whiteness. I am neither happy nor unhappy with that, that is just what it is, and I have to accept that. So leave me alone about my skin color. For years we have heard blacks complaint that they are mistreated in life because of their skin color. The Democratic party has constantly harped on that issue. Well, do the same for whites. Stop playing the race card trying to make all minorities anti-Republican and pro-Democrat. It is an illegitimate argument. Moreover, it is extremely hypocritical for a white Democrat to push that. Frankly, I am proud of being an American, and I think my country is the best in the world, and I am proud of our heritage. I am not ashamed of being white. That our great country was founded by white men mostly does not make what they did invalid in any way. You Democrats are rewriting history, the real history of our country, to suit your party line at the moment. These white men had no ideas of white supremacy. They had ideals of equality of all men. The world of their day had slaves, black as well as white. They dealt with it in their time, eventually under the Republican party, all black slaves were liberated. NO DEMOCRAT CONGRESSMAN WANTED THAT. They in massive block voted against the blacks liberation. The Democratic party has no right even mentioned whiteness nor minority helps. They have never official apologized to the black people of America for their party’s actions. The KKK membership in Congress was active and visible all the way up to Joe Biden’s early days in Congress. So now this guy, Joe Biden, who in the past loved his KKK idols, is now your Democratic president? Hypocrisy. High hypocrisy.

N.B. Yes there were things in the past that were not things to be proud of like slavery. I do not accept one person enslaving another. I think those who did this in the past (or present day) are morally wrong in doing so. But there are different kinds of slavery still going on today, and these are in sweat shops in California, in prostitution rings in Mexico-United States southwest, and in China, Africa, Asia, and the list goes on. I look at those who decry slavery and how the blacks were treated, and I note that they do nothing about the California sweat shops, the buying and trading with Chinese (where goods are made by political prisoners and slaves). They just deny that. It doesn’t exist. Only what THEY say is what is true. I suspect that all of this is simply modern day political enslaving of others.

If I were to paint shoe polish on my skin, would that help? No. Then I would be making fun of blacks. Okay. So I have to stay white, and what? I have no options (except their idea of all white people committing suicide).

So let’s get real. All of the rhetoric about white supremacy is only a political ploy to depress and repress all Republicans. Donald Trump is not a white supremacist. Joe Biden has run with and supported other Democrats that were active KKK clansmen. So how can you twist the truth from what it is? Accusations without evidence would seem to be very illogical.

What was the slavery of one human all about? It was about assuming dominance of one race over other people. This is what the Democrat party is trying to implement. They use the issue, but they do not demand all trade with China to stop because of their human rights abuses. Trump was going in that direct (punishing China to make them change), but the Democrats wanted Trump out absolutely, and Joe Biden in. How can the prime minister of China say that “Joe is their boy”? How is that? Because Joe and family has received a lot of money from them. Yet the idea of being a lap dog for those who enslave others never comes up with Joe Biden. Nancy Pelosi’s son married a Chinese girl. And we see the connections across the border between US politicians and the Chinese, even Mitch McConnell.

Is White Supremacy right?

The first point here is that no one nationality, race, nor people/language group can be declared “right”. They are represented by individuals, and in each individual, some are more given to doing righteousness in God’s eyes than others. Yet every individual can do a lot of right things, and then even something that offends God’s justice. This is life in our world.

So to be right or wrong, everybody has the potential of doing something right and something wrong.

Pushing your group

I do not think it is wrong for blacks to have their own TV channel, actors, politicians, etc. That is not for me to say if each one is “right” or “wrong” but God will judge each one of us. But it is highly offensive to me to say that blacks, Hispanics and Asians etc can push their own groups but whites cannot just have their own group and preferences. I see nothing wrong with somebody in a particular cultural group preferring to marry within their group. I personally married a Mexican. I don’t ever regret that. Those are personal choices we all have a god-given right to make.

But to criminalize any white person for anything they do that can be considered “white” is in itself wrong. Under God, we are all equal. Under the United States Constitution (which is why I am proud to be American for the correspondence I see between my Bible and my country’s laws, Constitution and founding principles), we are equal.

So Democrats today are wanting to make all white people criminals (except the Democrats themselves, why doesn’t Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Shummer, Diane Feinstein, et al, all white step down and let minorities take their places in Congress?). I do not think all blacks are criminals, and we should not let people assume they are. Likewise Chinese, Asians, Africans, Europeans etc. So we defend the equally of all, except white people, and they are excluded from this equality thing. Out of the box, they are all wrong, criminal and have “to be put in their place.” Since my high school days in the 1970s, affirmative action has been implemented in this country, and that basically is the repression of white folk in all high paying jobs, government, etc. Even in television, you see less and less white people each year.

N.B. Hollywood is lockstep with the Democrats as far a brow beating all white (read really conservatives or Republicans) as being criminal and wrong and need to be repressed. Yet we ask why, Hollywood at their awards programs have segregated the blacks to a separate program, and blacks are just missing in Hollywood’s (white Hollywood) awards. Isn’t this hypocrisy? Yes it is. So instead of correcting the world while they practice what they condemn, lead by example and refuse to give work to all white actors and actresses, and after 20 years of that, come back and talk to me. While you are at it, take all Democrats in their party and do the same. If they were to do that in the Democratic party, almost all the movers and shakers of the party would be gone. And let’s just call a no-no on Elizabeth Warren links to minorities.


Under God, and under the country’s founding fathers, America is a beacon in recognizing the equality of all groups. The exception is that our country does not recognize the equally of mind-sets that wish to destroy and overthrow the United States, like Communism, Socialism, terrorism, etc. Yet that being said, Bernie Sanders hasn’t been thrown out of Congress, nor Kamala Harris (Communist) nor others. Our openness to other points of view is so good that it is destroying us.

I do not understand how people can affiliate themselves with movements and ideology to overthrown our government and at the same time, get public office. It is beyond me how such things can be allowed, passed over.

Author: Pastor Dave

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