Is your body under your control?

Is your body under your control?

Is your body under your control? is an opinion discussion of abortion, vaccinations, and your rights over your own body. Link to image

When we look at the news and positions of people, what we see is simply, “What I want to do is always right” and if a person doesn’t like something, then everybody else (taking the opposing opinion or position) is just wrong. So we come to the basic rights of people.

Is your body under your control?

The question simply answered “yes.” But we can also explore the topic and see where there is also a “no” answer. In the basic fabric of life, a person’s body is totally under their own control. If he exercises or not, it is his decision. If he eats, what he eats, what he refrains from eating are all things under a person’s control. Notice that often parents override this control by their parents for their own good. “Eat your spinach.” Why is this done? Because people do not control their bodies properly and some not at all.

Crazy people lose that control

When a person tries to commit suicide or they are just crazy, then they may lose the right to make their own decisions and control their own body. Over history, we see this in our laws and customs. Nobody seems to want to allow others destroy themselves. Yet if somebody wants to destroy a fetus in the woman’s womb, that has become acceptable. In old times, an invading army would many times go through the conquered people and “rip up” pregnant women, killing their babies and sometimes the mother also. This was considered an outrage to kill and unborn baby, yet today, some seem to think this is a totally good thing.

What is the thinking of a mother that aborts her child?

We can exclude here all mothers that have a miscarriage of no blame to the mother. This simply happens, and it is all in God’s hands. But why would a mother cause or arrange for a doctor to kill her own child? First of all, the most common reason is that having a child is inconvenient. The father of the child is not supporting a baby as far as responsibility. Maybe even the mother cannot afford the baby’s expenses through life, and she doesn’t want it. Do these people ever think 1 +1 = 2? If you have sex there is the possibility that the woman will get pregnant? The simple solution here is what the Bible proposes, to abstain from all sex except between two legally married people. Two legally married people usually welcome a baby. A single mom will always have problems with a child.

But since when does the pleasures of a person override the rights of another? Just because somebody wants to swim in a pool, and I have one in my yard, that doesn’t mean they have the right to jump the fence and come in and swim. The are obligations and responsibilities, and desire does not negate that the pool is not your pool so don’t even think about using it.

When we turn to abortion, there is a cry from the left that “It is my body, so I can do with it whatsoever I want to do”. This is not true. It is what they want, but in reality, civil authorities can override an individuals rights for various matters. If a crazy person wants to go into a crowded football stadium and blow himself (and dozens or hundreds of others), we stop him. He doesn’t have that right. Even if it is a small device, the police will still override his rights because other people can be affected. Even in suicide, police make that taking of your own life illegal, because so many times these things go wrong, and somebody calls ambulances, paramedics, etc. which are now occupied with the attempted suicide instead of dealing with other emergency matters.

So when the actions of a person affect adversely or can even just possibly adversely affect another person, then the civil authorities can intervene. In the case of an abortion, that fetus is another person. If left alone, it will in almost all cases be born and be a person. Turtles have eggs that if born will be turtles. Eating protected turtle eggs is against the law. So we cannot figure this out? If you have an abortion, you kill a person. This is so simple that you have to block logic to make it your right. Doing this takes away the right of life from the baby. If you do not want a baby or that baby, then don’t have sex or have it and give it up for adoption.

Vaccinations and your rights

When we turn this thing around to consider vaccinations, we see the hypocrisy of people. While they will die defending their body, their decision as to abortion, nobody has rights over their own body when it comes to diseases and vaccinations.

In consideration of this, first of all, everybody is different. A vaccination (all Covid vaccinations at present in September 2021 are not true vaccinations, but something experimental and not a pure vaccination) is to introduce a weak form of the disease into a person’s body so that they can produce a defense reaction for when they are exposed to the full strength version of the disease. Some people have other medical conditions like other sicknesses, old age, and other auto immune problems and should not be taking any kind of vaccination. (My observation and I am not a doctor).

The cries we are hearing is that the person talking has a right to good health so you cannot refuse the vaccination. The logic here is twisted. If a person has Covid, then they should not be spreading the disease. They should stay at home or cover their mouths, or do other things to prevent the spread of disease. That is what a responsible person would do. Since we can never be sure if we have a cold or flu, this is a suggestion but not law. People are wanting to make this a law.

The Constitution recognizes God’s right given to us to pursue happiness, and this would include movement about where we would want to go. A lock down or quarantine is simply something that goes against that right of pursuing happiness. I am thinking here that working and purchasing what things you need to live are the pursuit of happiness.

When government wants to restrict all movement of people, prohibiting them from pursuing happiness, we see totalitarianism in these restrictions. Nazi, Fascist, Communist and other such states use these movement restrictions or permissions to reinforce their control and dominion of their people.

We generally characterize forced medical procedures as the worse of a dictator’s rule. Why is that not applied now to the Covid vaccinations? There is something very suspicious that the Democrats and liberals are trying to force everybody to take the vaccination. They knew from the beginning that not all people would agree. In fact, they (the Democrats) were the first ones to say that they would not take a Covid vaccination if Trump had anything to do with it. Okay. That is your right. But when Biden is now pushing these vaccines, why cannot other people (non-Democrats) do the same thing. The height of hypocrisy and elitism is when you do not extend to others the same rights you take and demand for yourself.

Is your body under your control? Yes. But act responsibly. On another note, people are not even using common medical understanding about this. If you have the Covid virus, you will have 100% of what a vaccination would give you and even more. Your body has the antibodies to fight against it. So nobody having the vaccination should even consider getting a Covid vaccine. But why is this knowledge thrown out of the window? Covid vaccines and masks are not about protection of anybody but they are about micro controlling other people’s lives.

We know very well that the Democrats would like to exclude all Republicans and Independents, all conservative, all Christians and all Trump supporters from working for the federal government or for any private company. The refusal of people to take the Covid vaccine is that instrument to supposedly do just that. Soldiers will be released from duty to become civilians against but not with a clean discharge paper. Government workers will likewise be fired. Medical workers and public officials, policemen and Emergency medical personnel, as well as firemen are all going to be fired.

The fallacy in this action for the Democrats is that black and Hispanic people have more severe reactions to these Covid vaccines, so they are refusing to be vaccinated. The Trump people does not encapsulate the majority of these non-vaccinated. I found it interesting that PhDs in general are refusing to be vaccinated. They know it doesn’t work as promised, is not a real vaccination, and don’t want the risks that come with vaccination. So they refuse. Most PhDs work in teaching in Colleges and Universities. 1 in every 99 college professors are Republican. So these are liberal Democrats that as a class refuse to take the vaccine. Biden is just rampantly acting without studying what he wants to do. See Kamala Harris’ being in charge of the illegal alien problem, we see the entire Biden administration as incompetent and not able to crave positive, good governmental policy. He should give up and turn things over to Trump who did this craving excellently, because he approached this from a businessman’s perspective and not a politician’s approach. Trump got things done, and we need him back.

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